If you are looking to add a touch of the 1950’s to your home decor, the best way to do this is by scouring vintage photos. Why? Well clearly its the best example of how people ACTUALLY dressed up their homes (as opposed to what you see in the magazines). So for today’s post I have searched the internet for these images so that those who are interested, can begin decking out their homes in true 1950’s style.

Lets begin with Gladys of Sioux City in her front room-June, 1956.

First up Gladys is cute as button. Her mirror on the fireplace is fantastic and the flower stand by the window is outstanding and very mid-century.

1956 vintage photo of an older woman in her living room
Source: Flickr

Family Dinner.

1950s family dinner vintage photo
Source: Etsy

1953 Dance Party. The colour in the curtains match part of the flowers in the wallpaper (good job!). Also can we take a moment to admire the dresses in this post. According to the Flickr poster, Patrick Q the lady in the green dress was his grandmother and she held onto that dress until the day she died around 40 years later.

1953 Dance Party vintage image
Source: Flickr

The Lamp! February 1, 1958 before the dance.

Before the dance, 1958 girl in a fancy gown in her livingroom vintage image

Cute Baby alert in a 1958 living room. The chairs and table are so cool and coveted pieces in today’s modern world.

1958 Baby in livingroom vintage photo
Source: Flickr

You can never have enough lamps….apparently. Not sure if I would adopt this look in my home though.

1950s photo of a livingroom
Source: Etsy

A flower couch and shiny flower wallpaper.

1950s photo of a young couple on a couch
Source: Etsy

A nice streamlined 50’s look (I’m really digging the couch and the pillow).

1950s photo of a woman on a couch wrapping a christmas present
Source: Etsy

Mid-Century Kitchen, with the coolest floor.

vintage photo of a mid century 1950s kitchen
Source: Etsy

The brown bathroom.

1950s photo of a bathroom vintage image
Source: Etsy

Birds and sunflowers shower curtain.

1950s woman in the bathroom brushing teeth vintage image
Source: Etsy

Mental Note: Take photos of your child’s first communion in front of your first TV so you can remember them both fondly. Mix and match curtains and wallpaper again.

1950s vintage image of young girl and television
Source: Etsy

Young boy in his bedroom.

1955 Kodacolor Print Vintage Snapshot Photo Boy in His Bedroom
Source: Etsy

1955 Bedroom Interior.

Bedroom Interior, 1955: Vintage Snapshot Photo
Source: Etsy


Well friends, I hope you enjoyed taking a look at true 1950’s decor and if your redesigning your home in an authentic 50’s style, I hope it helped!

Question time: Do you like 1950’s decor? Or are you a fan of other era’s? Share in the comments below.

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8 comments on “Decor ideas from the homes of the 1950’s”

  1. I love the photo of the ladies all dressed up and having a party in someone’s house. I have a few like that of my parents and their friends from the 60s. I love that they got so glammed up! xx

  2. I’m growing to appreciate the 50s furniture, but nothing could make me love a brown bathroom! I’m still so happy to have gotten rid of our dodgy 70s/80s brown and green bathroom decor. What a relief!

    The kitchen photo reminds me a lot of one of my dad and his family in their childhood home! That would have been in the 60s so probably still the 50s style!

    • Nope to the brown as well! I’m not a fan of the pink that is super popular but I would take that over brown any day lol!

      My friend said the kitchen reminded her of her grandparents home, so it must of been a popular style 🙂

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