Vintage Photo Tuesday The Halloween Edlition

With Halloween so close around the corner it only makes sense that this weeks Vintage Photo Tuesday is the Halloween Edition.

Let the Spooky Spectacular begin!


Anaheim Halloween Parade, circa 1950s. The Witches on Parade.

Anaheim Halloween Parade, circa 1950s
Photo courtesy Orange County Archives

Robin Hood and his Pumpkin-1957.

1950s Halloween Image Boy dressed as Robin Hood
Source: Flickr

Normally the lamp shade ending up on ones heads usually happens at the end of the evening. Hmmm maybe this IS the end of the evening? A 1950’s Costume Party.

1950s Costume Party
Source: Flickr

Halloween Party for US Servicemen in 1943. That pumpkin to the right is bizarre. That is a pumpkin right?

Halloween party for U.S. servicemen 1943
Source: Flickr

Time to pick the winner at our 1955’s school Halloween Party!

1950s School Halloween Party
Source: Flickr

Now it’s the older kids turn. I pick the Carl Perkins look-alike to the right.

1950s School Halloween Party
Source: Flickr

Halloween party, Mars Hill College, 1951

Halloween party, Mars Hill College, 1951
Copyright Mars Hill College

Flash Gordon to the Rescue!

1950's Space Cowboy
Source: Flickr

The prettiest little princess.

1950's Halloween image of a little girl as a princess
Source: Flickr

Everyone wins a prize for best costume in this 1950’s Halloween party image. They all did a great job!

1950's Halloween Party Vintage Image
Source: Flickr

I will leave you with an image of my brother and I at Halloween in the 80’s. What is hilarious about these costumes, is that I just had a conversation with my mom on Thanksgiving about how she felt that she did a really great job on our costumes each year. That was until I found this image and I asked my mom if this was the year she gave up 😉 lol!

Vintage Inn Blog 1980's Halloween

Want more photos? Check out Part 2 HERE.

Question Time: What are you being for Halloween this year? Going with a vintage look or something far removed from the vintage world?

Happy Halloween Week!


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