Happy New Year! We made it to 2017 and I just have this wonderful feeling that its going to be an awesome year. One of the cool things happening in Canada this year, is our 150th Birthday, yes Canada is turning the big 1-5-0 and she is still looking good (even better if I may say). I’m excited this year to get out and explore more of my beloved country and share my adventures with all of you. So stay tuned!

For today’s post we will be exploring beautiful Vintage Canadian Travel Posters & Advertising.

Vintage 1920s Canadian Travel Poster

Join us in British Columbia.

vintage british columbia map cover
Source: Ebay
Whistler vintage poster
Source: Ebay

The water is nice at Chateau Lake Louise, Alberta ( BTW Friends: I will be doing a ‘Vintage Travel to do list post on this hotel next week).

1920s Chateau Lake Louise Vinta
Source: DiMagio

The Mountie and the Rockies, iconic Canadian symbols.

Canadian Pacific Vintage Poster with Mountie and rockies
Source: Pinterest
Vintage Canadian Travel Poster
Source: Pinterest

Saskatoon, is the largest city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. There was also a song written about it in 1915, as seen in the sheet music image below.

Vintage Travel Poster Saskatoon
Source: Collections Canada

Here is what the song sounded like. So very Ragtime!

Vintage Manitoba travel advertising
Source: Click Americana
ontario vintage travel poster two women on a dock
Source: Made Man

Cruise the Great Lakes of Ontario.

Source: Allposters

You MUST go to Niagara Falls when you visit, it’s breathtaking!

Source: Allposters

The poster is correct, Quebec is truly a Winter Wonderland.

Quebec Vintage Travel Poster
Source: Pinterest

My dad attended Expo 67 in Montreal.

montreal expo 67 vintage poster
Source: Pinterest

Head to the East Coast to discover a truly charming part of Canada.

Canada East Coast Travel Poster Vintage
Source: Pinterest

Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Calling - Digby Pines vintage photo
Source: Collectors Weekly

Known world-wide for the beloved and spunky character, Anne of Green Gables, Prince Edward Island will truly delight.

vintage Prince Edward Island advertising
Source: Pinterest
vintage new brunswick travel advertising
Source: Pinterest

‘Canada’s Happy Province’. This slogan from a 1965 ad for Newfoundland and Labrador made me giggle. I guess the rest of Canada’s provinces are grumpy and unwelcoming?

newfoundland-labrador vintage travel poster
Source: I desire Vintage Posters

Canada also has 3 Territories: Yukon, Northwest Territory and Nunavut.

Yukon vintage travel poster
Source: Pinterest
Source: Allposters


For more vintage travel posters, check out my blog post ‘See Canada by Train-Vintage Advertising‘.

Question Time: If you have travelled in Canada, where were your favorite places?


15 comments on “Come Visit Canada! Vintage Travel Posters”

  1. Those are some beautiful vintage travel posters. The graphics are stunning. I would love to visit Canada again. I’ve been to Vancouver and Calgary, including Lake Louise/Banff National Park. Just breathtaking. I do tend to love cities though. So future visits will include Toronto and Montreal.

    • Banff and Lake Louise are personal favorites of mine. I use to be a downhill skier and those are some of the best places in the world to ski. Would love to visit them again.

      If you ever visit Toronto, drop me a line! Would love to meet up.

  2. Thanks for sharing these gems. I adore vintage travel posters.

    Funny, isn’t it, how every single Mountie, whether standing manfully in the background, or paddling a canoe through the wilderness, is ALWAYS in his dress uniform.

    I lost track of how many things there were to laugh about in the Saskatoon sheet music pic. The shoes, the dress, the mountains….

    Now I’m all excited to visit all these places.

  3. The oldest posters are so beautiful, great colours and graphics. I like the first one especially. I have never been to Canada but would really love to one day. Where would you recommend to a first time visitor?

  4. These posters are gorgeous! Canada is definitely on my list of places to visit one day, I want to go to all the big cities, particularly Montreal and Quebec. xx

  5. We have been once, and Banff was our favourite place, although our travels were very limited. We have definite plans to make it back one day, or a few times if we can afford it!

    I have a print of a Banff travel poster that I really should put on the wall, it’s only been 4 years now…

    • I totally understand about having art for a long time that needs to be put up. My husband and I bought a beautiful painting in Cuba 3 years we FINALLY got framed and put up..finally.

      Banff is fantastic! I have been there for skiing years ago. Loved it.

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