Have you ever noticed when browsing vintage photos, that there are many taken in the front of people houses, front steps or front doors? If not, then you will now (one of those glass shattering moments). I personally just noticed this while browsing Flickr the other day and I thought “why have I not seen this before?” And “why the house all the time?”. Intrigue set in and off I went to see what images I could find with this setting.

Source: Etsy

Here are some of the goodies I discovered…..

Doris & Phillis showing off their outstanding taste in 1940s hats. Wow!

Source: Flickr

Proud Parents-1940s (Amazing hair on this beautiful new mom)

1940s Vintage Image of husband and wife with baby
Source: Etsy

1950s Wedding Day, photos at home with mom and sis. I love all the dresses in this photo, especially the sister on the right.

Source: Etsy

Cub scouts, on their way to a gathering.

Source: Etsy

Three little girls all in a row.

vintage children image 1920s
Source: Etsy

Never leave home without making sure that the family is dressed to the nines.

1961 vintage family image
Source: Etsy

Three sisters during WW2, all off to do their part for the war effort.

Source: Etsy

Heading out to lunch with friends.

Source: Etsy

Stylish kids in training-1960s. Can I have her purse?

Source: Etsy

1920s fashion on display.

Source: Etsy

Bob the hair and show off those ankles, it must be the 1920s!

Source: Etsy

I’m going to cheat a little bit with this last image as it’s not technically in front of the house, but I was in love with her 40s skirt and just had to share. Isn’t marvelous? True Vintage inspiration, right there.

Source: Etsy


Last thoughts: I think the pictures in front of houses are popular due to the house being the central area where family and life is and therefore making the home part of the family. What do you think?

Next up in this fun little mini series “Front of Car”.

Liz 🙂


10 comments on “Vintage Photos: The Front of House Edition”

  1. I love these, they’re all adorable. I guess cameras were rather more precious back then so they didn’t travel far from home with them. I can just imagine the mum or dad of the family saying, “yes one quick photo and then the camera goes back in the drawer for safe keeping!”.
    We’re very lucky that we can just carry one around in our pocket and not worry about it these days. xx

  2. I have some even from my own childhood that are the family in front of the house. I think it was a sort of “we are all ready and dressed fort his event, let’s take a photo before we go and get messy!”. I think Cate is probably right about the portability too. You didn’t take a camera to things as often, and the further back you go, the more true that is likely to be!

  3. What an amazing post! I am so glad I stopped by. The clothing in those photos is such a help to perfect my wardrobe style. Beautiful, just beautiful! I wish I could just step into those photos and live there. 🙂

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