Ohhhh I’m sooo happy that summer is finally here (well it will be here as of tomorrow but close enough). It was a long cold winter here in Toronto and I have been itching to get out into the warmer weather since the first day of winter. I will admit that jetting off to Spain for week 100% helped kick me into summer mode but I’m never full happy till I hear “SUMMER IS HERE!” and that happens tomorrow! Yippee!!

1950s summer

So with the wonderful summer weather upon us that means it’s full on summer dress time for me and that includes some of my Tiki dresses. Invited to a BBQ..why yes I will wear my pink flamingo tiki dress. Invited for drinks on a patio..why yes I will wear my two piece tiki outfit. etc. etc. You invite me to something I will try to “summer it up” as much as possible and that means for me lately that can lean towards a Tiki theme.

Sadly my closet is limited on space and my pocket-book is lean BUT if I had the space and money here are some of the “Tiki Dresses” I would have in my wardrobe.


I’m a big fan of sometimes simple design makes a strong statement, and this 1950s dress does.

tiki dress 1950s
Source-Etsy “simplicityisbliss”

The below Jeffrey of California 1970s dress just SCREAMS 1940s/1950s. I’m so in love with the fruit basket pattern, madly in love.

1950s tiki inspired
Source-Etsy “ChickaBoomVintage”

The below dress is an “OuterLimitz” creation and I think I might actually need to buy this one. I currently own 2 dresses from this fantastic designer and will admit that I’m a huge fan. You MUST check out the Etsy Site to see so many more “Hawaiian” and “Tiki” creations (amongst many others).

1950s hawaiian sarong dress

Oh my! Look at the glorious colours on this “Fashions of Hawaii” hourglass dress. And the back train! I have no words…no words.

1950s tiki dress
Source-Etsy “Butch Wax Vintage”

Sarong dresses are a favorite of mine because they just such a flattering look on almost every shape. The below 1950’s “Sun Fashions of Hawaii” Tiki dress is wonderful example of this.

1950s sarong dress
Source-Etsy “Wear it again”

Can we have a moment of silence for this amazing creation. Ssshhhh….Okay now speak! EEKKK!!! The novelty print is crazy cool! and the one shoulder design with the bow..fantastic! Sigh…love.

1950s rayon hawaiian dress
Source-Etsy “jumblelaya”

Fish Print 1950’s Alfred Shaheen in green. Ohh la la, beautiful.

1950s Alfred Shaheen
Source-Etsy “dethrosevintage”

I’m going to end this wonderfully colorful post with this 1950’s Hawaiian Sundress by Kamehameha. This would be a perfect addition to ANY Tiki party or BBQ you might be attending this summer.

1950s tiki swing dress
Source-Etsy “Geronimo Vintage”


Lastly for a wonderful collection of “Summer Vintage Photos” please check out a dear fellow bloggers Jessica’s website “Chronically Vintage“. She has recently posted a few inspiring summer images from Flickr that I’m sure you will enjoy.

Liz 🙂

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    • Thanks so much Joanna! I felt the saw way about the 70s number too. I had to read the description twice to make sure I read that it actually was from the 70s. So Carmen Miranda 🙂

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