Mother’s day is almost here again and 2 years ago I did a blog post showcasing some great vintage images of mothers that I found. I decided to do a part 2 for this year, so please enjoy and Happy Mothers Day to all the mom’s out there (including mine)!

1950s vintage mothers day card

I love when I see images in colour, especially when you have images like the one below where the little girl is all in red. She really stands out in a sea of blah colours. Don’t you agree?

1950s mother and daughter vintage image
Source: Etsy

Picnic in the Woods with mom.

1950s vintage family image
Source: Etsy

Cute family alert! Don’t you just want to hug that little girl? I don’t know how her mom is keeping a straight face for the picture (Maybe it was take 500 and she just wanted it done).

Mother and Child - 1948
Source: Flickr

House Hunting in Roswell-Spring 1953

1950s vintage image of mother and child
Source: Flickr

Beach day! In 1920s Beach Style.

1920s vintage photo of mom and child in swimsuits at beach
Source: Etsy

The Best Dressed family award goes too…..THIS FAMILY (and a shout out to that great wallpaper in the background)!

1950s vintage image of mother and children
Source: Etsy

What an adorable young mother, circa 1948.

1940s mom and son vintage image
Source: Etsy

Reading time is very important for young children. I wonder what the book was?

1950s mother reading to daughters vintage image
Source: Etsy

This image caught my eye because of the poor child that looks like it was forced into getting her photo taken with her mother. Mom looks so pretty, her child while also pretty does look like she is about to fall off the banister (gosh I hope she did not).

1940s Mother and Child
Source: Flickr

Last but not least, I left the best image of all till last (at least I think so). 1940s Glamour and style from mother and daughter. Look at the little girls hat and the beautiful dress on her mother…Fantastic! I love everything about this photo.

1940s vintage image of mother and daughter
Source: Flickr

Once again Happy Mothers Day to all the mom’s!

Liz 🙂

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I thought the little girl in red was my favorite…until I saw that stylish pair in the last picture. <3

    • I was kind of in the same boat as you and then just as I was ready to close out my blog post, I found the last image. I had to include those 2 lovely ladies, they were fantastic!

      Liz 🙂

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