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Book Review-‘Dig That Beat! Interviews with Musicians at the Root of Rock ‘n’ Roll’

Hi everyone and welcome to my first book review! I’m very excited about this because it’s for a book that is an area of subject that I enjoy..Rockabilly Music.

I was contacted by the author Sheree Homer to see if I would mind doing a read over and review of her book ‘Dig that Beat! Interviews with Musicians at the Root of Rock ‘n’ Roll‘. I quickly jumped at the chance and after a bit of slow start due to my work schedule I was finally able to sit down and read this fantastic book.

Dig That Beat!: Interviews with Musicians at the Root of Rock 'n' Roll

About the Author:

Sheree Homer was born and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin. During her formative years, her mother introduced her to rock and roll, thanks to her impressive 45 rpm record collection. Sheree became a fan of Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Bill Haley, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis. She discovered rockabilly music and its artists in 2001. A year later, she attended her first rockabilly festivals, the Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans, Louisiana and the Rockin’ 50’s Fest in Green Bay, Wisconsin. After the spectacular Stomp and graduation from the University of Wisconsin- Parkside with a degree in writing, she decided to start her own rockabilly magazine. She desired to give recognition to the forgotten foot soldiers of rock and roll. Eight issues followed. In 2006, she began writing for the largest rockabilly/roots magazine in the country, Blue Suede News. Catch That Rockabilly Fever: Stories of Life on the Road and in the Studio is her first book (Source).

Dig that Beat Overview: 

Disc jockey Alan Freed coined the term “rock and roll” in the 1950s. Rooted in rockabilly, rhythm and blues, country and western, gospel, and pop, the genre was popularized by performers like Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis. Rock and roll’s originators and revivalists continue to entertain crowds at roots music festivals worldwide. This book presents stories about performers’ lives on the road and in the studio, along with the stories behind popular songs. Informative biographical profiles are provided.

Foreword written by Smilin’ Jay McDowell. Thirty-nine artists are profiled: Buck Owens and his Buckaroos, Rusty York, Bobby Crown, Sleepy LaBeef, Eddie Bond, Miss Mary Ann, Lil’ Esther, Mars Attacks, Dale Hawkins, James Intveld, Rosie Flores, Janis Martin, Conway Twitty, Billy Swan, Leroy Van Dyke, Vernon Taylor, Andy Anderson, Alton and Jimmy, Eddie Angel, The Paladins, Ronnie Mack, Ray Campi, Big Jay McNeely, The Orlons, Clyde Stacy, Al Ferrier, Don Woody, Alvis Wayne, Glenn Honeycutt, Ace Cannon, Dodie Stevens, Robin Luke, Carl Dobkins, Jr., Jimmy Sutton’s Four Charms, Jai Malano, Jerry King and the Rivertown Ramblers, Billy Hancock, Junior Marvel, and Jack Baymoore.

Rockabilly Artists

My Review:

As a blogger who enjoys a good piece of vintage history, you can’t get any better than this book, especially if you are interested in the roots of Rock n Roll. Each section is like a mini detailed biography of each artist featured in the book and you literally FEEL like you are living in the moment being described.

Some I knew and some I will be honest I never heard of till this book and now I’m richer in knowledge for reading it. It was also really cool to see how the rockabilly/rock n roll world seemed to become smaller and smaller as you read each bio and discovered that Buddy Holly was friends with Dale Hawkins and Dale was friends with Eddie Cochran etc etc. Cool tidbits like that.

Sheree also does a great job of bringing you bios of the artists from the early days right thru to musicians of today, so that you can get a real idea of how the music is evolving and growing. Some of the modern day artists featured were: Jai Malano and Lil’ Esther ( to name a few).

I actually had the pleasure of hearing Jai Malano, at VIVA a little while back with her band at the time ‘The Royal Rhythmaires’. If you want to hear a powerful voice, then you need to listen to Jai..WOW! My friend and I were in the back of the room and could not see the band come on and then all of a sudden we heard this voice that was a mix of the Blues and Soul and it instantly captivated us. We never left the dance floor that night and that record with Jai on it, is on repeat in my car.

Jai Malano

One of my favorite sections was on Janis Martin who I have been plugging away on a blog post for a while now (I just ADORE Her). The details on her career were just marvelous and made me appreciate her music even more than I already did. There is just something about getting an insight look into their lives/careers that really changes how you listen to the music.

Janis Martin the Female Elvis

In the end, I 100% recommend this book as it was engaging, informative and darn right interesting. If you love Rockabilly and Rock N Roll history (or just a lover of music) then pick this book up today. AND as a special bonus at the end of the book, Sheree has painstakingly put together a selected Discography of the artists featured, so you don’t have to try to figure out what music each artist played, it is already done for you. Fantastic!

Where to buy?

Happy reading!

Liz 🙂

My 7 favorite Vintage Online Reads & Videos This Month

For the last couple of weeks, I have been reading and seeing some really great posts & videos on many different vintage topics. Some of them were so interesting that I thought I would share the Top 7 with you.

1940s Image of a woman vintage

1. I’m going to begin with a real Canadian issue: The Weather.

Here in Canada we have a great show called ‘This Hour has 22 minutes‘ (now called ’22 minutes’) and it’s a comedy show that focuses on Canadian politics, combining news parody, sketch comedy and satirical editorials. It’s really funny and I have enjoyed their skits over the years. Recently they added a parody to the 100 years of Beauty video that has been making it’s rounds, with a VERY Canadian version. Take a look (click on image to see video)

22 minutes 100 years of canadian beauty

2. Pembroke, Ontario, a local business entrepreneur, Lawrence Freiman has just opened an exciting new store that everyone in town is talking about…..

Online Shopping in the 1950s‘ by MessyNessychic

1950s vintage image of is-O-Matic department store

3. ‘How to get a 1930s Look without spending a fortune‘ by Vintage Gal

This post made me over the moon with excitement, because I love 1930s style (especially those wide legged pants) but really don’t have any pieces in my closet due to the cost. WELL those days are possibly over thanks to the Vintage Gal. Check out her post on some great tips.

How to get a 1930s look without spending a fortune

4. The big VIVA Rockabilly weekender is almost upon us (APRIL!!) and Jessica from Chronically Vintage did a super post on ‘25 Fabulous Vintage Fashions Finds for VIVA‘. Happy Shopping!

Vegas sign brooch

5. Need a little Vintage music inspiration? Then look no further then ‘The Glamorous Housewife” blog post on just that, ‘A Vintage Inspired Musical Journey‘. She has featured 5 fantastic artists, including Toronto’s favorite ‘Alex Pangman‘ who plays for the Lindy Hop scene and Jazz lovers alike on a regular basis.

vintage-inspired-music by the glamorous housewife

6. As Black History Month is winding down, I wanted to share a very important piece of Canadian History. The story of Viola Desmond, an entrepreneur who challenged segregation in Nova Scotia in the 1940s.

7. And then to end this post, lets end it with the most heart warming moment of this month…..71 Years Later, WWII Vet Reunites with Wartime Girlfriend in Australia.

World War II vintage image of a couple
Source: Peoples


I hope you enjoyed some of these vintage goodies, as much as I did (Isn’t that last one just so wonderful??).

Question Time: Did you find some cool reads or videos this month that you would like to share? If so post in the comments below.

Have a great weekend friends.

Liz 🙂




10 Awesome Christmas Kitschy Craft Ideas

So I have decided that this year for the Holiday’s I’m going to try to be more crafty. I want to fill my home and my life with things I have made, even if they look like they were created by a 2-year-old (I seriously am terrible with the technical side of things). I will try though and maybe even post some of my ventures here or on Instagram…maybe (see note above lol).

1950s image of a girl drawing

Lets get Crafty!

1. How to make a Felt Holly Corsage by Martha Stewart. I love this idea and it would be perfect for the Toronto Vintage Society Kitschmas Party.

Felt Holy Pin-Martha Stewart
Source: Martha Stewart

2. How to make Winter Village Jars/or Kitschy Christmas Scenes.

My friend Jacquie created these last year and I am madly in love with them and would love to recreate one for myself. Unfortunately this year I dropped the ball on it as I have no vintage Christmas decor to use, but I will start collecting for next year.

Make-Snow-Village-Jars (1)
Source: eclecticallyvintage

3. Here is another one: ‘Car in Jar Snow Globe‘.

Source: It all started with paint

4. Pastel Christmas Bottlebrush Trees by Saturday Finds

pink bottlebrush trees
Source: Saturday Finds

5 & 6. Another Bottlebrush Tree Craft idea PLUS Snowfall Garland & Snowball Lights (love this!) by Mod Vintage Life.

snowfall garland craft
Source: Mod Vintage Life
snowball_lights craft
Source: Mod Vintage Life

7. Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath by Retro Renovation

Kitshy Ornament Wreath
Source: Retro Renovation

8. Festive Felt Trees by Allsorts Makery. I love how colourful these are.

Festive Felt Trees

9. Christmas Garland by Creative Breathing-This one has multiple steps but I was really intrigued with just one part, the skate pictured below.

felt skate ornament
Source: Creative Breathing

Here is the full garland if you are feeling really crafty.

Holiday Vintage Felt Garland
Source: Creative Breathing

10. Now this is cool! Twinkle Lights Shadow Box by The Glamorous Housewife


Lastly, Fellow blogger Brittany at Va-Voom Vintage has actually written an E-Book on Kitschmas Crafting which you can purchase HERE. Fantastic! More Kitschmas Crafting for everyone!!

kitschmas crafting with va voom vintage retro christmas crafts tutorials ebook

So I have been thinking…can someone make all of these for me instead? lol! Happy Crafting..everyone else.

Liz 🙂


Halloween-The Vintage Roundup Party!

Nobody can avoid the fact that this Saturday is Halloween! How fun! I love this holiday as I know many of you do as well. My husband and I are going out with some friends to a party and I can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing (follow me on Instagram to see what my costume is this year).

For today’s post, I decided to do a post with a mishmash of Halloween “things” to get you in the spirit of the day and maybe possibly help you out with last-minute ideas on whatever you’re looking for.

Let the Halloween Roundup Party Begin!

halloween hollywood reveler, carol winter, 1940
Source: vickielester


First up, every vintage Halloween loving gal (or guy) needs a broom brooch. This is not yet a pin but with one quick fix that can change.

2 vintage witches brooms 1950s Halloween
Source: Etsy-ifoundgallery

Brooms not your thing. How about black cats with hats?

1950s vintage halloween brooch
1950s Brooch. Source: Etsy-greencat00

Everywhere you look Halloween advertising is all around you, here is a small selection of some vintage ones I found.

(p.s. last year I did a post on vintage Halloween candy advertising HERE).

Hanes Stocking Nylons vintage halloween ad 1946

vintage 1950s shoe ad halloween
Source: Pinterest

Spunlo ad 1950s halloween

Vintage Halloween Cards. Do you send Halloween cards to friends and family? I know I don’t and I don’t believe I have ever received one either.

1945 halloween card
1940s Card. Source: Flickr-Allison Marchant

How cute is this card? NOW I want to send one to my friends.

1950s vintage halloween card
Source: Pinterest

And one more.

1950s halloween vintage greeting card
Source: Pinterest

Leave it up to the Saturday Evening Post to give you the warm and fuzzies, even during the scariest time of the year.

Halloween Saturday Evening Post 1934
Source: flickr-Paul Malon

I really wish the below pamphlet was intact as I would have loved to have heard the suggestions on how to run a successful 1946 Halloween party.

1940s front cover image of pamphlet for how to run a halloween party
Source: forces of geek

Here is a fantastic image from the 1940s on what could be found in a store around Halloween to help decorate for your party. Not too much has changed has it?

1940s Halloween party store image
Source: Archive Photos on Getty Images

Looking for that perfect vintage item for you Halloween party today? How about this 1950’s Paper Jack O Lantern that is double-faced and can shine from either side. COOL!

1950's Paper Jack O Lantern - Vintage Slot & Tab Pumpkin Die Cut Decoration by Dolly Toy Co.
Source: Etsy-RyokosVintiques
1950's Paper Jack O Lantern
Source: Etsy-RyokosVintiques

Need some Halloween Costume ideas? Inspiration from 1924.

1924 Halloween costume ideas
Source: Witness 2 Fashion Blog

In the 1930s you could have gone as a Gypsy. Still a great option even for today.

1930s gypsy costume pattern
Source: Flickr-Allison Marchant

I just adore all of these Spanish style costume ideas from the 1940s.

1940s spanish halloween costume pattern
Source: Pinterest

And of course you cannot expect Liz the lover of Vintage images to not share a couple of gems I found, so here they are (they are good ones).

1950s halloween vintage image
Source: fishki

Winner for the best pumpkin…THIS FAMILY!

vintage halloween party image

And with that image we have come to the end of the Halloween Roundup Party because I have to run off and finish my costume. Enjoy your Halloween friends!

But one last item..Question Time: Will you be going out for Halloween? And if so as what?

Halloween Vintage Inn
Mini collage of some of the Halloweens gone by

Liz 🙂

My Favorite Vintage Pins on Pinterest-September/October Edition

Where did September go? Apparently gone in a flash and October is going just as fast…slow down please! Or maybe I need to slow down?? Either way it’s the middle of October and I realized that I did not do my roundup of my favorite “Pins” on Pinterest for September and since I’m here I might as well do October as well.

Lets take a peak at all the goodies I have been saving to my boards lately…

1920s vintage image
Source: Flickr-State Library of New South Wales


When I saw this picture I just KNEW I had to preserve it for forever on my ‘Awesome Vintage Pictures‘ board. I mean seriously…how do you not smile when you see this couple?

About the Picture: My grandmother Eileen and her husband Nick (Edwin J. Nickel) at the Mather home in Santa Ana, November 22, 1956

Thanksgiving 1956
Source: Flickr-Kent Kanouse

Hello Vintage McDreamy! What a handsome sailor during WW2.

1940s WW2 Soldier Image
Source: Flickr-Christian Montone

Sequined stockings with bowknots-1949! I will take 10 pairs please!

Sequined stockings with bowknots 1949

I don’t think this photo shoot went as planned for these 3 lovely ladies. Such a fun photo and I’m sure after it happened they must have laughed and laughed about it.

1940s vintage image

I am by no means an expert on vintage hairstyles. I have like 2 or 3 styles I do well and then the rest is wishful thinking BUT that does not stop me from posting lots of wonderful styles and images to Pinterest to help me dream of WHAT I might be able to do one day. Here is a couple of droll worthy styles.

vintage 1930s hairstyle
1930s Vintage Hairstyle

I would love to do even part of this for next years VIVA. How fun is this 50s Rockabilly style?

1950s Rockabilly Hair

I also pinned a few fun vintage advertising pieces this last month and half.

Can I just wake up with her hairstyle? Please?!

vintage ovaltine ad

Imagine that, 3 phones in one house! Times have changed, haven’t they?

1950s telephone ad
Source: Flickr-Shandeh

The tagline is funny: “Balbriggan Pajamas-To warm up your night life”. Today’s “Night Life” is a bit different then the night life in this ad, very different.

1950s vintage advertising ad
Source: Flickr-sallyedelstein

And of course if you at all follow my blog on a regular basis you know that I love my vintage clothing so of course I added many many outfits to my board “My Vintage Style“. Here are a few of my favorites:

1940s Vintage Rayon Dress: I would have taken a rib or two out to have been able to wear this dress. Stunning.

1940s vintage dress
Source: Ebay

Even though I’m not sure if I can pull off yellow, that did not stop me from admiring how absolutely fantastic this 1940s evening gown is.

1940s vintage evening gown
Source: Fab Gabs

The pop of green on this 1940s gown is the best!

1940s vintage evening dress

I am currently debating on doing a total apartment overhaul as I’m just tired of the same old same old in my place (ssshh don’t tell my husband), so I have been saving ideas for how to turn my tiny apartment into a mid-century dream. Here are some of the items I would love to have in my apartment.

Kidney Table - Tripod - Formica - Mint - Mid Century
Kidney Table-perfect size for my tiny apartment

How fun are these 1950s Guitar Shadowboxes?

1950s guitar shadowboxes

These mid-century teak switch plates would 100% turn my boring standard apartment plates into works of art!

1950s mid century switch plate covers

Lastly, this “Potting shed” is about the size of my apartment so I will just copy this design and be done with it 🙂

1950s style retro potting shed

And there are some of the highlights! I hope you enjoyed taking a peak into things that catch my fancy and if have some fun images you want to share with me, please do! Have a super day and happy pinning 🙂


Oktoberfest Is Here Again-Vintage German Hat Pins

Oktoberfest in Munich officially starts Sept 19th (yes it’s NOT in October!) and one of the main accessories you will see on many of the revelers heads is the ‘Tyrolean Hat/Alpine Hat’ (seen below) with an assortment of distinguishing hat pins (these can be of anything).

germany oktoberfest hat pins

These pins I love and have been collecting various ones from German functions I have been to for a few years. Below is one of my vintage favorites from Kitchener. Ontario Oktoberfest (biggest Oktoberfest outside of Munich). Now I don’t wear mine on a hat but I display them on my Dirndl (I have to rotate them out as I have a good selection).

For today’s post I wanted to share some lovely vintage kitschy and fantastic hat pins that are available for purchase. Enjoy!

oktoberfest hat pins vintage

Bad Harzburg Bergbahn Cable Car Pin. Many pins you will see on hats are “souvenir pins” of different towns/cities in Germany.

German Travel Souvenir Hat Pin Bad Harzburg Bergbahn Cable Car
Source: Ebay

Edelweiss is big on these pins (for obvious reasons) and you will see them all the time in various forms.

German Travel Souvenir Hat Pin Oktoberfest Edelweiss Alpine Flowers Rope
Source: Ebay

There is a great vendor on Etsy called “My Beautiful Bavaria” that has a stunning collection of pins, like this vintage 1950s Celluloid Doll Baby German Pin.

Info on the pin:

The hatpin is from a wine region near the Rhine River; Altenahr is situated between Bonn and Koblenz. The little girl doll is standing against a background of grapes, and a yellow wine glass and orange wine bottle dangle beneath the main portion of the pin. This was likely a souvenir from a 1950s era European vacation.

German vintage oktoberfest pin
Source: Etsy-My Beautiful Bavaria

Do you love owls? Here is another vintage darling from the same shop.

1960s vintage owl hat pin
Source: Etsy-My Beautiful Bavaria

A large windmill (the Alt Weibermühle) and a Donkey make this Hat Pin very unique.

vintage german souvenir brooch hat pin
Source: Etsy-My Beautiful Bavaria

Doggie Paddle! Vintage 1940s/1950s Hat Pin from Steinhuder Meer, Germany.

Dog in Canoe Germany Nautical Travel Souvenir Pinback Hat Pins Collectible Brooch Hatpins
Source: Etsy-My Beautiful Bavaria

Vintage 1950s Bavarian dancers. CUTE!

Vintage German hat pin with bavarian dancers
Source: Etsy-GLOWUP

Who can say no to a parrot for your hat (or maybe to wear as a brooch for Novelty Brooch Friday)?

vintage german hat pin
Source: Ebay

Wine, grapes and a wine glass makes for the perfect hat pin for me (I adore wine as much as I adore beer).

German vintage hat pin with wine
Source: Ebay

Lastly I will end this post with this Alpine Hat with its own wonderful collection of pins, going as far back as 1968.

Bavarian German Hat with pins
Source: Etsy-JansVintageStuff

Hope you enjoyed browsing the world of German Hat Pins and maybe found 1 or 2 you would like for yourself to start your own collection or maybe you have a collection started already. If you do please share in the comment section below or email me at ‘’.

Happy Oktoberfest season!



Lets Play Ball! The All-American Girls’ Professional Baseball League

Right now in Toronto everyone in the city is riding this awesome Baseball high because our team the Toronto Blues Jays are finally doing really really well (I hope I am not jinxing them) and the whole city is just buzzing with excitement. It’s pretty fun time to be in Toronto right now.

On a vintage level, baseball has been around for 100’s of years. For women’s baseball it has been around just as long but came to the forefront in 1943 with the formation of  The All-American Girls’ Professional Baseball League which lasted from 1943 to 1954 and was created to keep the game going while the men were at war. The league even had my fellow Canadian ladies on their teams.

All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
Source: Pinterest

Now for today’s post I wanted to post a bunch of fun vintage images & history notes of the lovely ladies of AAGPBL. Lets Play Ball!

all american girls profesionall baseball league official poster
Source: in their own league

As you might have noticed from the photo above, the league was originally using a different name in 1943. By the time the second season began in 1944, the name of the league had been officially renamed the All-American Girls Professional Ball League (source).

The creator of the league was Mister Bubblegum himself…Philip K Wrigley.

Philip K. Wrigley
Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

The Teams -Here is a small sampling.

Racine Bells Women's Baseball 1947
Source: Pinterest
Grand Rapids chicks Women's Baseball 1953
Source: Pinterest
The Muskegon Lassies
Source: snipview
rockford Peaches program
source: pinterest

The Uniforms-They were designed to provide mobility on the field without compromising the athletes’ feminine appearance (mandatory for them on and off the field). Unfortunately though the uniforms were not appropriate for the game and many painful injury’s were to be had.

Uniforms from the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
Source: Flickriver
All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
Source: All that is interesting

Charm School & Beauty routines As mentioned above, the league wanted the women to retain their femininity on the field and off the field so that meant Charm School and Beauty Routines.

Dorothy [″Dottie″] Schroeder
Dorothy [″Dottie″] Schroeder – She inspired the character in “A League of Their Own”, catcher Dottie Hinson.
 Here is a sampling of what they were expected to do.

Beauty Kit-“Your ALL-AMERICAN GIRLS BASEBALL LEAGUE BEAUTY KIT Should always contain the following (source):

  • Cleansing Cream
  • Lipstick
  • Rouge ­ Medium
  • Cream Deodorant
  • Mild Astringent
  • Face powder for Brunette
  • Hand Lotion
  • Hair Remover

Other Highlights:

Hair– “Woman’s Crowning Glory”. One of the most noticeable attributes of a girl is her hair, woman’s crowning glory. No matter the features, the clothes, the inner charm or personality, they can all suffer beneath a sloppy or stringy coiffure. Neither is it necessary to feature a fancy or extravagant hairdo, because a daily program for the hair will help to keep it in healthful and attractive condition.

Mouth– Every woman wants to have an attractive and pleasing mouth. As you speak, people watch your mouth and you can do much, with a few of the very simplest tools, to make your mouth invitingly bespeak your personality.

Clothes– Clothes, of course, have always been one of woman’s great problems and it might seem so to the All-American girl. However, with the exercising of good taste, the All-­American Girls Baseball League player can solve her problem in a tasteful manner and without great expense, without being encumbered with too great a wardrobe for the summer months. The accent, of course, is on neatness and feminine appeal.

EtiquetteIN PUBLIC PLACES. The All-American girl should avoid behavior that would make her conspicuous in public. One of the cardinal rules is not to talk too loudly.

Public Relations. Choose your new-found friends carefully and well and when you participate in the social life of the community, always act and behave in good taste. If you are gracious, ladylike, friendly and cooperative, you will have the opportunity of choosing your own friends.

league of their own charm school
League of their own charm school

**For a more detailed breakdown on all the beauty routines they had to do, please visit the AAGPBL site HERE.**

all american girls profesionall baseball league
Source: Florida Memory

Last but not least, we cannot forgot the “Victory Song” made famous in the Movie “League of their Own”.

Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia

I hope you enjoyed this brief history lesson on these wonderful women of baseball.

All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

Liz 🙂

Mad Men Auction-My 15 Favorite Items Up For Grabs

Did you hear that there is going to be a Mad Men Auction of many of the items that were on the show (vintage and replicas)?

mad men

Starting in 2 days (Friday July 31st), you can bid on items that you might not even had known were on the show as they were part of the sets, or on the feet of your favorite cast members, like Betty’s gorgeous shoes seen here.

man men betty fashion
Source: Screenbid

Therefore for today’s blog, I thought I would like to share with you some of the items that I like and would consider bidding on (if I had spare cash lying around). Then at the end I would love to hear what you might want to bid (or dream of bidding on).

Lets go shopping!

Item # 1: Vintage Chatty Cathy doll, with the doll inside and the comic book as well. So cute!

vintage chatty Cathy doll
Source: Screen Bid

Item # 2: Trader Vic’s Vintage Cocktail Set. I love Tiki and this would be perfect add-on to my ever-growing collection (might have to seriously consider this one).

trader Vic cocktail set
Source: Screenbid

Item # 3: Playboy Club Cocktail Glasses,Swizzle Sticks and Napkins. This is perfect for one’s vintage bar.

Playboy Club Cocktail set
Source: Screenbid

Item # 4: Pete’s Wooden Carved Wall Hangs. This pair of diamond-shaped wall art feature an African man and woman, and were hanging on the wall in Pete’s bedroom. 


vintage wooden carved images
Source: Screenbid

Item # 5: Stork Club Napkins, Matches, Ashtray. Items are from New York’s long-departed Stork Club, featured in the season two episode “The Gold Violin.”

Stork Club Napkins, Matches New York
Source: Screenbid

Item # 6: “While You Were Out” Messages signed by Megan. Before Megan was Don’s girl she was his secretary. Here we have more than 20 hand-written “While You Were Out” messages for Don from Megan, listing various missed calls.

Details like these messages are one of the reasons Mad Men was so amazing because even the small details were considered.

Mad men while you were out notes
Source: Screenbid

Item # 7: Don’s Magazine Rack. This small metal magazine rack has a wooden handle and could be spotted in Don’s apartment in the fourth season.

I love vintage magazine racks and this one is wonderful.

vintage magazine rack
Source: Screenbid

Item # 8: Pete’s Tan Knit Polo and Green Cardigan. This vintage Pennleigh orlon acrylic green cardigan sweater and vintage Thane Tycora tan knit polo with brown lines belonged to Pete Campbell.

vintage sweater
Source: Screenbid

Item # 9: Joan’s Orange Chairs. These simple yet elegant wooden chairs have faded orange cushions and were in Joan’s apartment (and would look great in MY apartment).

vintage midcentury modern chairs
Source: Screenbid

Item # 10: Peggy’s Business Card.  This business card belonged to none other than Peggy Olson, and lists her as creative director with Phillips-Olson Advertising. It’s similar to the one Herman Phillips sent Peggy as a birthday present in the seventh episode of season four.

Peggy was my favorite character, hands down on Mad Men and I would love to own this business card.

peggy olson business cards, mad men
Source: Screenbid

Item # 11: Betty’s Carry-On Makeup Case. This vintage hard-shelled, blue Monarch-branded carry-on makeup case features a chain charm around the handle, a mirror on the inside of the lid, and a removable plastic case inside. It belonged to Betty Draper.

You would look just fantastic carrying this thru the airport, turning heads with every step.

vintage monarch travel case
Source: Screenbid

Item # 12: Joan’s White Hat Box. In Joan’s apartment you may have spotted this large white hat box. Open it up to discover its lined with pretty red roses.

vintage hat box
Source: Screenbid

Item # 13: SC&P Orange Chair. If you watched the show, you saw this chair a lot as it was a fixture of Don’s office at Sterling Cooper and Partners.

vintage 1960s chair
Source: Screenbid

Item # 14: Royal Hawaiian Hotel key, Brochure, Ashtray and Matches.

Royal Hawaiian Hotel key, Brochure, Ashtray and Matches
Source: Screenbid

Item # 15: Peggy’s Today Schedule with Notes, Scissors and Ruler. Want to know a day in the life of Peggy Olson … and the attention to detail the props department gave to “Mad Men”? Take a look at this bound “Today” scheduler, with Peggy’s appointments, messages, things to do and memos, all on separate notepads. Also comes with a vintage scissors and metal ruler kit.

mad men notebook
Source: Screenbid


And there you have some of my favorite (but honestly I could have shared about 30 more). Now your turn, what is your favorite items up for bid?

Liz 🙂






“Very Inspiring Blogger Award”-A Little Bit Of Fun Facts About Me


(Note: This Saturday I have a fun book give-way happening and guest blog post by the author of “Birds Eye View” so make sure you pop by again on Nov 8th.)

It is with great “Fun honour” that I hereby accept this award given to me by the “Toronto Vintage Society“. Thank you dear TVS you are truly a wonderful and fun society that I LOVE being part of 🙂

Now upon receiving this “just for fun” blog award, I must now share seven random facts about myself and then share the love with other bloggers that inspire me.

Here we go!

Random Fact # 1:

My father was born in Germany and because of this I’m heavily involved in German Karneval.

Karneval in Germany
Traditional German Garde Girl-Funkemariechen

What is German Karneval you ask? Well basically it’s like Mardi Gras but instead of just one day or week it runs for several months, November 11th till Rose Monday in March. In Germany it is celebrated in the Rhineland (several areas of Western Germany along the Middle and Lower Rhine) and is a time of much merriment (and lots and lots of parties). They even have Prince and Princess of Karneval (I was once a Princess,years ago)!

I also German danced in a Karneval group since the age of 6 and stopped after 16 years when I moved away from home (fun fact: my mom danced in a Karneval troupe as well and that is how she met my dad). Here is an example of the kind of dancing I did called “Garde Dancing”. This video is from Germany and this group is outstanding!

Random Fact # 2:

I’m not actually a blonde…natural Brunette. sssshhhhhh 🙂 I have been a Blonde for gosh…14 years I believe and I don’t think that will change anytime soon.

The Vintage Inn Blog
My Grade 12 Prom-1995

Random Fact # 3: 

I can’t ride a bike without crashing into things. I’m like bambi on 2 wheels when I get on one. So I let my bike collect dust in our garage.

1930s woman on bike
I wish I looked this cute on a bike-Getty Image

Random Fact # 4:

I have being watching the same Soap Opera “General Hospital” for around 20 years. I have very rarely ever missed an episode (thanks goodness for PVR) and have even gotten my husband a tiny bit into “my stories”.

General Hospital 1963

Random Fact # 5:  

I have a degree in Fashion Marketing from Ryerson University but I work as Marketing Coordinator at an IT company. Super far away from the fashion world (thank goodness for my vintage blog).

1953 vintage girl working at a desk

Random Fact # 6: 

I own probably around 40 pairs of shoes and every week I wear the same ones. Why? I live in such a small apartment that my shoes are packed away nicely (to make room for other items) and it’s too much of a bother to search for what I want. One day they will have their time to shine…one day!

1950's vintage shoes

Random Fact # 7

I went thru a stage while in High School where I listened to nothing but the music of Metallica. Yes for about 5 mins of my life, this 1940s loving gal was obsessed with Heavy Metal.


And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed learning a few fun facts about dear old Liz of the Vintage Inn.

Onto the Other Blogger Nominations….

Now should blog awards not exactly be your favourite cup of tea (or if you’ve already received this one before and have no desire to post a “round two” of your own), fear not, you’re under zero obligation to play along. These kinds of posts are intended to be nothing but lighthearted fun, and should they not feel that way to you, by all means bow out of taking part in this one. I think blog awards are fun and a great way to find out a bit more about the blogs you adore but I understand not everyone loves them.

If though, you would like to take part, then all you have to is whip up a post of your own about receiving The Very Inspiring Blogger Award in which you link back to this post, share seven random facts about yourself, and bestow the award on folks whose sites you find to be a continual source of inspiration.

Have a wonderful day friends!


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