What to wear when it's raining-1930s to 1950s inspiratiion

It’s raining today which got me thinking that every time it rains I tend to throw on a pair of very un-stylish rain boots and trudge thru the mess to do what life needs me to do. Well I have decided…no more! I want to look “vintage rain gear chic” and not “I don’t want to get wet so lets just throw this on“. But what should I be looking for to help achieve this look? What did the women wear in the 1930’s-1950’s to keep dry?

Lets take a look shall we?


1930s Rainwear ad. 

I’m a big fan of the transparent raincoat (top on the right) which you will see a few more times below. Your outfit will never be hidden! Honestly though all those coats are pretty fantastic in this ad.

rainwear 1930s


This is a early 1930s Canadian ad for a slicker called “Whooppee Slicker”. Comes in fun patterns I must say.

Whooppe Slicker 1930s raincoat


1940’s raincoat and rain hat

1940s raincoat


Here are your transparent rain coats for both men and women made from Vinylite Plastics-1946 ad

plastics-vinylite 1940s

Another plastic transparent rain coat from Follow me Quietly, 1949

Follow me Quietly-plastic raincoat 1949


Rain coats for the whole family in the 1950s! The green coat is so beautiful and did you notice her boots?? Check out the ad just below!

vintage raincoats

Looking for some vintage rain boots that are also transparent?? Look no further than these darling “Rain Dears” with bow! Can I have 10???

1950s rainboots ad

1953 ad for Firestone Velon Plastic. Love that even the dog has a rain coat 🙂

1950s raincoat


I cannot end this post without referencing some great rain-wear photos from “Singin in the Rain


I want Debbie Reynolds boots in this picture


Well I think I have lots of ideas now on what to wear, I just need to find them, so off I go to Etsy.

UPDATE: There is a fantastic online store selling ‘Vintage Style Rain Bonnets’. I own 2 of them and they are awesome! Check out ‘The Bonnit‘.

Do you have a vintage rain coat or boots or look that you just adore?


8 comments on “What to wear when it’s raining-1930s to 1950s Inspiration”

  1. Oh, I just love the colorful artwork of pretty people. I only wish it rained here so I could don this gay apparel. I recall watching The Dating Game in the 70s, and they always spoke of “making whoopee,” so perhaps that is not the best term for a slicker.

    • Well we all know how meaning of names/terms change as the years move on. I guess “Whooppee” in the 1930s was just a slicker and not what we think of now 🙂 When I saw the ad I HAD to add it to the post as it just made me giggle

    • The Scotty Cape is so gorgeous, wonderful choice 🙂 I think I might skip the rain hat (so hard to wear when you actually take the time to do your hair lol) and go with those clear rain hood things (love my highly technical fashion term there lol).

      As for that video…Love it! I’m going to share it on Twitter with my followers as that is too good to not share. Thanks so much for posting that.

      Liz 🙂

  2. Someone needs to relaunch a brand called Whoopee Slickers, that name is just too fun and imaginative to languish simply in the annals of history, if you ask me.

    Great post, sweet gal, we’re still battling snow (some days) out here, but hopefully soon it will be time to dust off the ol’ rain coat again.

    ♥ Jessica

    • hehehe I totally agree Jessica! I can just see the advertising now for Whoopee Slickers 🙂 I think it would catch on in our social media crazed days.

      Soon enough winter will be gone and we will 100% be back to complaining about the heat of the summer lol! Stay warm in all your vintage loveliness Jessica 🙂

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