The mass exodus for March Break has begun (or about to begin shortly). Families are packing up their kids and all their luggage and heading off to places like Florida, Mexico and California for a week (sometimes two). When I was a kid, my family was really big into downhill skiing so our March Break trips always involved a skiing destination like Alberta, Vermont or New York State. One year though my brother and I got lucky and my parents took us to a warm vacation spot…San Diego! I remember being so excited to not have to pack 60 layers of clothes for that trip. Ahhh the memories.

Speaking of memories, today’s Vintage Photo Tuesday is a continuation of a post I did last year on the same topic, exploring other people’s memories of their vacations, near and far (I found so many images that I just had to do a part 2). Lets Begin!

Vintage Red Border Kodachrome Slide, Sightseeing in DeSoto Wavecrest, Hawaii, 1950's Original Found Photo
Source: Etsy

Summer 1948. Leaving White River, Colorado.

White River National Forest 1948 Colorado Vacation B & W Photo Snapshot
Source: Etsy

“Entering”. The same family pictured above (now with their son), clearly on a “Forests of Colorado trip”.

Uncompahgre National Forest 1948 Colorado Vacation B & W Photo Snapshot
Source: Etsy

Mountain Lake Cabin Getaway (in an adorable deer sweater).

Vintage Photograph Print of Summer Holiday Woman at Mountain Lake Cabin late 1940s early 1950s
Source: Etsy

It’s not a Holiday if you don’t stay at The Holiday Inn (1960’s).

1960s vintage holiday inn family photo by the pool
Source: Etsy

The Phoenix Rises?

1950s vintage image of woman in front of a hotel
Source: Etsy

1950’s vacationing in Europe. Lots to see and lots of pictures to be taken.

1950s vacation photo of people in Europe vintage image Kodachrome
Source: Ebay

60’s Family Vacation Road Trip. Crossing the Mackinac Bridge.

60s Family Vacation Crossing Mackinac Bridge Original Photo
Source: Ebay

“I’ve arrived, it’s Fishing time!”.

Vintage 1940's photo of vintage trailer and car and man with fishing poles
Source: Ebay

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on a trip I try to always pick up a small souvenir to have a physical reminder of the place I was at. I even do this when I’m transferring thru airports in countries I have never been to (I was technically there, so why not remember it?).

Our couple below, looks like they are about to pickup a few tokens themselves, after they get a picture with the locked up pilgrim.

1950s vacation photos of a couple at a shop vintage
Source: Ebay

1930’s: Inspiration Point-Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is a must see for any traveler. I have only seen it from a plane, so one day I hope to get there and see it “up close”.

Inspiration Point, Grand Canyon 1930s vintage photo
Source: Ebay

Hawaii, a dream destination.

Vintage Red Border Kodachrome Slide..Hula Dancer, 1950's Original Found Photo
Source: Etsy


Gathering all these photos together for this week’s post has given me serious Wanderlust. I now want to hop on a plane or jump in my car and go somewhere fun.

Question time: If you could go ANYWHERE right now and cost was not an issue, where would you go? Share in the comments below.

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10 comments on “Vintage Photo Tuesday: Family Vacations Part 2”

  1. You know how I feel about deer sweaters. Dear to my heart. Now I have wanderlust, too! I don’t dream big, bold dreams, so I can’t imagine venturing outside the US, though I would like to visit Canada. Last week, I went to the Homeaway site and saw gorgeous images of the Great Smokey Mountains in North Carolina. So if money was no object, I’d go there. Of course, your picture of Hawaii is pretty tempting, too!

  2. The June ’56 shot of the lady in front of the hotel looks like it may be in front of the Thunderbird Hotel in Las Vegas. Sadly it is no longer with us… Thanks for these great images!

  3. The vintage station wagons are fantastic. I want a deer sweater now and I especially love the two women at the Grand Canyon. Though all the photos are lovely. Pix like these make me want to go on a mega road trip. Just drive around the continent for months, stopping in cool places. That’s my dream vaca, beside the transatlantic Queen Mary voyage tacked on to a multi country European trip.

  4. I like the lovely old car and caravan in that camping picture. I’d love an old caravan that I could do up and decorate for little jaunts away. If I could go anywhere right now it would be New Zealand, I would love to see all the landscapes there. How about you?

    • New Zealand would be so wonderful. When I see pictures and shows about it, I just drool. All that green and beauty. Good choice!

      As for myself, My husband and I would like to do a Whisky Caravan trip in Scotland. We were there a few years ago and have since talked about this idea this non stop. They have this law where you can park yourself anywhere on public land (there are other rules, but that is the high level version), so We thought it would be fun to park somewhere close to a distillary and do some tastings, camp and then head out the next day to the next one. We are being responsible 🙂

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