This past Tuesday I was invited to attend a special Blogging event at the soon to be opened “Bean and Baker Malt Shop“, to get a sneak peek of all the goodies the public is going get to enjoy on June 2nd!

(Edit: Bean and Baker is NOW OPEN)

I attended with a fellow friend and blogger Irene from Petite Plus Meow.

Vintage malt shop toronto
Out front of Bean and Baker
Petite Plus Meow at Bean and Baker Malt Shop
How adorable is Irene??

Leading up to this event, I did a little fun post on Vintage Malt Shop Images, which you can find HERE.

Now lets talk about my Bean and Baker Malt Shop Experience…..

Official Press Release:

Husband and wife team, Liezel and Brennan Anderson, are proud to announce the opening of Bean and Baker Malt Shop ­Toronto’s revival of the soda fountain malt shop in Bickford Park. Bean and Baker Malt Shop, located at 326 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON., offers classic sodas, ice cream, coffee, and handcrafted desserts and pastries. They provide premium food and drinks with top­notch quality ingredients while showcasing the retro ­era malt shop experience.

The 16 ­seat establishment is clean and decorated in a retro 1950’s style. The menu will feature premium coffee, savoury pies, quiche, pies, cakes, cookies, ice cream, floats and milkshakes. Specializing in handmade sodas made by authentic Soda Jerks, with flavours ranging from Root ‘n Cola, Gramp’s Ginger, Real Orange, and Hibiscus. It features an open ­concept kitchen and Soda Jerks behind the counter complete with a bow­tie and a smile. Customers can sit inside or grab ­and ­go. Hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday:10 am ­ 8 pm, Sunday: 11 am ­ 6 pm, Monday: Closed.

Owner, Liezel Anderson describes her vision for the malt shop, “Our goal is to provide Toronto with an experience that stands out and is unique to every customer. We want to bring the malt shop experience back! We want to give people a unique escape from everyday life. People have the right to know what they’re eating and drinking so we use premium quality ingredients. We aspire to be a neighbourhood hub where many generations of families can enjoy good food and each other’s company.”

Bean and Baker Malt Shop Owners
Liz with the owners: Liezel & Brennan and fellow blogger Irene from Petite Plus Meow

When we arrived we were greeted by Brennan and his fantastic Soda Jerks offering water for us to drink. Why water? Well as we drank the fresh drink we were told that all their products start with the freshest and most filtered water around. Nothing but the best for their customers, starting with us (I like this place already).

As we drank the water we got to take a walk around and see what they have done decor wise. Check it out!

Inside of Bean and Baker Malt Shop
One of the counters inside the shop
Decor of Bean and Baker Malt Shop
Some of the Inside Decor
Decor of Bean and Baker Malt Shop
The Yummy Menu
Bean and Baker Malt Shop toronto
Back of the Shop

Okay time to eat and boy did we get treated with so many wonderful goodies.

First up..Handmade Sodas made by those authentic Soda Jerks.

Handmade Sodas from Bean and Malt
The Friendly Soda Jerk Making my Vanilla Cream Soda (with real Vanilla Beans). YUM!

Then we got to enjoy some of their savouries options:

  • Wisey’s Mini
  • Mini Beef and Cheese Pie
  • Veggie Quiche
Savory foods at Bean and Baker Malt Shop
All so yummy I could not decide what was my fav

And now it was SWEET TIME!! The yummy collection of pure homemade desserts we sampled was:

  • Warm Cherry Pie Pocket
  • Dark Chocolate Eclair
  • Old School PB ad J Pie (MY FAV!)
Sweet Treats at Bean and Baker Malt Shop
Once again, really good.

Now you cannot possible go to a Malt Shop and not have a Malt Milkshake. Our shakes for today were “Burnt Marshmallow (using Ed’s ice cream). I’m not sure if my Soda Jerk read my mind but the only Ice Cream I eat at Ed’s is the Burnt Marshmallow. Just ask my husband, there are 20 other flavours and I don’t even care or even look. SHOW ME THE MARSHMALLOW!! So when I was presented this shake I already KNEW that I was going to love it..and I did.

Burnt Marshmallow malt shake from Bean and Baker Malt Shop
Mini version for today. Yours will come in the traditional way if you eat in.

Time to move aside all that I have eaten so far to make room for the next goodie..Ice Cream Sundaes made anyway we liked and with any kind of Ed’s Ice Cream.

Ice Cream Sundaes from Bean and Baker Malt Shop
Flavour..Burnt Marshmallow..of course.

By now your probably thinking..this must be the end right? WRONG? We were then treated to the making of their Ice Cream Sodas (Hibiscus flavored for the example).

I actually did not try it because I had no more room but from the image you can see below and from all that I mentioned above I know it is going to be amazing when I do try it.

Making of an Ice Cream Sundae Bean and Baker Malt Shop
Best part of an Ice Cream Soda..when it fizzes up!

Last treat before we slowly moved to the door (and decided to walk home lol) was watching the talented artist Lisa Farrows paint this milkshake container by hand for the shop. Her images can also be seen on the skateboards I posted earlier in the decor portion. It was really cool and the finished product was amazing!

Lisa Farrows Art at Bean and Baker Malt
Lisa Farrows Art


Now it’s really time to go. Thank you to everyone at Bean and Baker for making this event so much fun! And to the readers of this blog post…go and visit their shop (326 Harbord St.)! You will not be disappointed (I was not).

You can find them online here:

See you soon at the Malt Shop!

P.S. How are you loving my new camera? Takes great photos right?! 

Liz 🙂

10 comments on “Toronto Has A Vintage Soda Shop-Welcome “Bean and Baker Malt Shop”!”

  1. Yummers!!! Oh my word, do those sweet treats – much like this awesome diner itself – look amazing!

    What a cool, fun, much needed addition to the TO vintage landscape.

    ♥ Jessica

    • They were! I’m getting hungry just thinking about them again 🙂 Well Jessica if you do ever get to get back here, you have to add it to your “must see list” 🙂

  2. Burnt marshmallow flavour ice cream? That sounds totally fabulous and isn’t something I have ever found here! This looks so yummy and like do much fun!

    • It was! If you have ever had Creme Brule and like the crunchy part on the top, then that is what is all thru the icecream with a hint of that marshmallow. Yum Yum YUM!

  3. Comment
    This place looks so fun! I adore your saddle shoes. Vintage soda shops are a favorite of mine and Im lucky enough to have two pretty close to me. Yours looks amazing. I really hope the soda shop revival continues full sway

    retro rover

    • I 100% agree with you about the Soda Shop Revival! How fun it would be to have so many lovely options 🙂

    • I could introduce you to people who are having more fun then me, but they don’t have blogs so there is no proof. So yup I do! hahaha 🙂

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