I was on Etsy yesterday doing my daily scan of the vintage clothing and stumbled up these excellent condition (never opened) WWII Victory Hair Pin Kits being sold by Sassypantsgrrl.

ww2 hair pin kit


(Images courtesy of Sassypantsgrrl) 

vintage wartime victory hair pin kit

Then while doing some research on the pins I found the Tank Museum was also selling a box of the same pins (expect theirs had the main packing box which had this awesome image and slogan on it).

1940s hairpins

Here is their description/history of the bobby pins from the museum (which is incredibly interesting):

Unlike modern “Bobby Pins”, these are the correct W.W.II style of black color metal hair pins worn by all women of the period. This included both military and civilian alike. The box unto itself is a work of art by it’s elaborate artwork design, and it’s also a great period example of the advertising style found back then. The box is colorful and well worded. it reads: “Exclusively Yours, Victory Hair Pin Kit, Smith Victory Corp., Buffalo, New York”. But printed all over this box is also much patriotic wording/slogans that make this necessary little woman’s antique a really cool ditty. 

Then the museum went on to have the Curator make comments:

This little item is almost always overlooked by collectors of female war time artifacts, headgear, and uniforms alike. Have you ever had to wrestle with a female mannequin’s wig to try to keep it in place and not fall off? Have you ever cursed at the wig on your female mannequin or display head as you fought to keep her hat in it’s proper location? Then you will know the value of these necessary pins. They help to keep a “goils” hat on her noggin and not on da floor! Many period photograph will show these pins mounted on the side of a lady’s garrison cap holding it in place. And this was O.K. as far as regulations went even though they did have to show a little on the outside curtain of such caps. A savvy collector knows that even such small, mundane items as hair pins, are just as important to be historically correct for an exhibit as any other item found on a proper uniform display. As they say…..It’s the little things that count!

WOW What a find! I’m so excited to add this to my collection!

If you would like to see a couple more images check out  “Bobby Pin Blog” who did a post on them as well and has a couple more images that I don’t have here.

Liz 🙂



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