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The Vintage Inn is on Vacation


Hi Friends! I just wanted to let you know that my blog is on pause for the next 2 weeks while I enjoy some time with my visiting nephew and then I’m off to Las Vegas with my mom for 5 days (Wooo Hoo!). You can follow my adventures as usual on Instagram.

I will be back with a ‘Vintage Photo Tuesday: The Drive-In Movie Theatre’ on August 1st.

Have a great couple of weeks friends and we will chat soon (P.S. feel free to drop me a line I will be responding to comments and emails).


1960s mature women wearing leis hawaiian vacation vintage image
Source: Pinterest


My Vintage Finds from “Jack Lux Vintage”-Toronto’s New Pop Up Vintage Store

Recently Toronto was blessed with a temporary new vintage store called “Jack Lux Vintage” a Toronto pop-up (536 Queen St. West) that is only here for a short 3 months or so (started July 23rd, 2014).

JackLux Vintage Clothing store Toronto


About the Store:

The store has one of the largest vintage collections in Canada much of which was acquired from Centre National du Costume (2005) which was a costuming trust established by the Quebec Government to curate and identify a wide-ranging (1920’s – 1990’s) and diverse vintage collection to be used by all the filmmakers and production houses that were shooting in the province of Quebec.  When the government’s changed — the organization was dismantled and JackLux was able to acquire the vast collection — which at last count included more than 200, 000 items of men, women and children’s apparel and accessories.

They have now brought those vintage pieces to Toronto and are selling them at low low prices of $20, $30, $40 and some a bit higher (with new pieces coming in all the time). Many of the vintage clothes need a bit of love to make them look new again and some just need to find the right buyer who is okay with some wear and tear that is unfix-able. But honestly who is going to complain with a $30, 1940s dress in their hands??? NOT ME!

Toronto Vintage Clothing Store
Inside the store

The store has gotten the vintage community here in Toronto very excited and I know many of my friends have already made several purchases since it first opened. I personally have already been to the store multiple times and have walked away with several wonderful 1940’s and 50’s dresses (which you will see below).  Also if you are not a fan of the 40s and 50s like me, there are plenty of clothes from the 1960’s up to the 1990’s to fit anyones vintage shopping needs. And Guys…they have a whole section for you of coats, suit jackets, shirts, pants and shoes so you too need to stop by too. Looking for a Halloween costume? How about some adorable vintage clothes for your little kids? Jack Lux has got you covered. The back room of the store has a section for kids and a section of costumes like a medieval dress..or 2. Oh! there is also plus sizes! I have found several dresses for the beautiful plus size figure.

Now without further adieu lets take a look at my recent visit to the store and the vintage dresses I have now added to my collection.

JackLux Vintage clothing store Toronto
Clothes all the way to ceiling!
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
Tie’s and racks and racks of clothing

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
Pretty Skirts with pretty prices 🙂
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
So many hats from the 40s all the way up to the 90s (large number are late 50’s and early 60s)
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
I really like the yellow hat with the bow in the middle of these hats
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
Lots of Men’s Jackets and even some dinner jackets
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
Adorable Children’s Vintage Clothes

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
So many shoes and right into large sizes
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
They also have Capes. Sherlock Holmes look anyone?
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
1950s dresses with marvelous prints and buttons
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
Beautiful 1940s dresses with amazing details
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
Men’s shirts with totally cool patterns

Now what I have gotten at Jack Lux (I’m not a model so excuse the bad photos lol):

Dress from JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
My First Dress: Super pretty 1940s swing dress. Can’t WAIT to take this out onto the dance floor
1940s Vintage Dress from JackLux Vintage Toronto
1940s Dress-The Green is much more vivid in real life and there is a bit of fading but still beautiful
1940's Vintage Dress JackLux Vintage
Super Serious me IN My FAVORITE dress! 1940s dress with very little flaws (minor).
1950s Dress from JackLux Vintage Toronto
1950’s Vintage Shirt Waist Dress. Will be so great for Fall

And there is what I bought my friends.

REMINDER! Jack Lux is only here a short time and they are bringing in new pieces all the time so make sure you hit up the store as many times as you can to stock up your vintage collection because before you know will be gone and so will those amazing prices!

Happy Shopping! If you have gone shopping there, would love to know what you bought. Let me know!

P.S. In around August 29th, the Vintage Inn will have 2 Mannequins on display in the front window with outfits I picked from the store, stop on by and check them out.

Liz 🙂

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

My 1940’s/50s Vintage Style-Pinterest Posts of the Week

Pinterest. I know lots of bloggers do this kind of post but I will be honest it’s a favorite read of mine. I LOVE seeing what others are pinning on their boards and gathering ideas for my home, vintage style etc. So with that, I thought I would do a post this week of some of my favorite vintage clothing items found online that I have pinned on my Pinterest board “My Vintage Style“.


First up to start the vintage parade is this STUNNING 1940’s Vintage Silk-Rayon Couture Asymmetric Peplum-Wiggle Cocktail Dress.

This dress is so me, I cry a little bit knowing it could never be mine (price, size and now sold).

1940s cocktail dress
Source Etsy-No Longer Available

What drew my eye to this 1940’s Rayon Gown was the red & black bird sequin detail. Isn’t it just a wonderful conversation starter??

1940s Rayon Dress
For Sale on Etsy-dethrosevintage

Who does not love a little Carmen Miranda in their lives?? This dress would be so wonderful to wear on an island vacation or maybe even to your next Tiki Party?

1950s vintage dress with applique
Source Etsy-No Longer Available

I stumbled upon this dress on Etsy while looking for something to wear to my friend’s wedding in Spain and boy am I glad I did! Wow! A 1950’s Circle Skirt with 3D Spanish Dancer Appliques by “Juli Lynne Charlot of California“. Absolutely amazing!

P.S. Stay tuned for a blog post on this designer, who just happened to be the creator of the poodle skirt!

 1950's Circle Skirt with 3D Spanish Dancer Appliques by "Juli Lynne Charlot of California"
For Sale on Etsy- Wear It Again

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect 1940’s Tailored Suit and this beauty fits all my requirements (expect for the part where it should fit me). The somewhat random (but not so random) orange/red lines throughout the suit is what really caught my attention. Adds something very different to what would have been just a plain BUT beautifully tailored suit.

1940s Tailored womans Suit
Source Etsy-No Longer Available

I would wear this 1950s day dress to work, grocery store, to dinner and to bed because I would never want to take it off…ever. Love! My favorite part of this dress is the lovely navy and white gingham accents. I’m a sucker for a good gingham.

1950s vintage Day Dress
For Sale on Etsy-Fashion Back Vintage

I don’t know if I can pull off a yellow dress  but that does not stop me from wanting and adoring this cute 1940s vintage summer dress. The flower detail on the pockets are just delightful!

1940s summer vintage day dress
Source Ebay-No Longer Available

GREEN! I love GREEN! I love THIS GREEN! Oh my, I’m fanning myself over here on how outstanding this Vintage 1940s Wool Felt dress is. If someone who reads my blog knows who purchased this please find them and tell the them to send me pictures of them looking all stylish and fantastic. Because seriously how could you not in this number?


Vintage 1940s Dress Green Wool Felt
Source Etsy-No Longer Available

Vintage 1950s Renee Marcil Full Skirt Cotton Dress. YES this dress exists somewhere in this world and yes it’s one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen in my life. I thought the green dress above was going to do me in, but nope! This will do it, please have someone pick me off the floor.

According to “Couture Allure” Renee Marcil was a Miami based designer who was born in France. She had a wonderful sense of style and designed and wore what she liked, not what fashion dictated. Her pieces are exceedingly rare and highly collectible today.

Yes I can see what her pieces are highly collectible…wow!

1950s Renee Marcil cotton dress
No longer for sale but description of item can be found at “Couture Allure” (click image)

That my friends is the Pinterest Fashion Parade for this week. If you enjoyed the images I posted and curious on what I post next, then follow my board seen below.

So what was your favorite piece from this post?

Liz 🙂


See Canada by Train-Vintage Advertising

Canada day is July 1st and to celebrate the beautiful country I so proudly live in, I wanted to take us on a vintage train ride through my country. Shall we grab our vintage train case and go?

1940s train ad
Source: / x-ray_delta_one

1940s Canadian Train Advertising

1946 Canadian Pacific train ad
Lets go visit the East Coast

Canadian Pacific Railway vintage ad

Canadian Pacific Railway vintage ad
More beautiful East Coast Advertising
1958 Canadian Pacific Railways Train Ad
1958 Ad. Source: Train Geek
Canadian Pacific Railway vintage ad
I just love the styling in this ad. Look at that hat?? Wow!

Canadian Pacific Railway vintage ad

Trans Canada Limited Vintage Train Ads

I hope you enjoyed our very quick trip from Coast to Coast today.

Have you ever taken the train to see parts of Canada? I know I want to and would love to hear your stories if you have.

Happy Canada Day!

Liz 🙂


On March 8th-Help bring “Bomb Girls” to Netflix

I have blogged many many times about my (now cancelled) favorite show”Bomb Girls” (Post # 1, Post # 2, Post # 3) because everything about the show was fantastic. Great story lines, Canadian content, awesome acting and even more amazing 1940’s styles. It was truly the perfect show for a vintage loving gal like myself (and my husband loved it too).

Bomb Girls

After it got cancelled for really unclear reasons, a website formed to help try to bring it back to air “Save Bomb Girls“. They have campaigned with direct mail campaigns, social media campaigns etc. etc. and I have participated in a few of the campaigns myself to help do my part. Now the next step is happening on March 8th with a push to try to get Netflix to pick it up.

Here is what you do…

Save Bomb Girls

Saturday March 8th is International Women’s Day. Wherever you are and whatever timezone, please make your voice heard! We’re having a mass tweet to @Netflix using the #SaveBombGirls hashtag to show how much we’d like Netflix to pick up the series for a third season.


Sign up to Tweetdeck or a similar service and schedule your tweet to go out on March 8th.


If you don’t have a twitter account but have Facebook, make your voice heard there instead by posting on this Netflix page on March 8th.


We know you’re not trying to be heroes, you’re just trying to live your life, but for the bravest among you please email the Netflix execs directly:


NEIL HUNT, Chief Product Officer

TED SARANDOS, Chief Content Officer

Whilst the main focus is the mass tweet to @Netflix on March 8th, we are encouraging all fans to pitch in via whatever medium you can. Do your part, share the graphic above and call other fans up for duty!


Lets do this ladies and Gents!

Save Bomb Girls

Liz 🙂

Vintage Vegas-Golden Nugget

I’m off to Las Vegas again for an event this weekend…yay! I’m only spending 3 nights in Vegas and then back to cold cold Canada I go. Got to save up those vacation days for VIVA Rockabilly weekend. While we are there we are staying at one of my favorite hotels, the “Golden Nugget“. I adore this hotel so very very much, it just screams old school Vegas. I also love Fremont Street that the hotel is on, so much fun to just wander from casino to casino, bar to bar exploring everything.

I thought for this post it might be fun to explore a bit about the Golden Nugget and see what we can unearth about one of my favorite hotels.

Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Brief History of the Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget was originally built-in 1946, making it one of the oldest casinos in the city. It was designed as a casino only as opposed to a combination casino and hotel. It’s original bullnose and signage was designed by Young Electric sign designers Kermit Wayne and Hermon Boernge. The 1905 on the sign (under the small Golden Nugget name) led many to believe that the Golden Nugget had been part of the original development of Fremont Street but that was a myth. Because of its bullnose and signage, the Golden Nugget became one of the most photographed buildings on Fremont Street. “Everyone knew the Golden Nugget sign” said the late president of the LVCVA, Manny Cortez (Source: Classic Las Vegas).

When the casino opened it was the largest and most luxurious casino in downtown Las Vegas. It had mahogany bars, imported marble floors and crystal chandeliers (seen below).

golden nugget ad

(Image source)

1950s Golden Nugget

Vintage Golden Nugget

In the 1960s more properties beside the Nugget were purchased but no expansion ever happened and it continued to remain as just a casino. That all changed though in the 70s when Steve Wynn purchased the casino and turned it into the hotel/casino we know it as today (note: it is no longer owned by Wynn and has gone thru some dramatic face-lifts but it’s still a hotel/casino and very beautiful inside).

Some fun facts about the Golden Nugget

  • In keeping with its name the Golden Nugget is home to the worlds largest gold nugget-“The hand of Faith” weighing 61 lbs., 11oz.

Hand of faith Golden Nugget

  • Frank Sinatra in 1984 at the twilight of his career performed at the Nuggets theater ballroom, a room that he actually inaugurated along with Willie Nelson. It was also rumored that he nicknamed the ballroom-” the dungeon” because it was so small but it must have not been too bad because it was his home for 3 years.

Frank Sinatra

  • Negotiations to build the Golden Nugget took 30 minutes.
  • From 1946 until 1950, poker players dealt their own cards in no-limit games. The Golden Nugget was the first casino to introduce the center deal (a dealer who deals the cards to players).
  • The bar was a reproduction of an actual Carson Street bar during the Comstock boom, and each piece was hand fitted and carved.
  • The Golden Nugget was designed to replicate the original Golden Nugget built on San Francisco’s Barbary Coast.
  • 20,000 guests were invited to the opening.
  • A ribbon was wrapped around the Spa Tower for its 1984 Grand Opening (Source: Golden Nugget website).

Such fun facts!

I hope you enjoyed my little post on the Golden Nugget and now I’m off to pack and head off to enjoy my own Vintage Vegas experience just like the below picture.

Vintage Vegas slot machines

 Image by © Michael Ochs Archives/Corbis

Have you been to Las Vegas and enjoyed the Golden Nugget? Any tips on some great Vintage Vegas places to check out?

Liz 🙂

Sun Valley-The Vintage Edition

Sun Valley, Idaho

For as long as I can remember I have always wished I could go to “Sun Valley, Idaho”  during the early days of the 1940s and 50s. Skiing down the hill next to Bing Crosby and Gary Cooper (seriously, could you imagine???!!), drinking hot chocolate in my super stylish ski sweater with reindeer or skiers on it and ending my day sleeping in a chic ski cabin. Sigh…how fun! If I actually really think about it I think I fell in love with the whole idea after seeing the 1941 movie “Sun Valley Serenade” with Sonja Henie, which was such a magical and fun movie. Whatever the reasons, we can all agree as Vintage fans that Sun Valley of the past really did look like a vintage lovers dream.

So, as per tradition with my blog, lets look at some fun pictures from this skiers paradise of the past.

First lets start off with Glenn Miller “It Happened in Sun Valley”  to get us in the mood 🙂


Gary Cooper and Claudette Colbert looking so amazing. Love the sweater Mister Cooper

Gary Cooper and Claudette Colbert sun Valley

I love the skaters in the back of the below picture, so very cute

Sun Valley Vintage images

Early 1950s skiers passed out after a good day skiing. This is an outstanding photo! The two girls on the left are my favs for style

Sun Valley

Sun Valley Idaho

As a past skier I do have to say that it is fun to ski when you can wear a t-shirt. Or in this shirt.

Sun Valley Lodge

Here is another image from 1946 from a  photo series by George Silk of skiers enjoying the warmth of the sun. That swimsuit has two thumbs up from me!

Sun Valley vintage image

I just adore the 1940s looks in the ad below

Vintage Sun Valley

I’m a sucker for an accordion 🙂

Sun Valley

There you have it, Vintage Sun Valley. Dreamy isn’t it?

Lastly I will leave you with a superb number from Sun Valley Serenade with the Nicholas Brothers and Dorothy Dandridge

Liz 🙂

My Vintage Christmas Wish List

I’m only a couple of days away from my non vintage vacation to Vietnam and I’m getting very excited to see such a different culture than “small town Toronto” lol 🙂 But before I go I must do my annual “vintage wish list” that I use to just do on my own but now that I have a blog I can share it with you! The list is just basically all the things that I love that is for sale right now (regardless of price) that I really really wish I could have.

wish list

1. Bakelite Scotty Dogs-Ever since I got married to my Scottish husband I have somehow become OBSESSED with obtaining this dog in Bakelite form.

For Sale on Etsy-One Mans Junque $213.25

Bakelite Scotty Dogs

1940s Vintage Suit-I just LOVE the pockets so much.

For Sale on Etsy-Rococo Vintage $463.69

1940s vintage suit

1950s Lucite Purse. Like this gorgeous Rialto “Bleeding Hearts” purse.

For Sale on Etsy-Paris Antiques $158.47

lucite purse

1950’s Vintage Dress-Black Corduroy. I love the letters on the bottom of the dress.

For Sale on Etsy-Fab Gabs $148.73

1950s vintage dress

Vintage Celluloid and early plastic cherries. So cool!

For Sale on Etsy-The Plastic Fever $136.70

vintage celluloid necklace

A 1950s Alfred Shaheen dress. Love the pattern, the colour, the…Everything!

For sale on Etsy- Rock this Joint $234.00

Alfred Shaheen

Bakelite Bracelet that has some sort of design on it (all mine are beautiful but plain)

For sale on Etsy -Bakelite Cache $262.00

Bakelite bracelet

Lastly I would love to have a Jonathan Logan dress (see my love affair post here). The one below would be perfect for Viva.

For sale on Etsy -Wanderlust Couture $119.00

Jonathan Logan


What is on your vintage Christmas wish list?

Liz 🙂

I have a cold! Lets see what some vintage remedies ads can do to help

I have a cold and it sucks and I’m trying to weather the storm but as it lingers on and on and on and on I’m starting to believe no end is in sight! So I’m turning to some vintage cold ads for help, well not literally but I thought it would be fun to see what a 1940s/50s gal did when she was dealing with a pesky cold.

Vintage Ben-Gay ad

As a marketer in my 9-5 job, I think this “666” ad is pretty funny and would not really fly in today’s world, lol!

1940s cold medicine ad

Yup that is me..”Cold Misery”

1940s cold ad

1950s cold medicine ad

Ohhh more help for my cold misery. 2 please!

1950s cold medicine ad

Such a fun and colorful ad! I feel better already from just looking at it. Is that Abraham Lincoln handing out cough drops?

1950s cold medicine ad

That is what I have been doing wrong! Oops 🙂


To end, lets listen to poor Miss Adelaide from Guys and Dolls talk about her cold, brought on by a certain someone not giving her a ring (I can totally see that happening lol).

Question: What do you do to fix up your colds my vintage friends?

Liz 🙂

Toronto’s Santa Claus Parade: 1920s-1950s Holiday Fun!

This Sunday is Toronto’s Annual Santa Claus Parade.  When it originally started on December 2, 1905 by the Eaton’s chain of department stores, it had just a single float. It now has over 25 floats, 24 bands, and 1,700 participants (Wikipedia).

With that much history lets take the Vintage Inn Time Travel Bus and see what past parades looked like from the 1920s-1950s.

Note: Vintage Fashion Lovers-The crowd pictures when you look close enough have some lovely vintage fashion. Happy Hunting 🙂


Santa and his Reindeer

Eaton's Santa Claus Parade, Santa Claus & reindeer on curve. - November 20, 1926


The Cloche hats and coats are just lovely in these pictures

Eaton's Santa Claus Parade, Noah's ark & animals. - November 20, 1926



History Fact: In 1939 when the Second World War brought on shortages, organizers were forced to make the elaborate costumes out of paper (A Century of Memories by Citynews)

Toronto Santa Claus Parade 1930s


I love that the road is dirt in these two pictures, hard to imagine that this was even so in a city with concrete and asphalt everywhere now

Toronto Santa Claus Parade




History Fact: In 1952 the parade was televised for the first time, appearing on CBC (A Century of Memories by Citynews)

1956 Parade-The baton twirling ladies are fantastic looking!

Toronto Santa Claus Parade 1956


Love the costumes below

Toronto Santa Claus Parade 1956


Fun in the Snow!

Toronto Santa Claus Parade 1956


To end here is an excellent short historic overview of some of the most memorable moments in the parades history (some I stated above already):

“A Century of Memories-The History of Toronto’s Santa Parade”


Will you be attending your own cities Santa Claus Parade? Or do they do other cool traditions for the holiday season?