Step Back in Time with The Canadian National Exhibition

I have written about the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) a couple times on my blog, because it truly is one of my most favorite summer events. The CNE is an annual event at the end of summer held in Toronto and with approximately 1.3 million visitors each year, the exhibition is Canada’s largest annual fair and the seventh largest in North America.

CNE Souvenir Catalogue & Programme Cover, 1955
Source: CNE Heritage

Online, the CNE Heritage has an amazing collection of images from its archives and for today’s post I wanted to pull some of my favorites from their collection (1920’s-50’s) and share them with you. Lets begin!

Simpson’s Ad In CNE Programme, 1928

Simpson's Ad In CNE Programme, 1928
Source: CNE Heritage

CNE Programme Cover, 1931

CNE Programme Cover, 1931
Source: CNE Heritage

Suede Shoe Ad In 1935 CNE Fashion Show Programme. In my personal collection I have this exact show program.

Suede Shoe Ad In 1935 CNE Fashion Show Programme
Source: CNE Heritage

CNE Bandshell & Manufacturers Building, 1948.

CNE Bandshell & Manufacturers Building, 1948.
Source: CNE Heritage

CNE Guests, 1927.

CNE guests vintage photo 1927
Source: CNE Heritage

This poster celebrates the opening of the new Ontario Government Building (now Liberty Grand) in 1926.

1926 Vintage CNE Poster
Source: CNE Heritage

Hollywood Chimp Show, 1937.

Hollywood Chimp Show, 1937
Source: CNE Heritage

1939 CNE Poster-Transportation and Communications Year.

1939 CNE Poster
Source: CNE Hertiage

Auto Show, 1936.

CNE Auto Show 1936 Image of Vintage Cars
Source: CNE Heritage

RCA Victor Display, 1940.

RCA Victor Display 1940s vintage image at CNE
Source: CNE Heritage

Safety Quiz, 1948. I think the first part of the quiz should be, “You should always keep your eyes on the road, Yes or No?”

Vintage image of 4 young people in a car in 1948
Source: CNE Heritage

Canadian Women at War!

1940s Canadian Women at War CNE Program
Source: CNE Heritage

Fashion of the Day on display in 1940.

1940s Young Womens fashion
Source: CNE Heritage

Miss Toronto Contest, 1951. Read all about Miss Toronto HERE.

Miss Toronto contest 1951 vintage image at CNE
Source: CNE Heritage

Swimming Sensation, Marilyn Bell in 1954 with Roy Rogers & Dale Evans.

From CNE Heritage:

In 1954, a 16-year old high school student named Marilyn Bell became a sensation when she became the first person to swim across Lake Ontario.

She became an instant celebrity, beloved by fans across Canada.

It all began on September 8th, when three swimmers began a 32 kilometre race from Youngstown, New York to the CNE grounds.

American marathon swimmer Florence Chadwick was the favourite, followed by Canadian swimmer Winnie Roach Leuszler; Marilyn was the underdog.

It became clear early in the race that she was a contender, remaining in the water after her competitors dropped out.

Newspapers covered her every stroke through the cold waves of Lake Ontario. After 21 hours, Marilyn made it ashore to the acclaim of the nation.

The following year, Marilyn was the star of the CNE’s “Canadiana” Grandstand show, sharing the stage with American television host Ed Sullivan.

The highlight of the show was Marilyn diving into a specially designed tank of water on stage.

Marilyn Bell, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
Source: CNE Heritage

Pez Anyone? 1954.

vintage image of a young girl eating pez at the CNE 1954
Source: CNE Heritage

Defying Gravity in the Rotor! 1953.

Vintage Ride 1953 at CNE
Source: CNE Heritage

Jimmy Durante and Friends, 1951.

Jimmy Durante & Friends, 1951 vintage image at CNE
Source: CNE Heritage

Derby Race, 1950.

CNE vintage derby race ride 1950 vintage image
Source: CNE Heritage

Even TV’s Lassie made an appearance in 1955.

TV's Lassie With CNE Visitors, 1955
Source: CNE Heritage

Kitchen World with Marie Fraser, 1955.

Kitchen World With Marie Fraser, 1955 vintage image at CNE
Source: CNE Heritage


And that is it for today’s post friends, I really hope you enjoyed this walk down some of the CNE’s past.

Question Time: Do you have a big fair or exhibition that you like to attend every year? Share in the comments below!


Decor ideas from the homes of the 1950’s

If you are looking to add a touch of the 1950’s to your home decor, the best way to do this is by scouring vintage photos. Why? Well clearly its the best example of how people ACTUALLY dressed up their homes (as opposed to what you see in the magazines). So for today’s post I have searched the internet for these images so that those who are interested, can begin decking out their homes in true 1950’s style.

Lets begin with Gladys of Sioux City in her front room-June, 1956.

First up Gladys is cute as button. Her mirror on the fireplace is fantastic and the flower stand by the window is outstanding and very mid-century.

1956 vintage photo of an older woman in her living room
Source: Flickr

Family Dinner.

1950s family dinner vintage photo
Source: Etsy

1953 Dance Party. The colour in the curtains match part of the flowers in the wallpaper (good job!). Also can we take a moment to admire the dresses in this post. According to the Flickr poster, Patrick Q the lady in the green dress was his grandmother and she held onto that dress until the day she died around 40 years later.

1953 Dance Party vintage image
Source: Flickr

The Lamp! February 1, 1958 before the dance.

Before the dance, 1958 girl in a fancy gown in her livingroom vintage image

Cute Baby alert in a 1958 living room. The chairs and table are so cool and coveted pieces in today’s modern world.

1958 Baby in livingroom vintage photo
Source: Flickr

You can never have enough lamps….apparently. Not sure if I would adopt this look in my home though.

1950s photo of a livingroom
Source: Etsy

A flower couch and shiny flower wallpaper.

1950s photo of a young couple on a couch
Source: Etsy

A nice streamlined 50’s look (I’m really digging the couch and the pillow).

1950s photo of a woman on a couch wrapping a christmas present
Source: Etsy

Mid-Century Kitchen, with the coolest floor.

vintage photo of a mid century 1950s kitchen
Source: Etsy

The brown bathroom.

1950s photo of a bathroom vintage image
Source: Etsy

Birds and sunflowers shower curtain.

1950s woman in the bathroom brushing teeth vintage image
Source: Etsy

Mental Note: Take photos of your child’s first communion in front of your first TV so you can remember them both fondly. Mix and match curtains and wallpaper again.

1950s vintage image of young girl and television
Source: Etsy

Young boy in his bedroom.

1955 Kodacolor Print Vintage Snapshot Photo Boy in His Bedroom
Source: Etsy

1955 Bedroom Interior.

Bedroom Interior, 1955: Vintage Snapshot Photo
Source: Etsy


Well friends, I hope you enjoyed taking a look at true 1950’s decor and if your redesigning your home in an authentic 50’s style, I hope it helped!

Question time: Do you like 1950’s decor? Or are you a fan of other era’s? Share in the comments below.






Vintage Photo Tuesday: The Drive-In Movie Theatre

Summer is a perfect time to visit the Drive-In Movie Theater and if your lucky enough, there maybe one nearby for your enjoyment (I know I have a couple in the Toronto area).

Drive In Movie Theatre

For today’s Vintage Photo Tuesday we are going to enter the heyday of Drive-In Movie Theaters. So grab your popcorn (or snack of choice) and let the movie begin.

drive in movie theatre vintage image
Source: ABC News

June 6, 1933: First drive-in movie theater opens.

drive in movie theatre vintage image with cars

Comet Drive-In, Alabama 1949.

Comet Drive In Theatre 1949
Source: Drive-Ins.Com

An usher on a motorbike escorts a car to their spot at a theater in San Francisco, 1948.

drive in theatre 1948 San Francisco usher on a motorcycle
Source: Vintage Everyday

Hamilton Drive-In, Alabama featuring Silver River (1948) on the Big Screen.

Hamilton Drive in Theatre 1940s Alabama

Silve River Movie 1948

May 1938, Cinemotor Theater in Los Angeles.

Cinemotor Theater in Los Angeles vintage image 1938
Source: ABC News

drive in theatre vintage advertisement

Sky.way Drive-In, Windsor Ontario Canada.

sky way drive in theatre windsor ontario vintage image
Source: windsor then windsor now


drive in movie theatre

Duke City Drive-In, Albuquerque.

duke City Drive In Albuquerque vintage image

Olympic Drive-In Theater, West Los Angeles, CA. Such a great sign!

Olympic Drive-In Theater, West Los Angeles, CA
Source: Pinterest

Snack time! Snack bar at Orange Drive-In.

orange drive in snack bar vintage image
Source: Pinterest

Historic picture of the Marquee Mural on the Mission Drive-In.

Historic picture of the Marquee Mural on the Mission Drive-In
Source: Rivard Report

Cars were not the only thing you could sit in to watch a movie, swings were also a popular choice. Seen here in the mini-playground at the Rancho Drive-In Theater, San Francisco, 1948.

vintage drive in theatre image people on swings 1948
Source: Vintage Everyday

Snuggle up close to the one you love. 1949, LA.

drive in movie theatre 1949 LA vintage image
Source: Tumblr


Question time! Do you have a drive-in theater near you? If so is it a vintage one, or more modern? Any good memories to share of your time at the Drive-In? Share in the comments below.


The Vintage Inn is on Vacation


Hi Friends! I just wanted to let you know that my blog is on pause for the next 2 weeks while I enjoy some time with my visiting nephew and then I’m off to Las Vegas with my mom for 5 days (Wooo Hoo!). You can follow my adventures as usual on Instagram.

I will be back with a ‘Vintage Photo Tuesday: The Drive-In Movie Theatre’ on August 1st.

Have a great couple of weeks friends and we will chat soon (P.S. feel free to drop me a line I will be responding to comments and emails).


1960s mature women wearing leis hawaiian vacation vintage image
Source: Pinterest


Vintage Canada: The Bill Lynch Travelling Carnival Show

The Bill Lynch Carnival Show-A Staple of the Martime Culture (The East Coast of Canada).

Bill Lynch Carnival show vintage poster

While working on my post for Canada’s 150th Birthday, I stumbled upon a poster advertising a Canadian Carnival show in the 1940’s (Seen in my post HERE). I had never heard of the name ‘Bill Lynch’ before and was instantly intrigued and knew I just had to know more. And like the good blogger I am, I figured that if I did not know much about Bill and his Exposition Shows then maybe many of my readers hadn’t either. So lets explore the Carnival’s history together friends!

Meet William (Bill) Lynch

Bill Lynch Carnival Show Vintage Image
Source: The Halifacts

About the Show & Bill:

  • William Lynch (Born 1905) as a young boy growing up on McNab’s Island, Nova Scotia loved the annual summer fair on Findlay’s Picnic Grounds. In fact he loved it so much that when he became a teenager he took a job racking the balls and assisting with the old merry-go-round. All the while, he yearned to be a bigger part of this magical escape (Source).
  • 1917 – Halifax has a horrific explosion which ends the summer fun and fairs as the city rebuilt and forces Bill back to regular life working in a machine shop.
  • BUT the dream is not dead and Lynch returns to McNabs Island in the spring of 1920, buying the famous merry-go-round for $800. He managed it until 1924, but people didn’t come to the island like they used to. Lynch decided to go to the people and starts to travel around to small towns in Nova Scotia (Source).
  • 1928, he adds a second ride: a Ferris wheel.
  • In 1929, Bill wins the bid for the Halifax Exhibition and invests in 3 more rides and 3 shows to boost the size of his show to fit the exhibitions request. It was a hefty purchase that paid off and Lynch was asked back for the 1930 exhibition.
  • Changing the negative perception of Carnies & giving back to the community: Bill hired hundreds of Maritimers to run the games and partnered with service groups. Made donations to charitable groups in every town his roadshow visited and told the carnies that all disabled children should ride for free (Source).
  • By the 1940’s, The Bill Lynch Carnival is the Biggest in Canada  and becomes “the search for relief from monotony from everyday living.”
  • 1956 the show is now massive, towing 27 railway cars of rides, games and performers all around the Maritimes. Lynch hired acts such as The Turtle Woman, The Tattooed Man, The Worlds Fattest Couple, and conjoined twins Ronnie and Donnie (Source).
  • After 52 years in the business, Lynch dies in 1972. The carnival has changed hands a couple of times and units of it have been sold off to different people, including Pat Hinchey, who continues to operate a rides and amusement show in Cape Breton and surrounding areas (Source).
Bill Lynch Exhibition Shows Vintage Posters
Source: Hake’s
Bill Lynch Carnival show vintage poster
Source: Hake’s

Bill Lynch Shows Carnival Posters

Bill Lynch Carnival Pass Book vintage booklet
Source: Caperpics

1941 Monkey Race.

1941 Bill Lynch Carnival Show
Source: Nova Scotia Archives. E.A. Bollinger Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1975-305 1941 no. 465-7a

The Famous Ferris Wheel-1941.

1941 Bill Lynch Carnival Show Canada Nova Scotia Archives
Source: Nova Scotia Archives. E.A. Bollinger Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1975-305 1941 no. 465-1b

And the Merry-Go-Around.

Bill Lynch Carnival merry go around 1940s Canada
Source: Nova Scotia Archives. E.A. Bollinger Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1975-305 1941 no. 465e

Sailors watching either a ride or a show in 1941.

Canadian sailors 1941 watching Bill Lynch Carnival show Nova Scotia Archives
Source: Nova Scotia Archives. E.A. Bollinger Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1975-305 1941 no. 465-2d

Advertising for a show in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Bill Lynch Carnival 1940s Saint Johns appearance
Source: The Lost Valley

High Wire Bicycle Act.

Bicycle high wire act at a Bill Lynch Show.
Source: Dalhousie University

Further Reading:

I hope you enjoyed learning about Bill Lynch and his Carnival Show. It was really fun researching this topic and learning about a piece of Canadian history dear to many hearts in the East Coast.


Vintage Photo Tuesday: Picnic Time!

Vintage Photo Tuesday Picnic Time by the Vintage Inn Blog

Summer time equals picnic time and today’s ‘Vintage Photo Tuesday‘ is showcasing family and friends enjoying this long-standing tradition.

1940s vintage image of women at a picnic
Source: Etsy

Waiting patiently for the fun to begin.

vintage photo of husband and wife picnic 1940s early 1950s
Source: Etsy

Box Lunch Picnic.

1940s image of family having a box lunch picnic
Source: Etsy

No blanket or basket needed, just friends and family to make the day complete-1920’s.

1920s vintage picnic image
Source: Etsy

Sometimes you don’t even need food to just have fun hanging in the summer sun (circa 1940’s).

1940s vintage image of women at a picnic in a park
Source: Etsy

When the temperature dips down at night, warm yourself by the portable barbecue (1950’s).

Barbeque Happy Family Warming Hands Over Grill 1950s Summer Picnic
Source: Etsy

A fashionable family picnic (I love everyone’s look in this photo).

early 1950s vintage family picnic image
Source: Etsy

The note that went out to the friends before this 1930’s event happened (what I think was said): “Dear friends, I would like to have a picnic at the lake, ladies wear white and men wear striped shirts and white pants. See you there, Love Mabel”.

1930s vintage picnic image by the lake
Source: Etsy

“Patty and her picnic lunch”. How about Patty and her amazing 1940’s look?!

1940s vintage woman eating food at a picnic
Source: Etsy

Saddle shoes and plaid socks (the young woman is so adorable).

vintage 1940s image of family at a park having a picnic
Source: Etsy

Bicycling to the picnic spot (1920’s).

vintage photo 1929 Young Women on a bicycle
Source: Etsy

“I present the Hot Dog!”

vintage 1950s young couple with hot dogs having a picnic
Source: Etsy

Cheers to good times!

Vintage Photo of Friends Lifting Their Glasses on a Picnic, 1940's
Source: Etsy

I hope you had fun browsing today’s vintage photos, I know I had a blast spending time with these images and imagining the good times they all must have had.

Have a great Tuesday Friends!


Vintage Canada Roundup. Happy 150th Canada!

Greetings from Canada

This Saturday marks Canada’s 150th Birthday and I’m so excited to be celebrating this special day with friends and family. It’s going to be a fantastic celebration.

In honour of Canada’s birthday I wanted to do a roundup of awesome Canadian vintage posts, images and items focusing on the years between 1940 and 1969 (my blogs favorite timelines).

Let the roundup begin!

Vintage Canada poster 1930s
Source: Flickr

One of the main symbols of Canada is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP/The Mountie) and this Rare 1950’s vintage needle sewing book with a Mountie on it, is a pretty outstanding find.

1950's Canada RCMP mounted police memorabilia needle book
Source: Etsy
1950's Canada RCMP mounted police memorabilia needle bookinside
Source: Etsy

The Bill Lynch Show a carnival that was the largest in Canada during the 1940s (this is new information for me, so stay tuned for a future blog post on this subject).

1940s poster for Bill Lynch Canadian Carnival show

Summer is the perfect time to get married and if you really want to share the day, Canada Day is the day to do it on.

1954 Spring & Summer Canadian Bride - The Bride's Book
1954 Spring Summer Canadian Bride Magazine. Source: Etsy

A good vintage tie is always something one should have in their closet and if it has a bit of Canadiana on it, even better. Here is a 1940’s Vintage tie featuring beautiful Jasper National Park Alberta.

Vintage 1940s Necktie Jasper National Park Alberta
Source: Etsy

Saskatchewan souvenir scarf, 1950s.

Saskatchewan souvenir scarf 1950s
Source: Etsy

Vintage 1941 Montreal Felt Banner (love this!).

vintage 1941 montreal felt banner
Source: Etsy

Interesting articles on Canada’s history (click on the links to be taken to the posts):

Molly Bobak’s War-For a time it had seemed that the only Canadian woman to be officially appointed as a war artist during World War II might not make it overseas at all. Article by Philip Jensen

Lieutenant Molly Lamb painting, June 1945 Canadian History
Source: National Archives of Canada / PA-113711

Spy School Secrets-The True Story Behind Camp X (where Ian Flemming, aka the creator of James Bond was one of the students). Text by Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids.

Camp x 1940s canadian spy camp
Image by Matt Dyck

The Mad Men of Expo 67 in Montreal Canada by Julie Barlow and Jean-Benoît Nadeau.


The Women of Canada’s Heritage Minutes: 1900’s to the 1940’s by the Vintage Inn Blog (I went a few years earlier on this post).

Viola Desmond Heritage Minute

Clark’s Dairy milk delivery in Ottawa – Aug. 1959.

Clark's Dairy milk delivery in Ottawa - Aug. 1959
Source: Flickr

Restaurant at Uplands Airport 1960 (Ottawa). Isn’t it so cool looking?

Restaurant at Uplands Airport 1960
Source: Flickr

The original Mile “0” signpost in Dawson Creek, B.C., 1947.

The original Mile 0 signpost in Dawson Creek, B.C. 1947

Two men and two women play a game of croquet at Braemar Lodge on Lake Ellenwood, Nova Scotia, 1950s.

Two men and two women play a game of croquet at Braemar Lodge on Lake Ellenwood, Nova Scotia / Deux hommes et deux femmes jouent une partie de croquet à l'auberge Braemar au lac Ellenwood (Nouvelle-Écosse)

Snowshoe Tournament, 1948.

Snowshoe Tournament in Ottawa, 1948.
Source: Flickr

1950’s Toronto.

1950s Toronto vintage image of a bus with people

Sarnia, Ontario 1960. This is the city I was born and raised in till I moved to Toronto in my late 20’s.

Sarnia Ontario Postcard 1960

This post clearly did not touch on all of Canada (it’s so vast) but I hope you enjoyed what I did bring forward. And to all my Canadian Friends & Readers…HAPPY CANADA DAY!





Vintage Photo Tuesday: Women Who Wear Eyeglasses

Vintage Photo Tuesday-Women who wear eyeglasses

As you know (or maybe are just finding out), I wear glasses and I have since I was in Grade 4. I like wearing glasses because I think they suit me and it’s exciting that glasses today come in cool vintage styles which go perfect with my look.

The Vintage Inn Blog-Liz

It is because of being a glasses wearing gal that I wanted to do today’s ‘Vintage Photo Tuesday‘ post on “Young Women with Eyeglasses”. To simply showoff the beauty of wearing glasses (and not holding them like our lady friend in the image below).

Lets begin the eyeglasses parade!

1940s vintage image of 2 women in front of house
Source: Etsy

The beautiful woman below reminds me so much of Jessica from Chronically Vintage! Those who know Jessica, don’t you agree?

1940s vintage photo booth images of woman with glasses
Source: Etsy

The 1920’s. The era of round frames.

1920s vintage photo of stylish young women
Source: Etsy
YOUNG WOMAN PHOTO Portrait in Original Folder, Fur, Pearls, Elegant Dress, 1920's, Vintage Black and White Mounted Photography
Source: Etsy
1927 vintage image of two young women wearing glasses
Source: Etsy

March 22nd, 1930. 3 young women photographed for the Continental Optical Company in Indianapolis.

pretty 1930s woman in eyeglasses vintage image
Source: Indiana History

1930’s mother and daughter photo booth image.

Mother and Daughter Woman wearing Hat Girl wearing Glasses 1930s Photograph snapshot Vintage Souvenir Photo
Source: Etsy

Oct 1942 – Operating a hand drill at the North American Aviation, Inc., a woman is in the control surface department assembling a section of the leading edge for the horizontal stabilizer of a plane (Source).

1940s vintage image of a woman working in a plant during the war
Source: Flickr

1945-Life Magazine Image.

1945 life magazine image of young woman wearing glasses
Source: Pinterest

Natalie Olmsted, District Recreation Supervisor, 1945. Those are some fantastic frames! They look checkered.

1940s vintage image of woman wearing glasses
Source: Flickr
Smiling Young Lady Sitting On Car - Vintage c1940s Snapshot Photo
Source: Etsy
1950s vintage image of woman in a car wearing glasses
Source: Etsy

1950’s. Cat Eye frames become a popular style.

1950s Snapshot Photo of Dreamy Eyed Woman in glasses
Source: Etsy
vintage photo 1950s Photo Booth Cat Eye Glasses Young Girls
Source: Etsy
Vintage Snapshot photo 1950 Cute Young Woman Cat Eye Glasses Rolled Blue Jeans Mid Centruy
Source: Etsy

Early 1960’s Cool.

Original 1960's Young Black African American Couple Photo
Source: Etsy

vintage comic strip about a girl wearing glasses 1940 1950s


QUESTION TIME: Do you wear glasses for necessity or for fun? Do you try to match them to your personality, your personal style or just whatever looks okay? Share in the comments below!


Summer is here! Vintage Catalina Swimsuit Ads

Catalina, the coveted swimsuit line of the vintage community (for women and men). The line is classy, beautiful and as you will see in this post, truly one of a kind.

Catalina vintage label

History of Catalina Sportswear:

Their history began in 1907, as Bentz Knitting Mills, a small manufacturer of underwear and sweaters. The name was changed to Pacific Knitting Mills in 1912, accompanied by the introduction of swimwear to their existing knit lines. The third and final name change came in 1928, to Catalina.

During the 1920s, Catalina broke out of the norm of producing wool knit suits that were patterned after a simple one-piece style and created baring and fashionable swimwear for both men and women. Styles like, the boldly striped Chicken Suit, men’s Speed Suit and Ribstitch “S” suits.

The 1930’s glitz and glamour of the sliver screen had Catalina adopting the slogan “Styled for the Stars of Hollywood“. They added to the prestige by using Hollywood starlets, including Bette Davis, Joan Blondell, and Olivia de Havilland in their marketing campaigns. At the time, the average Catalina swimsuit retailed between five and ten dollars, equivalent to $87–$175 today (assuming 1935 dollars) (Source).

Catalina swimsuits by orry kelly vintage ad
Source: Glamoursplash

The Miss America Beauty Pageant:

Catalina was a sponsor of the beauty pageant starting in the 1940’s, with the contestants wearing their off-the-rack swimsuits (featuring 2 flying fish logo’s, instead of the standard 1 on the hip as seen below).

miss America pageant vintage swimsuit contest image

In 1951 there was a bit of drama when Catalina dropped sponsorship of the pageant after the winner Yolande Betbeze, refused to pose for publicity pictures while wearing a swimsuit.

Side Note: Yolanda is pictured above (Miss Alabama), wearing a Catalina swimsuit before she was a winner so I’m so sure what the issue was (if you know please share in the comments below).

Seeing pageants as a good publicity tool, Catalina would go onto to found the Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe pageants, co-sponsoring them for decades to follow. With this came a new slogan to emphasize their growing global awareness: “Around the world… it’s Catalina” (source).

1951 vintage catalina swimsuit ad

1960’s Catalina becomes a sister company to Cole of California, a swimwear manufacturer established in 1925.

cole of california 1950s vintage swimsuit ad hawaii

  • 1993 the duo joins Authentic Fitness Corporation, a subsidiary of Warnaco Inc.
  • 1994 Catalina and it’s newly extended swim, active & fitness brand (thanks to its merger with Wanaco) is offered to Wal-Mart stores across America
  • 2007 Warnaco sells the Catalina business to In Mocean Group
  • As of 2014 you can only buy Catalina swimsuits in Wal-Mart
  • Catalina is one of the oldest clothing manufacturers in California (Source).

History lesson complete, now lets check out some of the awesome advertisements!

1940s Catalina Vintage Swimsuit Ad
Source: Flickr

1935’s Baby Pants, “So Very Provocative.”

1930s vintage Catalina Swimsuit Ad
Source: Pinterest

A giraffe on a swimsuit?! How fantastic!

vintage 1940s Catalina Swimsuit ad


1949 Catalina Vintage Swimsuit Ad

The most popular swimtrunks in America!

1955 Catalina Swimwear Ad for men
Source: Flickr

Families who match their swimsuits together, stay together.

1950s vintage family swimwear Catalina Ad

“Any girl who wears a Catalina swimsuit is apt to be singled out for special attention from Mr. Cupid.”

1950s vintage Catalina swimsuit ad
Source: VintagePrecious

1960’s Men’s Swimwear

1960s mens Catalina swimsuit vintage ad

Schiaparelli’s design.

Catalina vintage bathing suit / swimsuit ad, 1949 advert

“Lovelier by Design.”

1950s Catalina Vintage Swimsuit Ad

1952 Miss Universe Catalina Ad.

1952 Miss Universe Catalina Ad
Source: Glamoursurf

1953-New Swim and Sun Fashions.

1953 Catalina vintage swimsuit ad
Source: Etsy

1948 & 1949 Ads. Fish and Ducks for men and women.

Vintage Catalina Swimsuit men and womens ad
Source: Glamoursurf

I also own a Catalina that I wore at VIVA Rockabilly Weekend in 2016, it’s not as glamorous as the ones in the ads we just saw but it’s still cute!

The Vintage Inn Blog at viva rockabilly weekend tiki pool party 2016

Lastly, If you are interested in what the Catalina Labels looked like, the Vintage Fashion Guild has a super collection of them that can be found HERE.

QUESTION TIME: Do you own a Catalina? If so please share what it looks like. If you don’t do you like the brand? Want to own one yourself one day? Do tell in the comments below.


‘All The Ways We Dry Our Hair’-Vintage History of the Hair Dryer

Last week a dear friend of mine passed down a Vintage Lady Schick Hair Dryer that was her grandmothers. It’s in mint condition and will take my 8-10 hours of setting time for my hair to way less (not tested it yet but I’m hoping an hour tops!).

vintage lady schick hair dryer

While I held this wonderful gem in my hands, I got to thinking that I actually had no idea about the history of hair dryers (not even one tiny fact). So for today’s post we will be having a brief history lesson (to fix my lack of knowledge) and then a roundup of vintage ads and images. Enjoy!

vintage hair salon - Getty Image
Source: Huffington Post

Brief History of the Hair Dryer:

1890’s the hairdryer is invented by Alexandre Goldefroy, and consisted of a bonnet that attached to the chimney pipe of a gas stove. It was however big and bulky and not at all portable. PRIOR to this, woman were using vacuum cleaners to dry their hair, so this really was an improvement (I think).

vintage early hair dryer image
vintage hair dryer ad

1911-Armenian American inventor Gabriel Kazanjian was the first to patent a blow dryer in the United States (Source).

1915 (around)– Handheld dryers begin to appear on the market and became small enough to hold in your hand (thanks to companies like U.S. Racine Universal Motor Company and the Hamilton Beach Co).

1920s hand held hair dryer
1920s-1925 Hair Dryer Source: Phrontis – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Downfalls of the 1920’s Hair Dryers:

They were often heavy, weighing in at approximately 2 pounds (0.9 kg), and were difficult to use. They also had many instances of overheating and electrocution. Hair dryers were only capable of using 100 watts, which increased the amount of time needed to dry hair (the average dryer today can use up to 2000 watts of heat) (Source).

The 1950’s gave birth to the bonnet hair dryer, a small portable dryer connected by a tube to a plastic bonnet, as well as the rigid hood dryer, most frequently seen in today’s salons (Source).

1950s hair bonnet hair dryer advertisement

vintage hair dryers image

Since the 1920s, development of the hair dryer has mainly focused on improving the wattage and superficial exterior and material changes. In fact, the mechanism of the dryer has not had any significant changes since its inception. One of the more important changes for the hair dryer was the idea to make it out of plastic, so that it is more lightweight. This really caught on in the 1960s with the introduction of better electrical motors and the improvement of plastics.

1960s plastic hair dryer

In the 1970s, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission set up guidelines that hair dryers had to meet to be considered safe to manufacture. Since 1991 the CPSC has mandated that all dryers must use a ground fault circuit interrupter so that it cannot electrocute a person if it gets wet. By 2000, deaths by blowdryers had dropped to fewer than four people a year, a stark difference to the hundreds of cases of electrocution accidents during the mid-20th century. (Source).

Vintage Ads & Images

1938 American Hairdresser Magazine Ad.

1938 vintage advertisement for hood hair dryers
Source: Wearing History

Even men got under the hood.

vintage hair salon with woman and men - getty images
Source: Huffington Post
Vintage Hair Dryer ad
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When one needs to get out of the house quickly, you take matters into your own hands.

Vintage Photos of Hair Dryers
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Vintage 1960s Hair Dryer Ad
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1950s vintage hair dryer advertisement
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My hair would never look like this, if it was dried in the “Fresh Desert Air”.

vintage hair dryer advertisement

1920s woman having hair dried vintage image

I would be scared if this was what was drying my hair.

1930s vintage hair dryer image
Source: Vintage Everyday

Germany,1977. I can’t stop laughing.

vintage hair dryer german advertisement

I will now leave you with a 1960’s ad for Lady Sunbeam Bonnet Hair Dryer and I really hope you enjoyed today’s post. (video link)


Question time: Do you own a vintage hair dryer that works? If you don’t currently own one, would you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.