Summer is a perfect time to visit the Drive-In Movie Theater and if your lucky enough, there maybe one nearby for your enjoyment (I know I have a couple in the Toronto area).

Drive In Movie Theatre

For today’s Vintage Photo Tuesday we are going to enter the heyday of Drive-In Movie Theaters. So grab your popcorn (or snack of choice) and let the movie begin.

drive in movie theatre vintage image
Source: ABC News

June 6, 1933: First drive-in movie theater opens.

drive in movie theatre vintage image with cars

Comet Drive-In, Alabama 1949.

Comet Drive In Theatre 1949
Source: Drive-Ins.Com

An usher on a motorbike escorts a car to their spot at a theater in San Francisco, 1948.

drive in theatre 1948 San Francisco usher on a motorcycle
Source: Vintage Everyday

Hamilton Drive-In, Alabama featuring Silver River (1948) on the Big Screen.

Hamilton Drive in Theatre 1940s Alabama

Silve River Movie 1948

May 1938, Cinemotor Theater in Los Angeles.

Cinemotor Theater in Los Angeles vintage image 1938
Source: ABC News

drive in theatre vintage advertisement

Sky.way Drive-In, Windsor Ontario Canada.

sky way drive in theatre windsor ontario vintage image
Source: windsor then windsor now


drive in movie theatre

Duke City Drive-In, Albuquerque.

duke City Drive In Albuquerque vintage image

Olympic Drive-In Theater, West Los Angeles, CA. Such a great sign!

Olympic Drive-In Theater, West Los Angeles, CA
Source: Pinterest

Snack time! Snack bar at Orange Drive-In.

orange drive in snack bar vintage image
Source: Pinterest

Historic picture of the Marquee Mural on the Mission Drive-In.

Historic picture of the Marquee Mural on the Mission Drive-In
Source: Rivard Report

Cars were not the only thing you could sit in to watch a movie, swings were also a popular choice. Seen here in the mini-playground at the Rancho Drive-In Theater, San Francisco, 1948.

vintage drive in theatre image people on swings 1948
Source: Vintage Everyday

Snuggle up close to the one you love. 1949, LA.

drive in movie theatre 1949 LA vintage image
Source: Tumblr


Question time! Do you have a drive-in theater near you? If so is it a vintage one, or more modern? Any good memories to share of your time at the Drive-In? Share in the comments below.


10 comments on “Vintage Photo Tuesday: The Drive-In Movie Theatre”

  1. SO much fun when I was a kid. At my hometown driven in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, there was a playground beside the screen so the kids could play until the movie started. The PA system would give a five-minute warning so the kids could scramble back to their cars in time.

  2. Oh, I wish we had drive-in movie theatres over here. There was the odd one in the UK in the 1950s/60s but they didn’t last. I think the problem is the weather is so unpredictable here, so you could go to see a film at it would be lovely and warm and then half an hour later it would raining and freezing cold! Oh the joys of British weather! xx

  3. I love love love this post. I absolutely adore drive inns but havent been to one since i was a kid since the closest one to our current home is over an hour a way too far to travel for a movie they must bring these back

    • I’m still super surprised by this! If you ever come over to North America make sure you try and get to one. You will need to rent a car though or know someone who does. I have a car! Come visit Toronto 🙂

  4. Anyone of a certain age who lived east of Toronto will remember the Teepee Drive-in and the Bay Ridges Drive-in in the Pickering area. I remember playing on the swings before the show started while overhead on the big screen there were marching cartoon hot dogs twirling batons and extolling the delicious greasy goodness of the snack bar. Then a race back through the dark to the car where Dad would crank the window up after hooking on the metal speaker and- tah dah!- the movie would begin.

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