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As mentioned before this past weekend was the Canadian Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be thankful this year. One of those blessings is my readers who faithfully read, share and comment on my blog each and every week. You make writing this blog so very easy when I know I have your support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Today I wanted my readers to meet (and go and greet) 5 of my followers who have their own blogs, of which I have enjoyed and found inspirational over the years.

1. Jessica from Chronically Vintage

Chronically Vintage

Jessica is one of the first bloggers that ever reached out and started to leave comments on my blog. She was always encouraging, warm and made it feel like we have known each other for years, Jessica is also a fellow Canadian so we share many of the same vintage loves about our country.quarks and fun history tidbits.

If you are not following Jessica yet (and you really should be) you can expect to see on her blog: her vintage clothing style (the 40s & 50s), fun interviews with other vintage bloggers, vintage recipes/images/items to purchase and so very much more.

UPDATE (Oct 17th/16): Jessica and her husband were recently involved in an arson fire and they lost everything (home, personal belongings, her Etsy store products and all her vintage items). There has been a crowd funding campaign started to help them get back on their feet. If you have it in your heart to donate to them please do. DONATE HERE.

2. Retro Rover-Vintage Living with Dogs and Cats

Retro Rover Vintage Blog

One of the things I love about Katherine’s blog (besides her Star Trek love) is how her vintage looks are ever changing. She can rock an awesome 1920s look and then in her next post she is sporting a fantastic 50s look. Katherine looks great in it all! If you love cute dogs (she has so many adorable ones) then you need to check out her blog to see how they are incorporated in her vintage lifestyle.

3. Tanith Rowan- Adventures in Millinery: Vintage, Costume & Modern

Tanith Rowan Blogger and hat Maker

If you love vintage hats, costume hats, hats in general then you need to follow Tanith and her adventures in hat making. Her blog is filled with tons of inspiration on how to style your hat, what hats used to look like in vintage ads and old movies, fun posts like ‘The Sisterhood of the travelling Hat’ and ‘Snoodtember’ (which I totally missed out on). There are even tips on how to make hats, yes Tanith makes her own stunning hats that can be purchased right off her Etsy site or even custom made. Bloggers and Vintage enthusiasts far and wide love Tanith hats and blog and I know you will too.

4. Vintage Gal


Cate from the Vintage Gal blog is an inspiration to all who want to jump into the “sew clothes from vintage patterns” game. Her 1930s style, created most of the time by her own hands are fantastic and I look forward to every single outfit she posts. Cate’s blog though is much more than clothes, she posts about vintage movies & tv shows, her vintage lifestyle, books she has read and vintage items she has acquired (and much more). I have learned so much about UK vintage TV shows from this blog that I’m always googling how to watch them here in Canada (with limited success).

If you have a passion for the 1920s-40s then Cate and her blog is truly the place for you.

5. What Kate-Em did next

What Kate-Em did next

Kate-Em has one of the cutest blogs out there for lovers of knitting vintage clothes and boy are her skills on point. I have typed many a comment using the words “wow”, “super envious”, “so talented” to describe her creations and I hope that one day thru the power of magic I will be able to knit like her (one day..one day). What I also love about Kate-Em’s blog is her posts on her vintage adventures, vintage finds, 1940s anything and of course her vintage style. These are all topics that are very close to home for me and why I have been a fan for so long. I know that you, my readers will enjoy her blog as well.


Once again thank you to ALL my readers new and long term for sticking with this gal from the Vintage Inn. I truly do appreciate every single one of you. Also stay tuned in the future for a part 2 (maybe 3, 4 etc) on other vintage bloggers who follow my blog.


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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely and kind comments about my little corner of the vintage blogosphere. I’d highly recommend any of this wonderful ladies, who are all big supporters of my blog too. Isn’t it amazing to find so much fabulous talent in the world? xx

  2. Thank you so much for including me here. This is one of the things that I love most about blogging, the chance to get to know and chat with other people all over the world. I enjoy reading all your posts very much. Keep up the good work!

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