For the last couple of weeks, I have been reading and seeing some really great posts & videos on many different vintage topics. Some of them were so interesting that I thought I would share the Top 7 with you.

1940s Image of a woman vintage

1. I’m going to begin with a real Canadian issue: The Weather.

Here in Canada we have a great show called ‘This Hour has 22 minutes‘ (now called ’22 minutes’) and it’s a comedy show that focuses on Canadian politics, combining news parody, sketch comedy and satirical editorials. It’s really funny and I have enjoyed their skits over the years. Recently they added a parody to the 100 years of Beauty video that has been making it’s rounds, with a VERY Canadian version. Take a look (click on image to see video)

22 minutes 100 years of canadian beauty

2. Pembroke, Ontario, a local business entrepreneur, Lawrence Freiman has just opened an exciting new store that everyone in town is talking about…..

Online Shopping in the 1950s‘ by MessyNessychic

1950s vintage image of is-O-Matic department store

3. ‘How to get a 1930s Look without spending a fortune‘ by Vintage Gal

This post made me over the moon with excitement, because I love 1930s style (especially those wide legged pants) but really don’t have any pieces in my closet due to the cost. WELL those days are possibly over thanks to the Vintage Gal. Check out her post on some great tips.

How to get a 1930s look without spending a fortune

4. The big VIVA Rockabilly weekender is almost upon us (APRIL!!) and Jessica from Chronically Vintage did a super post on ‘25 Fabulous Vintage Fashions Finds for VIVA‘. Happy Shopping!

Vegas sign brooch

5. Need a little Vintage music inspiration? Then look no further then ‘The Glamorous Housewife” blog post on just that, ‘A Vintage Inspired Musical Journey‘. She has featured 5 fantastic artists, including Toronto’s favorite ‘Alex Pangman‘ who plays for the Lindy Hop scene and Jazz lovers alike on a regular basis.

vintage-inspired-music by the glamorous housewife

6. As Black History Month is winding down, I wanted to share a very important piece of Canadian History. The story of Viola Desmond, an entrepreneur who challenged segregation in Nova Scotia in the 1940s.

7. And then to end this post, lets end it with the most heart warming moment of this month…..71 Years Later, WWII Vet Reunites with Wartime Girlfriend in Australia.

World War II vintage image of a couple
Source: Peoples


I hope you enjoyed some of these vintage goodies, as much as I did (Isn’t that last one just so wonderful??).

Question Time: Did you find some cool reads or videos this month that you would like to share? If so post in the comments below.

Have a great weekend friends.

Liz 🙂




8 comments on “My 7 favorite Vintage Online Reads & Videos This Month”

  1. Hi, if you found the Viola Desmond story interesting, there is more info on her in Constance Backhouses’s book on racism and the legal system in Canada. It’s organized along case files and written in a very engaging style (although it is essentially an academic book? Backhouses’s (used to ?) teach at the U of O.

  2. Oh, thank you so much for including my post! I’m very flattered and just a little bit chuffed.

    I love the look of the vintage inspired musical journey, especially because it starts with the fabulous Ella Fitzgerald. I will definitely bookmark that and have a good read of it as I always love finding new music to listen to. xx

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