Yup you read that right, Bomb Girls the TV Show has been in my closet to copy a vintage dress I own. Okay…maybe they did not go into my closet lol but a Vintage dress I purchased 2 years ago (at VIVA) did appear on the show a couple of week ago.

Here is the dress that Betty is wearing, up front and center.

betty dress bomb girls

Now here is my dress.

liz bomb girl dress


I have no idea if the Bomb Girl dress is vintage or a reproduction but it’s kind of cool to see a vintage dress I own on one of my favorite TV shows. Clearly the stylist and I have the same taste in 1940’s clothes 🙂

Going to keep my eyes peeled to see if something else I own makes it onto the show lol

Liz 🙂

4 comments on “Bomb Girls the TV show has been in my closet”

    • Sadly no 🙁 I have found a similar dress on eBay about a year ago but just like mine there was no tags. I gave up the search awhile ago but now you got me thinking that maybe I will go back and start the search again.

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