How to Host a 1950’s Cocktail/Lounge Party

One of my most popular posts on my blog is entitled, “Mini Guide To Holding the Ultimate 1950’s Party“. The guide discusses themes, invites, food, music and clothing to ensure that you have the best party around (and you will!).

One of the themes suggested in the post is a 50’s Lounge/Cocktail Party but I really did not get into to much detail, so for today’s post I’m going to dig deep with ideas and images on how you can bring this theme to life.

Let the Party Planning Begin!

A cocktail party At The Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, March 13, 1961
Source: Wikipedia


No email for this party, go really retro and send your invites via the post office. The mini guide post has ideas on where/ how to get your invites created, so stop in there after your done here.

1944 Vintage Postoffice image washington
Source: Vintage Everyday

Example of an invite that can be personalized and on sale on Etsy.

retro cocktail invite
Source: Etsy


I think that music is the most important part of any theme party. It truly makes or breaks it. So if you can only do a couple of things to make this theme come to life, music should be number one on your list. But what kind of music should you play? Well simple….Lounge Music.

Lounge Music-is a type of easy listening music popular in the 1950s and 1960s. It may be meant to evoke in the listeners the feeling of being in a place, usually with a tranquil theme, such as a jungle, an island paradise or outer space (source). There is also the ‘Swinging music of the 30’s & 40’s’ with an emphasis on the vocalist that is considered part of this genre of music. The Rat Pack, Louis Prima, Bobby Darin, Wayne Newton are just examples of the artists that can be on constant rotation on your record player (or Cd).

OH and don’t forget the Brazilian music style of the Bossa Nova which was popularized in the 1950’s & 60’s as well.

Here are some YouTube mixes to get you started.

(video link)

(Video Link)

(Video Link)


Appetizers for a cocktail party are easy breezy but you want them to be in the 50’s style so make sure you check out my post “Party Foods of the 1950’s” for ideas and inspiration.

let serve cocktails cook book 50s 60s cover image
Source: Atticpaper

The Drinks:

1959 Illustrated Liquor Ad, Playboy, Barcardi Puerto Rican Rum, Southern Playboys & The Bacardi Party
Published in Playboy magazine, June 1959 – Vol. 6 No. 6 Source: Flickr

Drink Ideas (many more on the internet. Use the Search Term: 1950’s Cocktail Recipes):

1950s cocktail drinks image

  • Manhattan
  • Gin & Tonic
  • Champagne
  • Gin Fizz
  • Whisky Sour
  • Tom Collins
  • White & Black Russian
  • Bloody Mary
  • Punch
50's punch drink ideas
Source: Chronically Vintage

Lastly, make sure you bar is stacked with items like swizzle sticks, garnishes and if possible vintage glassware like lowball and coupe glasses. Here some great examples of glassware you can pickup at any vintage store that tends to stock 50’s & 60’s items.

1950s lowball vintage glasses
Source: Etsy
1950's champagne coupe glasses
Source: Etsy
mid century swizzle sticks
Source: Etsy

1950s cocktail drink image


First up, your living room is the perfect place for the party. Set up a make shift cocktail bar area, turn the lights down low (or just decrease the lights) and you are on your way to setting the mode. Do you have a record player or know someone who does? Add it to the room and if it works and you have the records, play your lounge music from there.

Remember that vintage glassware I mentioned above? Make sure they are on display or if you have enough, have your guests actually use them.

The Dress Code:

Really encourage guests to dress-up, because if everyone does then you have already boosted your “decor” by 10 fold. 1950’s party/nice dresses, suits for men, vintage apron for the hostess. Cocktail parties were fancy dress-up affairs so showing up in jeans is not going to work.

Three elegant young ladies enjoy the nibbles on offer at a cocktail party, circa 1955. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Source: Getty Images

About the below photo: Red (right) was the bell captain at the Sands Hotel and Casino back in the 1950’s and 60’s. This was taken at his Christmas Party around 1958. See how the 2 men are dressed in nice suits. Perfect Cocktail Party attire.

1958 Cocktail Party 2 men vintage image

This apron as of (Sept 18th, 2017) is currently being sold on Etsy. It features a bunch of 1950’s Cocktail recipes!

1950s vintage apron cocktail drinks
Source: Etsy

And there is your 1950’s Cocktail/Lounge Party theme. Your guests will have a blast, you will enjoy being able to have time to actually chat with them and the clean up is pretty simple. Just remember to ensure that your guests don’t drink and drive at the end of the night (this is not the REAL 1950’s anymore).

1950s cocktail party kodachrome slide vintage photo
Source: Etsy


Have fun friends and you can always drop me a line if you need any help with this theme.


Vintage Photo Tuesday-Back To School

Here in Canada the kids have been back in school for a full week now and everyone’s routines are set, so I figured it’s a perfect time to share my Vintage Photo Tuesday“- Back to School Post.

Off we go!

1950s two children running with lunchboxes
(Photo by Lambert/Getty Images)

1930’s-Leather straps to hold one’s books work well for these 2 boys on their way to class.

Two small boys, carrying a satchels, walks to school circa 1930's.
(Photo by FPG/Getty Images)

Back to School with coolest 1950’s kids around.

1950s back to school photo of two children vintage
Source: Etsy
Vintage Photo, Black & White Photo, Clean Cut School Children, Back to School 1950s
Source: Etsy

Teeny tiny lunch boxes, for teeny tiny kids.

1950s vintage photo of kids going to school with lunchboxes
Source: Etsy

Homecoming parade-1940’s High School Majorette.

Vintage 1940's Cute High School Majorette Ready For Parade
Source: Etsy

One of the fun things about going back to school is meeting up with old friends again and hanging out between classes. Howard University-1946.

howard university students 1940s vintage photo

Back to school, means back to classes like in this 1935 cooking class photo (I would totally be the girl with the lack of excitement on her face).

Cooking Class, 1935. Vintage Photo
Source: Etsy

Return to class is not just for the students but also the teachers. “Regretfully, Edna P. “Teach”.

1930s Vintage Photograph- English Teacher at Desk
Source: Etsy

Say Cheese it’s Photo Time! 1940s High School Photos.

1940s High School Year Book Vintage Photo Collection
Source: Etsy

1946 Howard University students-Take note, this is how you dress for school or even going to the grocery store.

1946 Howard University students
Source: Flavorwire

Freshman class, 1944 at the School of Nursing-North Carolina Baptist Hospital.

Freshman Class, North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing, 1944
Source: Flickr

Daydreaming during class, Florida, March 1947.

A girl daydreaming during class, Florida, March 1947.
Source: Pinterest. Photo by Allan Grant
circa 1955: A little girl and boy carrying a lunch pails and notebooks stand near a school zone traffic sign.
(Photo by Lambert/Getty Images)

And there you have this week’s Vintage Photo Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed spending a few moments going Back to School with me.

Question Time: Do you have fond memories of heading back to class or not so great memories (share in the comments below)? I personally loved the first day back at school, it was everything after I was not fond of. Ha Ha!



My Favorite Vintage Online Reads & Videos from Summer 2017

Hello September! you are officially here and I’m sadly wearing a sweater as I write this blog post. Sigh..summer I know your technically still on the calendar but weather wise you are not (at least not in Toronto). I’m so sad, so I’m going to ease my sorrow by looking back at (and sharing with you) some of my favorite vintage online articles and videos that have kept me company on summer road trips and vacations.

Lets Begin!

Inside the House of Dior: A Models Memories by Emily Stewart

About: An exhibition celebrating the work of French fashion legend Christian Dior has opened at the National Gallery of Victoria this week. Lateline’s Emily Stewart caught up with Svetlana Lloyd, who worked for the designer as a house model in his Paris showroom in the 1950s.

Christian Dior And Models 1950s
25th April 1950: Fashion couturier Christian Dior (1905 – 1957), designer of the ‘New Look’ and the ‘A-line’, with six of his models after a fashion parade at the Savoy Hotel, London. (Photo by Fred Ramage/Keystone/Getty Images)

The celebrity basset hound that charmed 1950s America by Mashable

1950s vintage image of couple with dog
Source: Mashable

The Star Weekly at War– Blog Post by Elinor Florence

star weekly 1940s war cover
Source: Elinor Florence

Lindy Hop to the Max! This is one of the best dance videos I have ever seen! Taken at the recent Camp Hollywood and National Jitterbug Championships in LA. Devote 8 mins to this video you will not regret it.

Glenn Miller Book Clears RAF of Accidentally Killing Band Leader by The Guardian

About: The death of Glenn Miller has been one of the enduring unsolved mysteries of the second world war. The US musician’s aircraft vanished over the Channel without trace in 1944 after leaving a British airbase for France. The disappearance of the hottest big-band leader of the era has provoked numerous theories, some wild, with a long-held claim that his plane was brought down by RAF Lancasters jettisoning their bombs over the English Channel.

But that latter theory has been challenged by new research.

Glenn Miller book clears RAF of accidentally killing band leader

1940s Decorating Inspiration with Vintage Advertising by Retro Planet

Barclay-Samples 1940s
Source: Retro Planet1940s

The Great 78 Project Lets You Download Songs Digitized from 78 RPM Records

vintage records
Source: The Great 78 Project

Listen to an example below of the ‘Sugar Foot Stomp’ by Connie’s Inn Orchestra

“They told me that I couldn’t join the Army because they figured it was too rough for women, so I joined the Navy.” The Story of Ruth McMillan by The Memory Project.

1940s image of 2 women from the memory project
Source: The Memory Project

Why is the Online Vintage Community So Important? Blog post by Lovebirds Vintage

lovebirds vintage why the online vintage community is so important
Source: Lovebirds Vintage

This is not a vintage article or video but still super fun and worth the click. Toronto Archives Flickr Collection of Images Featuring Rules & Regulations.

Irene Castle, full figure on steps. - March 16, 1923
Source: Toronto Archives


And that is it for my online summer reads & videos of 2017, I hope you enjoyed my finds as much as I did friends!

Question Time: Do you have a favorite vintage article you read or video you watched that caught your eye? If so share in the comments below!




Vintage Photo Tuesday: Summer Fun

Summer is zipping on by like you would not believe! One moment I was getting ready for my favorite season and the next thing I know the calendar is about to flip to September. YIKES! In fact it has been so busy that I have barely had time to devout some good blog posts for all of you. Don’t worry though, September is coming and that is all about to change.

1950s pool swimming illustration
Source: Tumblr

Today’s post is for my series called ‘Vintage Photo Tuesdayand it’s a look back on the fun of summer thru the eyes of those vintage images I love so much. Lets take a peak!

1940s summer photo of young woman in swimsuit
Source: Etsy

1930’s boating with friends. Only one seems to be doing all the hard work though.

Vintage Photograph of Women Friends Boating In Canoe
Source: Etsy

Swimming off the dock, always a favorite past time for many a child and adult. Location: State Park Diving Platform at Hamlin Lake, Michigan.

1950s Great View of State Park Diving Platform and Kids Swimming at Hamlin Lake
Source: Flickr

This lovely woman in her adorable sun suit is ready for some summer fun for sure!

Vintage Snapshot Photo Woman in Sunsuit c1940s
Source: Etsy

Shuffleboard for the win! Such a fun game.

1940's Shuffleboard ~ Vintage Snapshot Photo
Source: Etsy

Tent Camping.

Tent Camping- 1940s Vintage Photograph
Source: Etsy

Just hanging out on floating boats.

Floating Boats- 1940s Vintage Photograph- Women in Swimsuits- Two Piece Bikini
Source: Etsy

An accordion and a beach is always the perfect combination for a lazy summer afternoon.

1950's Kodachrome Picture Slide of beach scene with accordion player
Source: Etsy

Gary Wakefield and his haul from his fishing trip.

1957 Gary Wakefield Dad Holding Up Big Fish 1950s Fishing Vintage Black and White Photo Photograph
Source: Etsy

Camp, 1957.

Original Vintage Photograph Camp Girls 1957
Source: Etsy

Lazy afternoon on the Porch.

Vintage Red Border Kodachrome Slide Afternoon on the Porch 1950's
Source: Etsy

Who is hungry? Snack bar time!

Vintage Beach Photo 1950s Swimsuits
Source: Etsy

Night Cruise: After “dinner” (TV dinner) drinks and leis, 1958.

1958 Boat Cruise with friends Vintage Image
Source: Flickr

And that is it for this week’s VPT, the next installment will be all about “BACK TO SCHOOL”. Have a great week friends!

Question Time: How has your summer been? Did you do or go anywhere super cool? Maybe you have some wonderful memories of summers gone by? If so please share in the comments below!


Step Back in Time with The Canadian National Exhibition

I have written about the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) a couple times on my blog, because it truly is one of my most favorite summer events. The CNE is an annual event at the end of summer held in Toronto and with approximately 1.3 million visitors each year, the exhibition is Canada’s largest annual fair and the seventh largest in North America.

CNE Souvenir Catalogue & Programme Cover, 1955
Source: CNE Heritage

Online, the CNE Heritage has an amazing collection of images from its archives and for today’s post I wanted to pull some of my favorites from their collection (1920’s-50’s) and share them with you. Lets begin!

Simpson’s Ad In CNE Programme, 1928

Simpson's Ad In CNE Programme, 1928
Source: CNE Heritage

CNE Programme Cover, 1931

CNE Programme Cover, 1931
Source: CNE Heritage

Suede Shoe Ad In 1935 CNE Fashion Show Programme. In my personal collection I have this exact show program.

Suede Shoe Ad In 1935 CNE Fashion Show Programme
Source: CNE Heritage

CNE Bandshell & Manufacturers Building, 1948.

CNE Bandshell & Manufacturers Building, 1948.
Source: CNE Heritage

CNE Guests, 1927.

CNE guests vintage photo 1927
Source: CNE Heritage

This poster celebrates the opening of the new Ontario Government Building (now Liberty Grand) in 1926.

1926 Vintage CNE Poster
Source: CNE Heritage

Hollywood Chimp Show, 1937.

Hollywood Chimp Show, 1937
Source: CNE Heritage

1939 CNE Poster-Transportation and Communications Year.

1939 CNE Poster
Source: CNE Hertiage

Auto Show, 1936.

CNE Auto Show 1936 Image of Vintage Cars
Source: CNE Heritage

RCA Victor Display, 1940.

RCA Victor Display 1940s vintage image at CNE
Source: CNE Heritage

Safety Quiz, 1948. I think the first part of the quiz should be, “You should always keep your eyes on the road, Yes or No?”

Vintage image of 4 young people in a car in 1948
Source: CNE Heritage

Canadian Women at War!

1940s Canadian Women at War CNE Program
Source: CNE Heritage

Fashion of the Day on display in 1940.

1940s Young Womens fashion
Source: CNE Heritage

Miss Toronto Contest, 1951. Read all about Miss Toronto HERE.

Miss Toronto contest 1951 vintage image at CNE
Source: CNE Heritage

Swimming Sensation, Marilyn Bell in 1954 with Roy Rogers & Dale Evans.

From CNE Heritage:

In 1954, a 16-year old high school student named Marilyn Bell became a sensation when she became the first person to swim across Lake Ontario.

She became an instant celebrity, beloved by fans across Canada.

It all began on September 8th, when three swimmers began a 32 kilometre race from Youngstown, New York to the CNE grounds.

American marathon swimmer Florence Chadwick was the favourite, followed by Canadian swimmer Winnie Roach Leuszler; Marilyn was the underdog.

It became clear early in the race that she was a contender, remaining in the water after her competitors dropped out.

Newspapers covered her every stroke through the cold waves of Lake Ontario. After 21 hours, Marilyn made it ashore to the acclaim of the nation.

The following year, Marilyn was the star of the CNE’s “Canadiana” Grandstand show, sharing the stage with American television host Ed Sullivan.

The highlight of the show was Marilyn diving into a specially designed tank of water on stage.

Marilyn Bell, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
Source: CNE Heritage

Pez Anyone? 1954.

vintage image of a young girl eating pez at the CNE 1954
Source: CNE Heritage

Defying Gravity in the Rotor! 1953.

Vintage Ride 1953 at CNE
Source: CNE Heritage

Jimmy Durante and Friends, 1951.

Jimmy Durante & Friends, 1951 vintage image at CNE
Source: CNE Heritage

Derby Race, 1950.

CNE vintage derby race ride 1950 vintage image
Source: CNE Heritage

Even TV’s Lassie made an appearance in 1955.

TV's Lassie With CNE Visitors, 1955
Source: CNE Heritage

Kitchen World with Marie Fraser, 1955.

Kitchen World With Marie Fraser, 1955 vintage image at CNE
Source: CNE Heritage


And that is it for today’s post friends, I really hope you enjoyed this walk down some of the CNE’s past.

Question Time: Do you have a big fair or exhibition that you like to attend every year? Share in the comments below!


Decor ideas from the homes of the 1950’s

If you are looking to add a touch of the 1950’s to your home decor, the best way to do this is by scouring vintage photos. Why? Well clearly its the best example of how people ACTUALLY dressed up their homes (as opposed to what you see in the magazines). So for today’s post I have searched the internet for these images so that those who are interested, can begin decking out their homes in true 1950’s style.

Lets begin with Gladys of Sioux City in her front room-June, 1956.

First up Gladys is cute as button. Her mirror on the fireplace is fantastic and the flower stand by the window is outstanding and very mid-century.

1956 vintage photo of an older woman in her living room
Source: Flickr

Family Dinner.

1950s family dinner vintage photo
Source: Etsy

1953 Dance Party. The colour in the curtains match part of the flowers in the wallpaper (good job!). Also can we take a moment to admire the dresses in this post. According to the Flickr poster, Patrick Q the lady in the green dress was his grandmother and she held onto that dress until the day she died around 40 years later.

1953 Dance Party vintage image
Source: Flickr

The Lamp! February 1, 1958 before the dance.

Before the dance, 1958 girl in a fancy gown in her livingroom vintage image

Cute Baby alert in a 1958 living room. The chairs and table are so cool and coveted pieces in today’s modern world.

1958 Baby in livingroom vintage photo
Source: Flickr

You can never have enough lamps….apparently. Not sure if I would adopt this look in my home though.

1950s photo of a livingroom
Source: Etsy

A flower couch and shiny flower wallpaper.

1950s photo of a young couple on a couch
Source: Etsy

A nice streamlined 50’s look (I’m really digging the couch and the pillow).

1950s photo of a woman on a couch wrapping a christmas present
Source: Etsy

Mid-Century Kitchen, with the coolest floor.

vintage photo of a mid century 1950s kitchen
Source: Etsy

The brown bathroom.

1950s photo of a bathroom vintage image
Source: Etsy

Birds and sunflowers shower curtain.

1950s woman in the bathroom brushing teeth vintage image
Source: Etsy

Mental Note: Take photos of your child’s first communion in front of your first TV so you can remember them both fondly. Mix and match curtains and wallpaper again.

1950s vintage image of young girl and television
Source: Etsy

Young boy in his bedroom.

1955 Kodacolor Print Vintage Snapshot Photo Boy in His Bedroom
Source: Etsy

1955 Bedroom Interior.

Bedroom Interior, 1955: Vintage Snapshot Photo
Source: Etsy


Well friends, I hope you enjoyed taking a look at true 1950’s decor and if your redesigning your home in an authentic 50’s style, I hope it helped!

Question time: Do you like 1950’s decor? Or are you a fan of other era’s? Share in the comments below.






Vintage Photo Tuesday: The Drive-In Movie Theatre

Summer is a perfect time to visit the Drive-In Movie Theater and if your lucky enough, there maybe one nearby for your enjoyment (I know I have a couple in the Toronto area).

Drive In Movie Theatre

For today’s Vintage Photo Tuesday we are going to enter the heyday of Drive-In Movie Theaters. So grab your popcorn (or snack of choice) and let the movie begin.

drive in movie theatre vintage image
Source: ABC News

June 6, 1933: First drive-in movie theater opens.

drive in movie theatre vintage image with cars

Comet Drive-In, Alabama 1949.

Comet Drive In Theatre 1949
Source: Drive-Ins.Com

An usher on a motorbike escorts a car to their spot at a theater in San Francisco, 1948.

drive in theatre 1948 San Francisco usher on a motorcycle
Source: Vintage Everyday

Hamilton Drive-In, Alabama featuring Silver River (1948) on the Big Screen.

Hamilton Drive in Theatre 1940s Alabama

Silve River Movie 1948

May 1938, Cinemotor Theater in Los Angeles.

Cinemotor Theater in Los Angeles vintage image 1938
Source: ABC News

drive in theatre vintage advertisement

Sky.way Drive-In, Windsor Ontario Canada.

sky way drive in theatre windsor ontario vintage image
Source: windsor then windsor now


drive in movie theatre

Duke City Drive-In, Albuquerque.

duke City Drive In Albuquerque vintage image

Olympic Drive-In Theater, West Los Angeles, CA. Such a great sign!

Olympic Drive-In Theater, West Los Angeles, CA
Source: Pinterest

Snack time! Snack bar at Orange Drive-In.

orange drive in snack bar vintage image
Source: Pinterest

Historic picture of the Marquee Mural on the Mission Drive-In.

Historic picture of the Marquee Mural on the Mission Drive-In
Source: Rivard Report

Cars were not the only thing you could sit in to watch a movie, swings were also a popular choice. Seen here in the mini-playground at the Rancho Drive-In Theater, San Francisco, 1948.

vintage drive in theatre image people on swings 1948
Source: Vintage Everyday

Snuggle up close to the one you love. 1949, LA.

drive in movie theatre 1949 LA vintage image
Source: Tumblr


Question time! Do you have a drive-in theater near you? If so is it a vintage one, or more modern? Any good memories to share of your time at the Drive-In? Share in the comments below.


The Vintage Inn is on Vacation


Hi Friends! I just wanted to let you know that my blog is on pause for the next 2 weeks while I enjoy some time with my visiting nephew and then I’m off to Las Vegas with my mom for 5 days (Wooo Hoo!). You can follow my adventures as usual on Instagram.

I will be back with a ‘Vintage Photo Tuesday: The Drive-In Movie Theatre’ on August 1st.

Have a great couple of weeks friends and we will chat soon (P.S. feel free to drop me a line I will be responding to comments and emails).


1960s mature women wearing leis hawaiian vacation vintage image
Source: Pinterest


Vintage Canada: The Bill Lynch Travelling Carnival Show

The Bill Lynch Carnival Show-A Staple of the Martime Culture (The East Coast of Canada).

Bill Lynch Carnival show vintage poster

While working on my post for Canada’s 150th Birthday, I stumbled upon a poster advertising a Canadian Carnival show in the 1940’s (Seen in my post HERE). I had never heard of the name ‘Bill Lynch’ before and was instantly intrigued and knew I just had to know more. And like the good blogger I am, I figured that if I did not know much about Bill and his Exposition Shows then maybe many of my readers hadn’t either. So lets explore the Carnival’s history together friends!

Meet William (Bill) Lynch

Bill Lynch Carnival Show Vintage Image
Source: The Halifacts

About the Show & Bill:

  • William Lynch (Born 1905) as a young boy growing up on McNab’s Island, Nova Scotia loved the annual summer fair on Findlay’s Picnic Grounds. In fact he loved it so much that when he became a teenager he took a job racking the balls and assisting with the old merry-go-round. All the while, he yearned to be a bigger part of this magical escape (Source).
  • 1917 – Halifax has a horrific explosion which ends the summer fun and fairs as the city rebuilt and forces Bill back to regular life working in a machine shop.
  • BUT the dream is not dead and Lynch returns to McNabs Island in the spring of 1920, buying the famous merry-go-round for $800. He managed it until 1924, but people didn’t come to the island like they used to. Lynch decided to go to the people and starts to travel around to small towns in Nova Scotia (Source).
  • 1928, he adds a second ride: a Ferris wheel.
  • In 1929, Bill wins the bid for the Halifax Exhibition and invests in 3 more rides and 3 shows to boost the size of his show to fit the exhibitions request. It was a hefty purchase that paid off and Lynch was asked back for the 1930 exhibition.
  • Changing the negative perception of Carnies & giving back to the community: Bill hired hundreds of Maritimers to run the games and partnered with service groups. Made donations to charitable groups in every town his roadshow visited and told the carnies that all disabled children should ride for free (Source).
  • By the 1940’s, The Bill Lynch Carnival is the Biggest in Canada  and becomes “the search for relief from monotony from everyday living.”
  • 1956 the show is now massive, towing 27 railway cars of rides, games and performers all around the Maritimes. Lynch hired acts such as The Turtle Woman, The Tattooed Man, The Worlds Fattest Couple, and conjoined twins Ronnie and Donnie (Source).
  • After 52 years in the business, Lynch dies in 1972. The carnival has changed hands a couple of times and units of it have been sold off to different people, including Pat Hinchey, who continues to operate a rides and amusement show in Cape Breton and surrounding areas (Source).
Bill Lynch Exhibition Shows Vintage Posters
Source: Hake’s
Bill Lynch Carnival show vintage poster
Source: Hake’s

Bill Lynch Shows Carnival Posters

Bill Lynch Carnival Pass Book vintage booklet
Source: Caperpics

1941 Monkey Race.

1941 Bill Lynch Carnival Show
Source: Nova Scotia Archives. E.A. Bollinger Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1975-305 1941 no. 465-7a

The Famous Ferris Wheel-1941.

1941 Bill Lynch Carnival Show Canada Nova Scotia Archives
Source: Nova Scotia Archives. E.A. Bollinger Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1975-305 1941 no. 465-1b

And the Merry-Go-Around.

Bill Lynch Carnival merry go around 1940s Canada
Source: Nova Scotia Archives. E.A. Bollinger Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1975-305 1941 no. 465e

Sailors watching either a ride or a show in 1941.

Canadian sailors 1941 watching Bill Lynch Carnival show Nova Scotia Archives
Source: Nova Scotia Archives. E.A. Bollinger Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1975-305 1941 no. 465-2d

Advertising for a show in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Bill Lynch Carnival 1940s Saint Johns appearance
Source: The Lost Valley

High Wire Bicycle Act.

Bicycle high wire act at a Bill Lynch Show.
Source: Dalhousie University

Further Reading:

I hope you enjoyed learning about Bill Lynch and his Carnival Show. It was really fun researching this topic and learning about a piece of Canadian history dear to many hearts in the East Coast.


Vintage Photo Tuesday: Picnic Time!

Vintage Photo Tuesday Picnic Time by the Vintage Inn Blog

Summer time equals picnic time and today’s ‘Vintage Photo Tuesday‘ is showcasing family and friends enjoying this long-standing tradition.

1940s vintage image of women at a picnic
Source: Etsy

Waiting patiently for the fun to begin.

vintage photo of husband and wife picnic 1940s early 1950s
Source: Etsy

Box Lunch Picnic.

1940s image of family having a box lunch picnic
Source: Etsy

No blanket or basket needed, just friends and family to make the day complete-1920’s.

1920s vintage picnic image
Source: Etsy

Sometimes you don’t even need food to just have fun hanging in the summer sun (circa 1940’s).

1940s vintage image of women at a picnic in a park
Source: Etsy

When the temperature dips down at night, warm yourself by the portable barbecue (1950’s).

Barbeque Happy Family Warming Hands Over Grill 1950s Summer Picnic
Source: Etsy

A fashionable family picnic (I love everyone’s look in this photo).

early 1950s vintage family picnic image
Source: Etsy

The note that went out to the friends before this 1930’s event happened (what I think was said): “Dear friends, I would like to have a picnic at the lake, ladies wear white and men wear striped shirts and white pants. See you there, Love Mabel”.

1930s vintage picnic image by the lake
Source: Etsy

“Patty and her picnic lunch”. How about Patty and her amazing 1940’s look?!

1940s vintage woman eating food at a picnic
Source: Etsy

Saddle shoes and plaid socks (the young woman is so adorable).

vintage 1940s image of family at a park having a picnic
Source: Etsy

Bicycling to the picnic spot (1920’s).

vintage photo 1929 Young Women on a bicycle
Source: Etsy

“I present the Hot Dog!”

vintage 1950s young couple with hot dogs having a picnic
Source: Etsy

Cheers to good times!

Vintage Photo of Friends Lifting Their Glasses on a Picnic, 1940's
Source: Etsy

I hope you had fun browsing today’s vintage photos, I know I had a blast spending time with these images and imagining the good times they all must have had.

Have a great Tuesday Friends!