It’s November 11th which means it’s time to really thank the Veterans past and present for their sacrifices and their service. The Vintage Inn Thanks You for your service.

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For today’s post I wanted to share images from the 1940s of ‘Love in a Time of War’ because as we know love did not stop because the war was on.

1940s vintage advertsing
Source: Etsy-RescuedPage

Lets Begin Shall We?


“Parting is such sweet sorrow” — San Pedro, Calif. — April 2, 1940. These Navy couples make the best of their final moments together before the Middies shove off for their six weeks of war maneuvers in the Pacific with the U.S. Fleet.

Source: ACME Newspictures Collection in the Dispatch Library.
Source: ACME Newspictures Collection in the Dispatch Library.

I LOVE this story for this next picture-Gene and Mickey at the Carillon Tower on Belle Isle in Detroit during WWII.

From David Staskowski:

Even though my parents met in grade school and knew each others families in the Polish neighborhoods of Detroit, their romance wasn’t without a few obstacles.

There were Pop’s years of enlistment (WWII). There was another man who courted my innocent mom while my dad was in the Army. Then there was my mom’s wedding where my dad wasn’t the groom but was one of the groomsmen, her 1st marriage didn’t last for more than a moment. My mom left the man and won back my dad, who never had stopped loving her. Then there was a little problem with the Catholic church and my devout paternal grandmother.

But that’s nothing that love, and waiting 20 years for a Vatican annulment, can’t conquer.

1940s Couple. Soldier & Woman
Source: Flickr-David Staskowski

Welcome Home Kiss.

vintage Photo Woman Kisses her Soldier WW2 snapshot 1940s Home Front
Source: Etsy-americathebeautiful

It’s meant to be, when both of you look fantastic in the same hat.

1940s Navy couple vintage image
Source-Ebay: antique_fotos

Snap shot of young Love (and can we take a minute to admire her brooch).

1940s image of soldier and woman
Source: Etsy-americathebeautiful

Keep him well fed and he will never forget you. In this case, this is exactly what our lovely lady is doing for her soldier 🙂

1940s image of soldier and woman
Source: Etsy-EphemeraObscura

Time stands still in 1942 at Palisades Interstate Park in New Jersey.

1940s navy couple vintage image
Source: Ebay-easttexasestatephotos

Love on the back of bike.

1940s vintage image of a wartime couple on a motorcycle

Let me carry you home.

1940s sailor and girl vintage image
Source: Flikr-ƒliçkrwåy

Lastly some additional reading: Earlier in the year I did a blog post on Canadian War Brides, which you can check out HERE.

Also, check out my friend Elinor Florence Blog ‘Wartime Wednesday’. During her research into Canada’s wartime past, she has uncovered some fascinating facts and anecdotes and shares them on her blog. It’s fantastic and extremely interesting reads.


7 comments on “Vintage 1940s Images-Love in the Time of War”

  1. Immensely lovely post, sweet Liz. We are so incredibly fortunate to have grown up without having most of our young men (and some women) sent off to war (some have served in the Middle East, but thankfully no where near on the same scale). One can only fathom how deeply that must have cut through society and the countless lives and family trees it forever altered.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* THAT BROOCH!!!!!

  2. You are such a romantic, Liz! I love it. That story was absolutely brilliant. I love a good tale of not-getting-it-right-the-first-time 🙂 (Don’t tell my husband!)

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