I like beer and I have liked beer for a very long time. Maybe it’s being half German that helps but whatever it is, I enjoy the cold drink. My husband does too and we have over the last few years become big fans of the craft beer craze that is happening all over the world. When we travel we enjoy trying the local brews and if possible visiting breweries we have never been too. While in Scotland we went to 2 different breweries-Tennents and Drygate and they were both fantastic!

Tennents Brewery Glasgow

This coming weekend I’m making my annual pilgrimage to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for German Fest, a full weekend of Liz in a Dirndl, drinking beer. WIN!

Fun Milwaukee Fact! that you may or may not know. Milwaukee has been called the “Beer Capital of the World” with the city being home to some of America’s largest brewers — Pabst, Schlitz, Miller, Blatz (source). So that means….there must be some really good vintage beer advertising out there that I can share with you. And your in luck!

So friends, grab a beer (or drink of choice) and lets see what I kind of fun vintage beer ads I have gathered up.

Source: All Poster.com

Up first, the Beer that make Milwaukee famous (well according to the marketing team)-Schlitz (founded in 1858).

I want to be invited to this party as long as I can wear her dress. BUT I might pass on the jello, hot dog, green thing happening at the bottom of the pic though lol.

Schlitz vintage advertising
Source: Denisebefore (tumblr)

This is a beer I have never heard of till now-Ballantine. Ballantine is an American beer that opened around 1850 in New York State.

Fun Fact: Ballantine had a close association with local sports. They sponsored the New York Yankees in the 1940s and 50s. N.Y. Yankee announcer Mel Allen’s called everYankee home run a “Ballantine Blast” on his radio and later television coverage (source).

Nothing says drinking buddies, like wearing the exact same jacket and bow tie.

vintage beer advertisment
Source: Laorosa

I’m really enjoying this post because I’m learning about so many beers that have been around for hundreds of years. Here is another one..Schaefer Beer. First produced in New York City in 1842.

Dosen’t Carole Landis just look amazing???!! OMG look at her jewelry, her hair, her perfect nails. Love it. I however NEVER look this glamours when drinking beer…ever.

Schaefer Vintage Beer Advertising

And the winner for the “what does this advertisement mean?” award goes to this fantastically wonderful Rheingold ad from the 1940s, featuring Miss Rheingold of 1948.

Miss Rheingold Girls 1940–1965: At the center of their media campaign was the “Miss Rheingold” pageant. Beer drinkers voted each year on the young lady who would be featured as Miss Rheingold in advertisements. In the 1940s and 1950s in New York, “the selection of Miss Rheingold was as highly anticipated as the race for the White House.” The first Miss Rheingold was Spanish-born Jinx Falkenburg (source).


rheingold vintage advertising
Source: Sky-blue pink.com

Blatz Beer– Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1851. While looking for beer ads to share, I discovered a series of ads where it looks like they took various people that were “famous” and created an ad around them drinking the beer and talking about the beer. Here are a couple of samples.

Here is Maggi McNellis who was an American radio and television personality and talk show hostess from the 1940s through the 1960s.

Blatz Beer Advertising
Source: Vintage ad browser

And from 1949 Hank Marino, one of the world’s top bowling champions of the 1930s, with a career lasted half a century.

Blatz Vintage Beer Advertising 1940s
Source: Vintage Advertures

Time for some glamour, courtesy of “Dorothy Dandridge in this 1950s Jax beer advertisement.

Jaz Beer: Jacksonville, Florida 1913-1956 and is credited for selling the first 6 pack around 1945 (source).

Dorothy Dandridge in a 1950s Jax beer advertisement
Source: Pinterest

I guess I cannot have a beer vintage advertising post and not mention Milwaukee’s “Pabst Blue Ribbon“. Established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1844 and is popular with Hipsters everywhere. I hate this beer and don’t understand why people like it, it is just a terrible beer (sorry it is!) BUT they did have wonderful vintage ads, like this one.

Pabst Blue Ribbon vintage advertising

And finally I will leave you with another Milwaukee Brewery-Miller High Life, the Champagne of Beers since 1903 (their words not mine lol).

BUT I guess if they are advertising themselves as the “Champagne of Beers” then this really really fancy ad from the 1950s makes perfect sense.

vintage miller life advertising
Source: Pinterest

And there you have it. Is anyone else as thirsty as me now??

Question time: Do you enjoy beer? Have a favorite? Have a favorite vintage ad?

Liz 🙂

4 comments on “Lets Have A Beer! Vintage Beer Advertising”

  1. Much as with just about every other type of ad back in the day, you have got to love and admire how much elegance and style was present in many bear ads. The last one in particular just epitomizes glamour and is as pretty and chic as can be!

    Have an awesome trip!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    • The earlier days just managed to make beer drinking looking super stylish 🙂

      Trip was great, thanks Jessica!


  2. I guess I’m a bad Australian but I’m not a fan of beer! (Don’t let them take my passport!)

    It’s funny though, I definitely don’t think of beer as a glamorous drink, but I guess all of the ads then were going for glamour, whatever the product!

    • LOL! I won’t tell anyone 🙂 Not everyone is beer lovers, it is truly an acquired taste.

      Beer nowadays I think can be glamorous (some of those glasses are works of art) but I agree with your statement about vintage advertising making anything glamorous no matter what the product was (cod liver oil anyone? lol!)

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