Last week I started a new series called Vintage Travel To Do List‘ and this week I’m introducing another series ‘A Peak into my vintage collection’. This series will showcase the various items I have in my home that I have collected over the years. Clothes, household items, pictures etc. I have lots of vintage goodies that I would love to share with all of you.

Today’s item was purchased from my friend Shermy, It’s- A 1949 Pearlescent Pastel Green Stocking Dryer in its original box & with the original hardware. This item will one day end up in my dream washroom but in the mean time its on display in my 1920s vintage bookcase.

1949 Vintage Stocking Dryer

The dryer was created exclusively by the Donaco Plastics Company a USA Company. 1 minute installation, the gift with a purpose, for home and travelling and in 5 beautiful pearlescent pastel colors. And the whole dryer was only $2.95, Fantastic!

1949 Vintage Stocking Dryer

End the Clutter.

50s Midcentury Vintage SafTdri Seashell Hosiery Drying Wall Mount Decor
Source: Etsy

Here is a pretty Yellow One. What colours would have to be in your washroom to have this bright of a yellow though?

Vintage SafTDri Seashell Hosiery Dryer 1950s
Source: Pinterest

A Donaco Box. I have not been able to find any information about this company, so if someone does know something about them, please share.

Donaco Plastics Company Vintage box
Source: Ebay

They seemed to have also created a Malibu Sea-Shell Towel Holder (this advertisement was inside the box). Actually it’s called a Towl Holder. Is that a spelling mistake?

1949 Vintage towel holder vintage advertising

Here are some real life examples, aren’t they equally as adorable?

Malibu Sea-Shell Towel Holder
Source: Pinterest
Vintage Towel Holder Donaco Plastic Malibu Sea Shell Delux Pearlescent Bathroom Towel Holder
Source: Etsy


And there is my first vintage collection share, stay tuned for many more items in future posts.

Friends…What is a favorite item in your collection?

Liz 🙂


12 comments on “A Peak Into My Vintage Collection- a 1949 Stocking Dryer”

  1. I love the idea of the stocking dryer, I need one of those! I can see that being very handy when your off travelling after washing your stockings in the hotel sink! Can’t wait to see what you’ll show us next. xx

  2. That is weird and wacky. Love it. I might have to fit that into my next vintage novel. LOL! As for my fave vintage item. I’ll have to think on it and get back to you, I mean besides purses, shoes, and clothing. LOL

  3. Absolutely love these! So pretty and practical. I would have loved to have given something like this to my mom in the past; I always remember pantyhose hang drying in the bathroom! LOL

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