It’s been awhile since I have done my “Favorite Pins on Pinterest” post, but that just means that I have so many new editions of fun images, advertisements, clothes and whatever else that has caught my eye to showcase. Lets take a look!

 Vintage Advertising Board:

Yummy Seven-Up! This ad is colourful and fun and truly ridiculous enough to make me actually want to buy a bottle.

1950's vintage Sevenup ad
Source: Pinterest

I’m a sucker for a good Canadian Advertisement and this one is awesome! While I did not receive Canada Savings bonds in the 50’s (more the 80’s) they were an item that was a popular gift to kids from loving family members (or whomever). Sadly this year the government has decided to discontinue the program but we will always have the ads.

1955 Canada Savings Bond vintage ad
Source: Pinterest

“Help your winter ration coupons go further”. 1940’s Wartime Hints from B.C. (British Columbia) Electric. Another great look into Canadian history.

Canadian WWII wartime hints for rationing and perserving vintage BC Electric Ad
Source: Pinterest

Awesome Vintage Pictures Board:

1945’s University of Chicago archery class (or group).

1945's University of Chicago University of Chicago archery. Photographic Archive, [apf digital item number, apf4-00005], Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library.
Source: Pinterest
1950’s Hawaiian party at the University of Chicago.

University of Chicago Archives-Hawaiian Shirts 1950's
Source: Pinterest

When I found this image I truly felt like this woman was me, if Liz was around in the 1950’s. Kitschy fun to the max!

1950s vintage image of flamingo orange and a woman
Source: Pinterest

As a swing dancer, I’m a sucker for a good circle skirt that spins out just at the right time. This 1950’s cheerleader has accomplished this task (and high fives to the photographer for capturing the moment).

Vintage Photo..Twirly Skirt 1950's Original Found Photo
Source: Pinterest

Stunning 1951 vacation image of a woman near the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Looks like it belongs in a magazine (and maybe it was at one point).

1951 Vintage Italy Image of Leaning Tower of Pisa vintage image
Source: Pinterest

Vintage Mish Mash of Things I Love Board:

I stumbled upon a fantastic article that was appeared in my Pinterest feed on ‘Margaine-Lacroix and the dresses that shocked Paris‘. It was such an interesting read about a designer who achieved so much for fashion but has never received the recognition she deserved.

Margaine-Lacroix and the dresses that shocked Paris
Source: Pinterest

I’m a Lindy Hopper (the dance of the 1930’s & 40’s) and so I’m always drawn to amazing images and art that reflects that time period. This poster was taken from a famous 1943 Life Magazine image, seen HERE.

vintage lindy hop image
Source: Pinterest

Are you in the market for a one of kind 1950’s Paris themed tie? Well if you are then you are in luck as it’s currently for sale on Etsy and it’s fantastic (as of May 19th, 2017)!

1950s vintage tie with paris theme
Source: Pinterest

My Vintage Style: This board is dedicated to my dream closet.

1940’s Evening Gown.

40s Evening Gown with Brass Studded Floral Design Vintage Womens
Source: Pinterest

Vintage 1930s Dress – Rare Curve Hugging Late 1930s Peggy Hunt Jean Carol Label Evening Gown with Ruffled Accents

Vintage 1930s Dress - Rare Curve Hugging Late 1930s Peggy Hunt Jean Carol Label Evening Gown with Ruffled Accents
Source: Pinterest

1947 Vintage Evening Gown with an image of the owner wearing it! These are always amazing finds.

1940s vintage evening gown with vintage image of owner
Source: Pinterest


That is all the pins for today! I hope friends you enjoyed browsing some of my favorite Pinterest Pins from the last month. I always have a fun time on this website and I love when I can share my finds with all of you.

Have a good weekend!


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