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Summer time equals picnic time and today’s ‘Vintage Photo Tuesday‘ is showcasing family and friends enjoying this long-standing tradition.

1940s vintage image of women at a picnic
Source: Etsy

Waiting patiently for the fun to begin.

vintage photo of husband and wife picnic 1940s early 1950s
Source: Etsy

Box Lunch Picnic.

1940s image of family having a box lunch picnic
Source: Etsy

No blanket or basket needed, just friends and family to make the day complete-1920’s.

1920s vintage picnic image
Source: Etsy

Sometimes you don’t even need food to just have fun hanging in the summer sun (circa 1940’s).

1940s vintage image of women at a picnic in a park
Source: Etsy

When the temperature dips down at night, warm yourself by the portable barbecue (1950’s).

Barbeque Happy Family Warming Hands Over Grill 1950s Summer Picnic
Source: Etsy

A fashionable family picnic (I love everyone’s look in this photo).

early 1950s vintage family picnic image
Source: Etsy

The note that went out to the friends before this 1930’s event happened (what I think was said): “Dear friends, I would like to have a picnic at the lake, ladies wear white and men wear striped shirts and white pants. See you there, Love Mabel”.

1930s vintage picnic image by the lake
Source: Etsy

“Patty and her picnic lunch”. How about Patty and her amazing 1940’s look?!

1940s vintage woman eating food at a picnic
Source: Etsy

Saddle shoes and plaid socks (the young woman is so adorable).

vintage 1940s image of family at a park having a picnic
Source: Etsy

Bicycling to the picnic spot (1920’s).

vintage photo 1929 Young Women on a bicycle
Source: Etsy

“I present the Hot Dog!”

vintage 1950s young couple with hot dogs having a picnic
Source: Etsy

Cheers to good times!

Vintage Photo of Friends Lifting Their Glasses on a Picnic, 1940's
Source: Etsy

I hope you had fun browsing today’s vintage photos, I know I had a blast spending time with these images and imagining the good times they all must have had.

Have a great Tuesday Friends!


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