Did you hear that there is going to be a Mad Men Auction of many of the items that were on the show (vintage and replicas)?

mad men

Starting in 2 days (Friday July 31st), you can bid on items that you might not even had known were on the show as they were part of the sets, or on the feet of your favorite cast members, like Betty’s gorgeous shoes seen here.

man men betty fashion
Source: Screenbid

Therefore for today’s blog, I thought I would like to share with you some of the items that I like and would consider bidding on (if I had spare cash lying around). Then at the end I would love to hear what you might want to bid (or dream of bidding on).

Lets go shopping!

Item # 1: Vintage Chatty Cathy doll, with the doll inside and the comic book as well. So cute!

vintage chatty Cathy doll
Source: Screen Bid

Item # 2: Trader Vic’s Vintage Cocktail Set. I love Tiki and this would be perfect add-on to my ever-growing collection (might have to seriously consider this one).

trader Vic cocktail set
Source: Screenbid

Item # 3: Playboy Club Cocktail Glasses,Swizzle Sticks and Napkins. This is perfect for one’s vintage bar.

Playboy Club Cocktail set
Source: Screenbid

Item # 4: Pete’s Wooden Carved Wall Hangs. This pair of diamond-shaped wall art feature an African man and woman, and were hanging on the wall in Pete’s bedroom. 


vintage wooden carved images
Source: Screenbid

Item # 5: Stork Club Napkins, Matches, Ashtray. Items are from New York’s long-departed Stork Club, featured in the season two episode “The Gold Violin.”

Stork Club Napkins, Matches New York
Source: Screenbid

Item # 6: “While You Were Out” Messages signed by Megan. Before Megan was Don’s girl she was his secretary. Here we have more than 20 hand-written “While You Were Out” messages for Don from Megan, listing various missed calls.

Details like these messages are one of the reasons Mad Men was so amazing because even the small details were considered.

Mad men while you were out notes
Source: Screenbid

Item # 7: Don’s Magazine Rack. This small metal magazine rack has a wooden handle and could be spotted in Don’s apartment in the fourth season.

I love vintage magazine racks and this one is wonderful.

vintage magazine rack
Source: Screenbid

Item # 8: Pete’s Tan Knit Polo and Green Cardigan. This vintage Pennleigh orlon acrylic green cardigan sweater and vintage Thane Tycora tan knit polo with brown lines belonged to Pete Campbell.

vintage sweater
Source: Screenbid

Item # 9: Joan’s Orange Chairs. These simple yet elegant wooden chairs have faded orange cushions and were in Joan’s apartment (and would look great in MY apartment).

vintage midcentury modern chairs
Source: Screenbid

Item # 10: Peggy’s Business Card.  This business card belonged to none other than Peggy Olson, and lists her as creative director with Phillips-Olson Advertising. It’s similar to the one Herman Phillips sent Peggy as a birthday present in the seventh episode of season four.

Peggy was my favorite character, hands down on Mad Men and I would love to own this business card.

peggy olson business cards, mad men
Source: Screenbid

Item # 11: Betty’s Carry-On Makeup Case. This vintage hard-shelled, blue Monarch-branded carry-on makeup case features a chain charm around the handle, a mirror on the inside of the lid, and a removable plastic case inside. It belonged to Betty Draper.

You would look just fantastic carrying this thru the airport, turning heads with every step.

vintage monarch travel case
Source: Screenbid

Item # 12: Joan’s White Hat Box. In Joan’s apartment you may have spotted this large white hat box. Open it up to discover its lined with pretty red roses.

vintage hat box
Source: Screenbid

Item # 13: SC&P Orange Chair. If you watched the show, you saw this chair a lot as it was a fixture of Don’s office at Sterling Cooper and Partners.

vintage 1960s chair
Source: Screenbid

Item # 14: Royal Hawaiian Hotel key, Brochure, Ashtray and Matches.

Royal Hawaiian Hotel key, Brochure, Ashtray and Matches
Source: Screenbid

Item # 15: Peggy’s Today Schedule with Notes, Scissors and Ruler. Want to know a day in the life of Peggy Olson … and the attention to detail the props department gave to “Mad Men”? Take a look at this bound “Today” scheduler, with Peggy’s appointments, messages, things to do and memos, all on separate notepads. Also comes with a vintage scissors and metal ruler kit.

mad men notebook
Source: Screenbid


And there you have some of my favorite (but honestly I could have shared about 30 more). Now your turn, what is your favorite items up for bid?

Liz 🙂






8 comments on “Mad Men Auction-My 15 Favorite Items Up For Grabs”

    • Doll is great! I have always wanted one, but not thru this auction (will cost too much). Be interested to see how much it goes for.

  1. Super fun post! I did catch word and swooned up a storm at the mere thought. I wouldn’t even toss my bid into the ring, as it’s certain that things will go wayyyyy beyond my means, but if I had deeper pockets, I would really go for Joan’s hat box.

    ♥ Jessica

    • I registered only because I was curious more then going to bid because your right they are going to cost an arm and a leg (plus there is a 24% fee you have to pay on top).

      That Joan’s hat box is a favorite and I’m sure it’s going to go for a hefty price.

    • Tanith! You need to get on that right now lol! All the rest of the seasons are really good, you won’t be disappointed.

      OMG the hat box is fantastic! ohhhh so wonderful.

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