About a year or so ago, I purchased a gorgeous cardigan from “StutterinMama’s” and it has quickly become a standard item in my wardrobe.  The tag said that the brand was “Ethel of Beverly Hills” and a quick search on the internet brought up multiple gorgeous sweaters, each more beautiful than the next.

Ethel of Beverly Hills

Then recently while at a vintage clothing show, I was stopped many times by people to enquire about my sweater (one women wanted to buy it right off my back) and also about its history but I could never answer the latter because there does not seem to be anything out there.

vintage Ethel sweater
Here I am at the vintage clothing show this past weekend in my Ethel sweater.

I did find one Etsy seller (MsAnetVTG) who is selling 2 sweaters and she said that “The company was in business in the Los Angeles market from 1958 until the 1960’s, and even back then these sweaters were considered expensive“. So there is your brief brief history lesson on Ethel of Beverly Hills.

However, even though I cannot seem to find any information on them, I still think that their sweaters are absolutely gorgeous and I think I might start to turn into a collector very soon.

Lets take a browse shall we?


This Ethel is wool with gorgeous pearls and rhinestones creating the letter “A” I believe. I have seen a couple of sweaters with a letter on it, so I wonder if this was something that made them standout?

Ethel of Beverly Hills

Etsy seller-MsAnetVTG

As I just mentioned above, here is another beautiful  Black Knit Monogram D Bolero Sweater.

Ethel of Beverly Hills

I love the cutouts in the sweater!

Ethel of Beverly Hills

Etsy Seller-WhynaughtShop

As we move down the list, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that you can’t miss an Ethel sweater can you? They have a very distinct style that was unique to their brand.

Like this wonderful arrow design in this sweater, it’s lovely!

Ethel of Beverly Hills

Etsy Seller-wearitagain

The blue sweater colour is perfect and I love the tree design that is made up of metallic gold stitched with applied pearl discs.

vintage sweater

Seller-Poppy’s Vintage Clothing

If your name started with a “C” this would be perfect for you! Well… it’s not actually initials in this knockout number but it almost could be with what we have seen above.

vintage sweater

Etsy Seller-greenthreadsboutique

Now I will leave you with an Ethel that does not fit the mold like the ones shown above….

I LOVE IT!! The fringe is so fun!

Ethel vintage sweater



Do you own an Ethel Sweater or did you have a favorite above? Maybe you happen to know the history of this brand? If so, please share!

Liz 🙂

35 comments on “Ethel of Beverly Hills-Beautiful Vintage Sweaters”

  1. My word, these are especially stunning! I love that they’re bold, but not overwhelming, if that makes sense. I love every last example highlighted here and now have a new item to add to my vintage shopping wishlist! 🙂

    Have an awesome start of April, dear Liz!
    ♥ Jessica

    • Thanks Shermy! Well some of the ones I posted are for sale 🙂 Just saying lol!….They are not cheap and there does not seem to be a lot around from what I can see but they would be a wonderful addition to your collection.

  2. I feel like I’ve seen the one with the cut outs recently 😮 However I know I have seen such a style in modern high end retail! What a neat brand.

  3. Hey there! I have an Ethel of Beverly Hills cardigan in my Etsy shop, and came across this lovely blog of yours while doing research on the label. Thank you for creating such an extensive visual collection of these beautiful sweaters. Here’s my listing if you’d like to take a look at another style of sweaters made by this designer. It’s not as fancy as the others shown above, but more of an everyday wearable piece – and in such a fun, bright color!


  4. I opened up an old steamer trunk of my mother’s (she passed in 2001), and two of these were in there! They are along the lines of the one with the “C”. I’m going to be posting them soon on either eBay or Etsy.

    Love yours, BTW – super cute and classy!

  5. Ethel (Adler-Gellis) of Beverly Hills was my Aunt and an amazing clothing designer and business owner….she had an eye for fashion. She moved from Montreal to Los Angeles as a young woman and built her business from the ground up ….a woman way ahead of her time.

    • Oh my goodness. ADAM! You don’t even know how many people have emailed me wanting to know more about your aunt as there is nothing out there about her. Thank you for dropping me a line! This little bit of information you have supplied me is more than I have ever been able to find.

      So your Aunt was Canadian, this THRILLS my Canadian heart to pieces that she was originally from Montreal. Would you happen to have any more information you might be able to supply me or could you point me in the direction where I might be able to know more? I absolutely 100% beyond a doubt adore her line of clothing and have made it my mission to acquire many more of her sweaters. I would love to do a follow up post to help answer other fans questions about her. I find it important that designers get their recognition especially from the earlier days where sometimes designers got lost in the shuffle on documentation of their history (hence why nobody knows anything about Ethel).

      If you don’t know anymore that is 100% okay. Just hearing the bit that you supplied me here, makes me very happy.

      Thanks again for stopping by Adam. Have a wonderful day.

      Liz 🙂

      • Liz,
        I’m her grandson and can tell you anything you want to know– Adam is my second cousin- I have a great oil painting of Ethel and a few photos I would love to post, but I can’t figure out how.

    • Ethel Gellis was my mother who was in business in Los Angeles from the early 50’s to early 70’s. Her sweaters were sold all over the country in high end stores such as Bonwitt Teller, Bullocks Wilshire, Goldwaters in AZ, and gift shops in Las Vegas hotels plus smaller boutique stores. I was a salesman for her at one time!

      Ethel was a prolific knitter and started in business crocheting “snoods” to sell after someone saw her wearing one she had made for herself. She started a cottage industry designing “stoles” made from tubular jersey farming out the finishing with beads and fringe to home sewers, selling them by the thousands before she even had a store.

      At some point Ethel opened a “knit shop” off of Wilshire and Fairfax in Los Angeles selling yarn etc. She loved to knit dresses out of ribbon!

      She closed her yarn store to open her factory at 818 South Broadway, Los Angeles.

      Ethel passed away in 1991.

  6. I found a Ethel of Beverly Hills at a Goodwill Outlet while digging for treasure in the .89 a pound tubs. It is very beautiful and very different from the ones I have found on the internet. I came across your blog and thought you might want to see it. It is a long cream cardigan with really cool swirls. Let me know how I can send you a picture.

  7. Ethel of Beverly Hills, was my grandmother Ethel Gellis– it’s so great to see her sweaters are still around and being enjoyed 50 plus years after they were made. I remember being in her factory in downtown LA as a kid and playing with all the beads and yarn.
    Thank you for the post about her!!

    • ohh those is so marvelous! to hear from another family member of Ethel! I really love her sweaters and I know that many others do as well. I would love to take you up on your offer to ask more questions (I just need to prepare them) as there is not much out there on her. I would also love to see the photos and that painting. It might be easier to email me at: thevintageinnblog@gmail.com

      Thanks for reaching out 🙂


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