2014 was a fun year for me and my vintage life and so I thought I would summarize some (not all-way to many to count!) of the fun events I attended this year as we come to the final last days of 2014.

p.s. This is a picture heavy post 🙂

January 2014

Not really a vintage event but I was in Vegas for the annual “German American Mardi Gras Association” Big 2 day party! Friday night was the costume party and Saturday night was the black tie gala. I have been part of German Karneval since I was a kid so it’s a very special event for me and I look forward to it every year.

GAMGA 2014
The Hays with “Hay”. Best costume winners at GAMGA


April 2014-VIVA Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend

This 4 day weekend of 1950s music, vintage shopping, dancing and vintage cars is one event I recommend you attend at least once in your life. I have been 3 times and have loved every moment. This year my parents came and are already looking forward to the time they return. My husband and I are going back again this year so stay tuned for that blog post.

Frankie's Tiki room
Outside of Frankie’s Tiki room
The Canadians at the Millwinders Show at Viva
Viva Las Vegas rockabilly weekend


May 2014: Frankie 100 in New York City

The Lindy hop world came together for a weekend of outstanding music and dance to celebrate the life of one of the original Lindy hoppers-Frankie Manning. He would have been 100 (can you believe he lived to be 94 and was still dancing!) and the party would have made him happy, as it showed the world how amazing the dance is. It was a highlight of my year. I even got to participate in a vintage clothing presentation showing off my vintage 1940s dress. I felt very much like Ginger Rogers that evening 🙂

Frankie 100 NYC Lindy hop weekend
Lindy hop in Central Park Frankie 100
Dancing in Central Park at Frankie 100
Frankie 100 Lindy hop weekend in NYC
Parade in Harlem thru Frankie’s old haunts


Frankie 100 fashion show
Making my Savoy debut at Frankie 100


June 2014-Barcelona (Spain) and Munich Germany

Once again not a vintage event but a big event in my year, a wedding of our Lindy hop teachers/friends that we attended in a gorgeous city outside of Barcelona and then a layover in Munich at the end of the trip. It was so much fun! and filled with friends, wine, sightseeing and beer (and bit of World Cup soccer).

Barcelona Spain Gaudi
Wedding location-Spain
The happy couple 🙂
Munich city street
World Cup soccer Germany
Cheering on Germany at the Munich Olympic stadium


Gatsby Garden Party

The historic and amazing Spadina Museum hosted it’s annual Gatsby Garden party on their grounds. Everyone comes out in 1920s finery and listens to music, drink lemonade and even learn now to play croquet. Turns out yours truly is a pro and was asked to join the team that was giving lessons 🙂

Gatsby Garden Party Spadina Museum
Gatsby Garden Party-TVS
Gatsby Garden Party Spadina Museum
Lessons anyone?
Gatsby Garden Party Spadina Museum
Gatsby Garden Party roundup


Pinup in the Park

Toronto Vintage Society hosted a picnic in the park this summer where we got to just chill and relax with all our vintage friends. It was also a chance for the TVS team to take some official photos for our website.

Toronto Vintage Society
Toronto Vintage Society


August 2014: Toronto Vintage Society Tiki Party

Once again TVS was back hosting our annual Tiki party at the Cadillac Lounge and this year was bigger and better than last. We had a Hawaiian dancer, burlesque, 2 bands, speciality cocktails and our awesome vintage community who came out in amazing tiki style. It was a super party and we can’t wait to do it again!

Toronto Vintage Society Tiki Party
My husband and I dancing
Toronto Vintage Society Tiki Party
Toronto Vintage Society Tiki Party


September 2014-Old Fashioned car weekend at Greenfield Village, Michigan

I did a blog post earlier this year but it was worth mentioning again, because I loved it! Full day of cars from the early 1900s, gas lamp parade, 1920s band and dancing with my vintage friends. I will be going back to this event next year, it was really magical.

Old fashion Car show Greenfield Village
Vintage Style
Old fashion Car show Greenfield Village
Dancing to the wonderful band
Old fashion Car show Greenfield Village
Hanging out with the early 1900s cars 🙂


October 2014: Diner En Blanc

Once again not a vintage event but so fun! It was a night where myself and thousand others were taken to a secret location in Toronto where we then had a surprise pop up picnic all in white. Clothes, plates, decor etc was all white. The location this year was right on the water with a view of our wonderful skyline at Ontario Place. We had the best seats in the house I think. Wonder where next years location will be?

Diner en Blanc Toronto
All and white and ready to go!
Diner en Blanc Toronto
Stylish friends and husband in white
Diner en Blanc Toronto
Ontario place with a view of Toronto
Diner en Blanc Toronto
Sparkler time!


Toronto Oktoberfest

I normally attend the big Oktoberfest weekend in Kitchener this year but the TVS gang wanted to hit up Toronto’s in full TVS style, so off I went. OMG we had so much fun! Not only did we sweep the best dressed contest but we also danced, met tons of people and became unofficial ambassadors of the event.

Toronto Oktoberfest
My dirndl I purchased in Munich earlier that year
Toronto Oktoberfest
The beautiful ladies of TVS
Toronto Oktoberfest
Finally someone way taller than me!
Toronto Oktoberfest
On stage for the best dressed contest. I did not win but our friend Joy did!


November 2014: Swing Out To Victory

An annual swing dance event held at the Hamilton warplane museum. It features the Toronto All-star Big Band, Lindy Hop performances, dancing and a bunch of well dressed men and women in their 1940s finery.

Swing out to victory- Hamilton warplane museum
Such beautiful swing dancers


Swing out to victory- Hamilton warplane museum
Hanging out in front of the Lancaster Bomber


 Plaid Party at the Roy Public House in Toronto

I recently found out that there is an event called “Plaidurday” which is on Oct 3rd every year. Well we missed that date (clearly), so I suggested to the TVS gang that we do our own plaid party anyways because plaid is awesome and we need to celebrate it in classic TVS Style (which means go all out). Well as is it turned out it was also TVS creator Jacquie’s birthday so we combined the two events and had a marvelous night out.

Vintage plaid party
Elevator fun!
Vintage plaid party
Plaid everywhere!

Vintage Prom

The end of November had me going back to my prom days at the first ever “Blast from the Past Vintage Prom” hosted by the wonderful store “Rosie the Rebel”. TVS helped with decor and then the rest of the night we danced to the glorious sounds of the 1950s & 1960s. I decided to channel the 1960s for this event thanks to my dear friend Jacquie supplying me with a fantastic vintage dress from the 1960s.

Vintage Prom
TVS prom picture
Vintage Prom
My handsome husband and I


Vintage prom
Vintage prom style-Jacquie of TVS fame and Shermy of shermette.com. Shermy is wearing her wedding dress

December 2014:

Toronto Vintage Society Kitschmas Party

Once again TVS was back at it hosting the best party in town. This time the theme was “Kitschmas” and featured the wonderful “Tia Brazda Swing Band”, Marilyn Monroe, Blue Suede Sue burlesque performance, Santa and the best photo booth in town! It was another packed party and we were thrilled with the turn out.

Vintage ladies with Santa
I think Santa was good this year
Toronto Vintage Society
Toronto Vintage Society Kitschmas party
Merry Holidays!


Christmas cookie extravaganza party!

Some of the gals (and boy) got together over the holidays to share Christmas cookies we baked, enjoy some mulled wine and spending some time together just enjoying the season. My cookies were a disaster but everyone else’s was yummy!

Cookie exchange Christmas party
Toronto Vintage Society cookie steal!
Cookie exchange Christmas party
What to eat?


1920s Christmas at the Spadina museum and Christmas Market at the Distillery District

My final vintage event of the season was with the TVS gang again at the Spadina Museum that hosted the Gatsby event earlier in the season. They had done the museum all up with vintage Christmas cards from the 1920s, hot apple cider and gingerbread cookie decorating and the best live tree around! Afterwards we attended the Christmas market at the historic Distillery district for mulled wine and wandering around.

1920s Christmas at the Spadina Museum
Tea anyone?
1920s Christmas at the Spadina Museum
My scary gingerbread man
Distillery Christmas market
At the distillery Christmas market


And there was my review. I hope your 2014 was a good year and that 2015 has many exciting events planned for you. I know I’m starting off 2015 visiting Memphis Tennessee!

Happy New a Year friends! And thank you for being such wonderful loyal readers.

Liz 🙂




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  1. Oooh, Liz, what a thoroughly marvelous, fun and action packed year you’ve had. I lapped up each photo and memory shared with it and could practically feel a rush of excitement just from reading about them. I hope that that great times continue (and flourish further) for you in 2015, my dear friend!

    Happiest New Year’s wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

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