I wanted to share with you my latest vintage find, which just happens to be perfect for anyone hosting a 1950’s, 1960’s and even a 70’s party.

Dig that dish Vintage Cookbook 1960's

Dig that Dish’ by Ruth Chier Rosen is a book on ‘Teen-Age Party Menus & Recipes For All Occasions (See perfect for your next themed party!). The version I have is copyrighted 1960 but it was gifted to a Mrs Sapoco at Christmas time in 1978 (was Mrs Sapoco a Teenage bride?).

Dig that dish Vintage Cookbook 1960's

While doing research on this book I found out that Ruth is a very popular cookbook writer and has written around 40 books over her career (Her first book was published in 1950 and the last in 1971).  She even has a website called ‘Food of the Fifites‘ where you can learn about all that she has done, read about her life on her blog and even purchase many of her books.

Dig that dish Vintage Cookbook 1960's Ruth Chier Rosen

Speaking of books, here are some of her cleverly named ones.

have cookbook will marry by Ruth Chier Rosen vintage cookbook
Source: Food of the Fifties.

104 confidence-building recipes for the budding home chef, both brides and grooms – Published 1956.

vintage cookbook by ruth chier rosen on cooking fish
Source: Food of the Fifties

From Nets to You: A Log of Fish Recipes – Published 1953.

freeze-n-easy_large vintage bookbook by Ruth Chier Rosen
Source: Food of the Fifties

90 tested and true recipes for turning your freezer into an anytime restaurant with all the trimmings – Published 1960.

cyranodecasserole vintage cookbook by Ruth Chier Rosen
Source: Food of the Fifties

Cyrano de Casserole: A Nosegay of Casserole Recipes – Published 1955.

tomato-well-dressed-salad-cookbook_large vintage cookbook
Source: Food of the Fifties

110 inventive salad and dressing recipes to tickle your palette and cinch your waistline – Published 1953

masquerade-leftover-cookbook_large vintage cookbook
Source: Food of the Fifties

132 re-purposing recipes that help you create new meals from yesterday’s left-overs – Published 1962.

And my personal favorite…

pop monseiur champage in food and drink vintage cookbook
Source: Food of the Fifties

Pop, Monsieur: Cooking with Champagne – Published 1956 (I really need to find this one for my collection).

Now lets head back to my book…..

A successful party takes ideas, organization, and your shoulder to the wheel.
When it is successful there is nothing like the satisfaction of knowing you put it across. The easiest way to do it is to set a theme, decide on the kind of food your crowd likes and provide enough space and opportunity for activity to keep the party moving.
The following party ideas can be used in combination with your own ideas and we hope they will spark some new ideas of your own. The food is all easy to prepare and you can do it yourself as part of the fun of having a party.

Here is a sampling of what you will find inside…..

The Themes:

Dig that dish Vintage Cookbook 1960's


  • Graduation Buffet
  • Pre-Prom Dinner
  • April Fool’s Gathering
  • A Progressive Party


  • Hobo Hay Ride
  • Summer Theatre Party
  • Splash Party
  • 4th of July Barbecue


  • Record Party
  • Halloween Square Dance
  • Post Football Game Supper
  • Sweet 16 Party


  • Ice Skating Party
  • New Years Eve Party
  • Christmas Party
  • Valentine Party

Each theme is broken down with party ideas, overview of recipes and then detailed instructions on how to make each of them. Here are a couple of examples.

Dig that dish Vintage Cookbook 1960's

Dig that dish Vintage Cookbook 1960's

Dig that dish Vintage Cookbook 1960's

Dig that dish Vintage Cookbook 1960's

Easiest recipe in the whole book.

Dig that dish Vintage Cookbook 1960's

Pretty cool right?!

Before I end there was one other goodie in the box. A letter written in July 19th, 1977 from ‘Mommie’ to ‘Lenny (?) & Precy’ from Brilon in Germany. It seems that the mother is traveling visiting friends (I think) and is gone long enough that someone is sending her money and she is buying gifts to send home.

I love when I find items like this in my vintage finds, it just brings another time to life.

vintage handwritten letter


Question Time: Have you heard of Ruth or her cookbooks? Maybe you own one or a few. If so please share with everyone what you have in your collection.

P.S. For a more detailed breakdown on how to host the ultimate 50’s party, please visit my post HERE.


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  1. Those are awesome. I have a few, but none of those. How fun. Some of the recipes in them are strange and the 50s ones use to much canned (tinned) goods, but there are some recipes I still use.

  2. I don’t cook anymore but this book is amazing. I love books that have notes or hand written dedications. I just got a bunch of star trek books and a few have notations

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