This weekend a dear friend of mine was out doing some vintage/antique shopping and stumbled upon a bunch of Hairdressing magazines from the 1940’s that he knew I would just adore and want to scoop up. The magazine was “American Hairdresser” and the 3 copies he got for me were from 1947 & 1948 (see below).

1940's hairdressing magazine

1940's hairdressing magazine

1940s Hairdressing magazine

Now I’m no expert in the vintage hairstyle world, I have mastered like 2 styles and that is pretty much where I’m at right now. I can honestly only ever dream of being able to have hairstyles like my fav vintage ladies “Lisa Freemont Street” and “Cherry Dollface“. I do adore though, looking at beautiful vintage hairstyles and giving props to the ladies (and their stylists) who took the time to make those styles look so fantastic. So this magazine is really great for doing just that…looking at cool and super technical vintage hairstyles. The magazines even show you how to do some of the sets to achieve the looks shown but it’s seriously way to complicated for my “2 styles only” skills lol!

For my hairdressing friends the magazines also have great ads on tools you could have purchased for your business, tips on working in salons etc. So if you ever see them, I would totally advise to grab some for your collection.

For today’s blog I really wanted to share some of the fantastic images that were in the magazines, the hairstyles and some of the fun ads.

(note: due to the magazines being somewhat fragile I had to take pictures of the images instead of scanning to protect it from bending and such. I apologize if some of the images are not super super clear).

So here we go….

The Vintage Ads

s 1940's Hairdressing Magazine Ad

I know the below seats are for your Hair Salon but I would not mind a couple just for my apartment, they are so cool.

s 1940s Hairdressing Magazine Ad

Grip-Tuth is still around today and in fact I use my combs on a regular basis.

1940s Grip-Tuth ad

This ad made me giggle on how “HAPPY” she is to own this item..almost stunned I would say.

1940s vintage hairdressing ad

Ahhh what we do for beauty.

1940's vintage hairdressing



First lets just take in the beauty that is “Jacqueline White” who was on the cover of the first 1948 magazine shown above and is modelling here. Stunning is probably the only word I can use right now, her hair is unbelievable gorgeous. I also am madly in love with her dresses in these images and I will take 2 or 3 of each in multiple colours.

1940's vintage style1940's vintage dress

This hairstyle is incredible and way out of my league but there is the set if someone is willing to give it a go.

1940's vintage hairstyle

The side swiped hair with the headband reminds me more of a Grecian look then Paris but either way another outstanding hairstyle.

1940s vintage hairstyle

For the Career Girl you can go with this style.

1940's Hairstyle

Looking for a style to wear with that Easter Parade hat? Here you go.

1940's Hairstyle

This is actually an information piece on how to set the curl clips professionally and correctly. I adore how her hair looks at the end.

1940's Hairstyle

Beautiful! There was no description on how to achieve this look but I’m sure you needed at least 10 hands.

1940's Hairstyle


There is a little peak into my hairdressing magazines, I hope you enjoyed browsing and maybe you will run off to try one of the sets. If you do, please please share you pictures!

On a funny side note, I opened up one of the magazines and in the middle, flat as a pancake were two dead flies..from the 1940s! Not what I was expecting to see that is for sure.

Liz 🙂

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  1. I don’t know why your magazine swallowed a fly. I have stacks of old Lifes that sometimes have moths. I don’t like The Careerist; that weird bang splodge is troubling. But I like that shot of the lady with the croissants on her head, with the umbrella handle on her chin.

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