Every vintage collector has at least a few magazines in their collection (especially since they are one of the easiest vintage items to come by) and The Vintage Inn is no different. I own a few but one of my favorites is the magazine LOOK . My copy is from Oct 18th, 1955 and can be seen below and I have read it from top to bottom, I just love it.

Today’s post is all about the covers of LOOK from 1937 to 1960 (so that you can have a good taste of the mag) and this is also part of ‘My Vintage Collection Series’. Enjoy.

Vintage magazine cover Look 1955

Brief History of Look Magazine

Look was a bi-weekly, general-interest magazine published in Des Moines, Iowa, from 1937 to 1971, with more of an emphasis on photographs than articles. A large-size magazine of 11 in × 14 in, it was generally considered a competitor to Life magazine, which began publication months earlier and ended in 1972.
It is known for helping launch the career of film director Stanley Kubrick, who was a staff photographer. And beginning in 1963, Norman Rockwell, after closing his career with the Saturday Evening Post, began making illustrations for Look (Source).

Collection of magazine covers from 1937 to 1960

August 17th, 1937-Tennis anyone?

Vintage look magazine 1937
Source: Etsy

September 1938-SWING! Slap those critics Benny.

1938 look magazine vintage cover featuring lindy hop swing dance
Source: Pinterest

May 9th, 1939. According to the Etsy sellers commentary the cover features Eleanor Holm in a swimsuit and gold shoes on the cover. She and Sally Rand were feuding as to who was the best personality at the New York and San Francisco World’s Fairs.

Interesting tidbit about Eleanor: She is best known for having been suspended from the 1936 Summer Olympics team after she attended a cocktail party and got pretty drunk on the transatlantic cruise ship taking her to Germany (Source).

Vintage Look Magazine 1939 Eleanor Holm Cover
Source: Etsy

June 6th 1939-What a wonderful swimsuit!

look magazine vintage cover 1939
Source: Etsy

Happy New Year! January 2nd, 1940. Judy Garland in the most practical ski outfit ever (but it sure is cute).

Judy Garland vintage magazine cover 1940
Source: Pinterest

June 18th 1940. How do I make Joan Bennetts outfit mine? Love it!

LOOK Magazine rare 1940s JUNE 18 1940
Source: Etsy

1941- Support the troops with Army stripes.

1941 Look Magazine vintage
Source: Etsy

June 8th, 1948.  Time for some cooler clothes men. Now do they mean like bathing suit cool (as in the image) or like make you look cool in your clothes?

1948 vintage Look Magazine cover
Source: Pinterest

July 18th, 1951. Best Hat…Ever. And to answer the question…Total menace those Flying Saucers.

Look Magazine, July 18, 1950
Source: Flickr

November 20th, 1951. The stunning Maureen O’Hara

Maureen Ohara 1951 vintage magazine look
Source: Pinterest

January 12th, 1954- The Travel Issue.

1954 vintage look magazine cover hawaiian
Source: Pinterest

March 23rd, 1954-Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn 1950s vintage look magazine
Source: Pinterest

July 1960- ‘Women without Men’ (oh my!) and Marilyn Monroe on the cover.

Vintage Look Magazine Marilyn Monroe Cover
Source: Etsy

What fantastic covers! Filled with interesting and bizarre stories.

Question time: What was your favorite?

Liz 🙂


8 comments on “‘LOOK’ Magazine – The Vintage Covers”

  1. Fantastic covers! I love that prior to 1939 the women on the cover were featured for what they achieved and then bam! WWII hits and it’s about the way women look, often in a bathing suit or in a sexy pose. xx

  2. No way to narrow these down to the best. They are all great. The swimsuit next to Hitler’s name, my soft spot for Judy Garland, the Swing one. So fun!

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