Oktoberfest in Munich officially starts Sept 19th (yes it’s NOT in October!) and one of the main accessories you will see on many of the revelers heads is the ‘Tyrolean Hat/Alpine Hat’ (seen below) with an assortment of distinguishing hat pins (these can be of anything).

germany oktoberfest hat pins

These pins I love and have been collecting various ones from German functions I have been to for a few years. Below is one of my vintage favorites from Kitchener. Ontario Oktoberfest (biggest Oktoberfest outside of Munich). Now I don’t wear mine on a hat but I display them on my Dirndl (I have to rotate them out as I have a good selection).

For today’s post I wanted to share some lovely vintage kitschy and fantastic hat pins that are available for purchase. Enjoy!

oktoberfest hat pins vintage

Bad Harzburg Bergbahn Cable Car Pin. Many pins you will see on hats are “souvenir pins” of different towns/cities in Germany.

German Travel Souvenir Hat Pin Bad Harzburg Bergbahn Cable Car
Source: Ebay

Edelweiss is big on these pins (for obvious reasons) and you will see them all the time in various forms.

German Travel Souvenir Hat Pin Oktoberfest Edelweiss Alpine Flowers Rope
Source: Ebay

There is a great vendor on Etsy called “My Beautiful Bavaria” that has a stunning collection of pins, like this vintage 1950s Celluloid Doll Baby German Pin.

Info on the pin:

The hatpin is from a wine region near the Rhine River; Altenahr is situated between Bonn and Koblenz. The little girl doll is standing against a background of grapes, and a yellow wine glass and orange wine bottle dangle beneath the main portion of the pin. This was likely a souvenir from a 1950s era European vacation.

German vintage oktoberfest pin
Source: Etsy-My Beautiful Bavaria

Do you love owls? Here is another vintage darling from the same shop.

1960s vintage owl hat pin
Source: Etsy-My Beautiful Bavaria

A large windmill (the Alt Weibermühle) and a Donkey make this Hat Pin very unique.

vintage german souvenir brooch hat pin
Source: Etsy-My Beautiful Bavaria

Doggie Paddle! Vintage 1940s/1950s Hat Pin from Steinhuder Meer, Germany.

Dog in Canoe Germany Nautical Travel Souvenir Pinback Hat Pins Collectible Brooch Hatpins
Source: Etsy-My Beautiful Bavaria

Vintage 1950s Bavarian dancers. CUTE!

Vintage German hat pin with bavarian dancers
Source: Etsy-GLOWUP

Who can say no to a parrot for your hat (or maybe to wear as a brooch for Novelty Brooch Friday)?

vintage german hat pin
Source: Ebay

Wine, grapes and a wine glass makes for the perfect hat pin for me (I adore wine as much as I adore beer).

German vintage hat pin with wine
Source: Ebay

Lastly I will end this post with this Alpine Hat with its own wonderful collection of pins, going as far back as 1968.

Bavarian German Hat with pins
Source: Etsy-JansVintageStuff

Hope you enjoyed browsing the world of German Hat Pins and maybe found 1 or 2 you would like for yourself to start your own collection or maybe you have a collection started already. If you do please share in the comment section below or email me at ‘thevintageinnblog@gmail.com’.

Happy Oktoberfest season!



6 comments on “Oktoberfest Is Here Again-Vintage German Hat Pins”

  1. Awesome pins and post! You come up with such seriously cool, original ideas, my dear. It’s always inspiring to read your writing. I have a small number of Austrian/German souvenir pins in my brooch collection. They’re a fun way to connect with my German ancestry.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Thanks so very much Jessica. I do try to once in awhile bring new ideas to the vintage world (and as you know sometimes that can be hard) and this was a fun one to write 🙂

      The hat pins are just so fantastic as brooches..who needs a hat?! 🙂

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