Lately…well not really lately, for a long time now I have been drooling over the dress manufacturer “Jonathan Logan” and hoping and praying that I see something on Etsy or Ebay that is in a Liz size and in my budget. No luck yet 🙁 BUT I will not give up and will continue to look, in the mean time I thought it would be fun to share a bit of history and pictures of this amazing label.

First lets meet a dress by….

Jonathan Logan label

Photo Courtesy of: Couture Allure

Jonathan logan red

Yup I can hear already what you are saying…”WOW!”, “Beautiful!”, “where can I get one?”, see why I’m obsessed and that is only picture one!


The Company was founded in 1944 by David Schwartz with a small arsenal of dedicated employees, including the first designer of the label “Doris Varnum” and quickly became known for their excellent quality and classic styles (vintage fashion guild).

Here is a Doris Varnum design from 1947

Doris Varnum dress

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I’m already picturing myself in this dress 🙂 As you can see from the Ad above the label was sold at Department stores all across the country, so you were never far away from being able to purchase a Jonathan Logan dress (wish that was the case today).

In the late 1950’s, Doris was replaced with designer Jeanne Carr. Here are some 1950’s designs (Note: some of these designs might be Doris designs as Jeanne did not start designing to late 1950’s but I’m unsure what is considered “late”):

jonathan-logan 1950's

Photo Courtesy of:

Jonathan logan 1950's red

Photo Courtesy of Etsy seller: dLeChe

1950's Jonathan logan

Jonathan logan 1950's

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By the 1960’s the Jonathan Logan label become the largest ready to wear company in the USA. 1963 actually recorded $100 million in annual sales, unheard of for a women’s clothing company and it also became the first women’s clothing company to be listed on the New York Stock exchange (Jewish Virtual Library).

Some 1960’s looks….

1960's Jonathan Logan

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Jonathan Logan 1960's

The label eventually spread its wings into 14 different brands, each geared to a different consumer group. Some of the those lines included “Butte Knit” specializing in knitted apparel at a time that classification was just beginning to flourish. “Bleeker Street” in 1966 to promote the Carnaby Street Boutique popularity (Carnaby St in London, England by the 1960’s was where you could find the “Mod” & “Hippy” styles-Wikipedia), a line that was in existence till 1974.

Bleeker Street motto

Bleeker st dress

Myspace image

Schwartz guided Logan until 1964, when he appointed his son president and chief operating officer but remained as chairman.  Richard Schwartz was then 25 years old, the youngest president of any business on the New York Stock Exchange (Jewish Virtual Library).

By 1985 though the Schwartz family sold their interest in the company and moved onto other business ventures.

Today the Jonathan Logan labels are very popular for Vintage lovers (especially the 1950’s designs) and can be found on Etsy & Ebay with some of the early designs costing into the hundreds to purchase.

Here are some examples of what is for sale right now on Etsy…

Jonathan Logan 1950's etsy

Jonathan Logan 1950’s mint condition dress being sold by Etsy Seller “nadzbox” for $250 US. So pretty!

Jonathan Logan Etsy

Jonathan Logan 1950’s dress suit being sold by Etsy Seller “DearGolden” for $225 US

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I also hope I helped you discover a new vintage designer. I know that I will be online window shopping later on today for a Jonathan Logan dress to add to my collection. Will you?

17 comments on “Jonathan Logan-A Classic Vintage Dress Label”

  1. Just going through my mums old fifties dresses and came across a Jonathan logan dress….not in the best condition but lovely..not for sale though…

  2. My late Mom worked for Jonathan Logan and traveled the globe as the PR director until she met my Dad in 1956. Classic apparel maker.

  3. I must have just found the ugliest JL dress possible. Wish I could find out more about it. Email me if you want to see a picture. It is black and puke yellow.. looks like a Star Trek uniform and all polyester.

    • Ohh now you have me very curious! I will email you. I can believe it though because every designer I have ever known has gone thru times where they have really missed the mark and so im not super surprised that Jonathan Logan was one of them

  4. I was given a bag of clothes and found a Jonathan Logan dress in it.. It is very pretty, and in good condition. It has a few little stains but no rips or tears. I was wondering what era it is from… I’m having trouble finding one that resembles it online. It has a satin floral print long sleeve top and it also has a bib type thing that matches the material on the skirt part of the dress.

  5. My name is Rosemary and I was the resident showroom model for Jonathan Logan. We were at 1411 Broadway and it was a wonderful first experience for me in the garment industry. Dave Schwartz, CEO of Jonathan Logan was a genius. I miss those days ~ best regards

    • Hi Rosemary,

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing that you worked there. What an experience it must of been to get to model the beautiful Jonathan Logan outfits. I’m envious of that job, the clothes are just so stunning. I’m glad you have wonderful memories to look back on.

      Thanks again for dropping by!

      Liz 🙂

      • Hi there I’ve been googling Jonathan Logan because I just found a dress with his label on it in my late Moms stuff. I’m not likely to ever wear this so am looking to sell. Its a collared dress with a belt. Any advice?

        • Hi Susan! I’m not big into the selling of vintage so my advice is limited, but what I would do if I was in your shoes (if you are looking to sell). Is to find a vintage clothing shop in your town and explain your situation and see if they can help you date and maybe then give you a price on the dress (they can see the quality as well and will know pretty well what the price should be). Then it’s up to you, if you want to see it on Ebay or maybe the shop will be buy it from you, OR have suggestions on where you could take it. IF you don’t have a shop that you could go to for advice, going on Etsy or Ebay and researching your dress (type in words like ‘Joanthan Logan, collared dress with belt’) will sometimes bring up similar styles to what you own. This can also help you gauge the price and value of the dress you own.

          Hope this helps get you started.

          liz 🙂

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