When the thermometer dips to the -30’s here in Canada I often get to wondering what the lovely ladies of the 1940s would have worn on their pretty well styled heads to keep them warm? Did the opt for unstylish toques that wrecked your hair in 30 seconds flat? Or did they go with fashionable hats and worried about frost bite late? Lets see shall we?


First up here are some tips on what you might see in a 1940s winter hat 

  • The hat material needed to be something that would not spot in the rain or snow
  • Protective brim was often seen
  • Fur was popular
  • Velvet
  • Dark hats with heavier weights
  • Felt hats
  • Gray wool felt hats
  • Knitted/crocheted hats

Lets start with this cute Dutch Bonnet. Looks like it will keep your head warm and your hair looking super fabulous at the same time.

1940s ladies hat

This beret is adorable and popular but not for -30 weather. Warmer winter days…yup!

1940s ladies hat

Some winter ski outfits. The hats are more practical for winter I see but I’m unsure how the toque on the right is staying on her head lol!

1940s skiing outfits

A warm 100% wool head scarf will keep the chill off

1940s hats

Here is the head scarf in real life action

1940s fashion


Stetson did not just make mens hats, but also women’s as seen below. These are darling winter hats but your ears would be cold no?

Stetson 1940s Hats


The images below are clearly stating that it is cold outside but their stylish hats I’m sure are not keeping their pretty heads warm (and the shoes neither).

They are I must say extremely stylish winter ladies and I would have paired any of those hats with those coats as well, even if I froze my head off!

1940s fashion


Some amazing hats in this picture and some of them actually look like they are bit warmer then the ladies above. My favorite is the lady on the Left. Her outfit is divine!

1940s fashion


Now this is a darling number from the 1940s-Fur and Felt. Winter hat must haves crossed off the list.

1940s hat

You can buy this hat here

If you watch the now cancelled (sniff sniff) bomb girls you would have seen some pretty fantastic winter hats in the show. Here is Vera in her brimmed hat.

1940s fashion

Well as you can see the hats were both practical and not so practical in their designs but we can all agree that they were gorgeous even if you turned blue while wearing some of them.


When it’s cold outside do you go with style or comfort?

Liz 🙂

10 comments on “Ladies Winter Hats-1940s Style”

  1. I go with warmth!!! I hate the cold 🙂 I am thinking all those ladies chose style instead of warmth as those hats look a wee bit too pretty to provide much warmth in our frigid temperatures we have lately… but at least they looked good.

  2. Oooh, now wherever did I put my time machine? Hmmm, it’s no where to be seen. How about my magic wand? Drat, I think the dog got to it! Shame on both counts, as I’d truly love to whiz back in time and stock up on scores of fantastic winter hats and garments like these 1940s beauties.

    I enjoyed this post immensely, my fellow Canadian winter battling gal. Thank you very much for topping my week off with such a cap-tiving note! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* You’re very welcome for the blog award. Since that post, two other bloggers have extended it to me again, so I’m thinking I’ll be doing a second round of it myself a little later this year.

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