This past Monday, here in Ontario Canada we celebrated Family Day. It’s an official day off designated for spending time with your family, in whatever form that may be. The hubby and I spent it enjoying a quiet day together just hanging out, nothing too exciting this year (but it was still very nice).

In honour of that special day, I wanted Vintage Photo Tuesday to be all about “Family Time” in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

1950's vintage illustration of family time
Source: Pinterest

1940’s family photo with grandma (and can we take a moment to admire the hat on the one!).

1940s family photo with grandma vintage image
Source: Ebay

Paying a visit to Cleveland Park, 1940’s.

1940's family black and white vintage photo
Source: Ebay

Coming together over food is a tradition in every family, big or small.

1950's african american family at thanksgiving dinner vintage image
Source: Ebay

“Little boy blue, come blow your horn”.

1940s family with little boy and horn vintage image
Source: Ebay

The family boat ride. I hope the photographer did not eventually fall off the boat.

1950s vintage boat ride family photo
Source: Etsy

Going to the beach, is always a fun idea.

1950s vintage image of family on the beach black and white photo
Source: Ebay

Me and My Gal, spending some quality time together.

1950's vintage image of couple at the beach vintage swimsuits
Source: Etsy

Beautiful days are meant for picnics in the woods.

1950's vintage colour image of family enjoying a picnic
Source: Ebay

Adorable little girl and her dad time.

1950's little girl with dad in front of vintage car, vintage image
Source: Ebay

Many families also consider pets, part of the family (I know my family does).

1940's black and white photo of women and their dog vintage photo
Source: Ebay

A couple and their beloved boxer.

 Mouse over image to zoom Have one to sell? Sell it yourself Details about 1940's-1950's image of young couple on steps with their beloved boxer dog vintage image
Source: Ebay

When TV started to enter the home, family time moved in front of it (and hasn’t left).

1950s vintage image of a family watching tv
Source: The Times UK

If you have siblings, you may have been forced into the “lets put you in matching outfits and pretend like you all love each other” photo. Ahhh family time, sometimes it can be awkward.

1950's kids in matching cowboy outfits at christmas vintage image
Source: Ebay

This family has great Atlantic City Boardwalk style, but I do feel like they kind of wish they were not taking this photo (another awkward family moment).

1950s vintage swimsuits family photo vintage image
Source: Etsy

And that concludes Vintage Photo Tuesday for this week, hope you enjoyed it. Next VPT will be all about “Trips” as march break quickly approaches.

Have a great day friends!


8 comments on “Vintage Photo Tuesday: Family Time”

  1. Aw, that’s so lovely that you get a special day off to spend with family. Well done Canada! I love the one of the family huddled around the TV, they’re sitting so close! xx

  2. Lovely stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    I love the vase, or whatever, on top of the TV. Those days left us a long time ago, when TVs stopped being furniture, probably early 1970s. I remember (late 1950s) we had a TV Light on top of ours. Yes, a special lamp designed to watch TV by. The ceramic shade directed the light away from the viewers. And checking some images on line, I see they were often disguised as something else, like a crouching panther.

    Let the good times roll.

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