Here in Canada we have a show called “Bomb Girls“. Set in 1940s Toronto, Bomb Girls explores the lives of five different women who find themselves thrust into new worlds building bombs on the assembly line in a munitions factory(Source: Global). It went from being a 6 episode show to quickly becoming a crowd favourite with a second season now starting Jan 2nd…tonight! Yippee!!

bomb girls

Even the UK has fallen in Love with the show. The below picture is the popular magazine “Vintage Life” and “Bomb Girls” is on the cover!

Vintage Life magzine-bomb girls

I love this show (and my friends and even my husband) for so many glorious reasons, here a few:

1. It’s a well written Canadian show about Canadian women (something you don’t see very often).

2. The show is set during WWII, which means the clothing and hair and makeup are right up my alley.

3. It is filmed in my hometown of Toronto, so it has also been fun to figure out what venues they have filmed at (Several of the sets I have been too) and then see if I was right when doing my weekly bomb girl chats with friends.

But really, the real reason I keep coming back each week is for reason # 2…the clothes! The costume department is amazing and I know first hand that some of the pieces are real vintage or they use the vintage as clothing references as I was shopping in my fav vintage store that had a rack laid out with some outfits for season 2 (can’t wait to see what made it in). Here are some examples of the clothes on the show:

Bomb girls clothing pic 1


BombGirls work outfit

ALSO, as a Lindy hopper I was also excited when I saw that the girls were venturing out for a night of Swing dancing (filmed at The Great Hall, where I have danced at many times myself). Yay Toronto Lindy Hop on my TV!

swing dancing

swing dancing pic 2

Not quite…after watching the scene I realized that it was not so much Lindy and more “this is what we think swing dancing looks like”. How disappointing! I really wished the producers of the show had reached out to the Lindy hop scene here in Toronto to get some REAL dancers in the background for the dance scenes.  Maybe if there is season 3, I can found out who to contact and we can make this happen (or maybe dance lessons happened for season 2, I will keep you posted).

That aside I still love love love the show and I can’t wait to see what Season 2 will offer up to the viewers.

If you would like to learn about some Real Canadian bomb Girls then check out the website “Ajax Bomb Girls Legacy” or check out this real bomb girls story- Helen Rapp.

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