Hi Everyone! T-minus one week till I’m in Las Vegas for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend!


I’m really excited for the trip this year because I’m going with a bunch of awesome friends (and my totally amazing husband) and this time around I’m more clothing & hair style prepared.  I went two years ago for my first time and I was blown away by what an amazing event it is and how UNDER prepared I was with my clothing and style. WOW, the ladies go full out and I showed up looking like..well I don’t know what I looked like but I did not look how I envisioned in my head I would lol!

Here I am with some of my friends (and my husband to the left of me) that went last time just after we finished watching Jerry Lee Lewis! This year the headliner is Little Richard…amazing!

viva liz pic

I also prepared myself with learning some Rockabilly Jive this time around. Last time I went into the event with only my lindy hop skills and ended up just watching most of the event from the sidelines. NOT THIS TIME! I learned to do some basic Jive AND I learned the stroll too so I can join in with the ladies when a stroll song comes on.

Here is a video from Last years Jive contest finale. Insert me this year, lol!

Once again like the last couple of years, Toronto is represented at VIVA with a Toronto favorite band “Tennessee Voodoo Coupe” being selected to play. Yay!!! Big Rude Jake is the lead singer and is just mister personality on the stage and the rest of his band is also just as fun. They play on the Sunday at 1:00pm I believe in the Bienville room.

The last item I’m really excited about is getting to hopefully meet some of the bloggers I follow on a daily basis. Many of them are going to be there and I’m eager to say hi (or just run and hide since I get super shy around new people I think are cool lol) and see their style in person. So hopefully I will have some pics of those meetings. Stay tuned!

So my friends there will be no blog next week but stay tuned for a biggie when I get back 🙂

Have a great week!

Liz 🙂

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