Spring is here and that means wedding season is upon us. So I thought for Vintage Photo Tuesday that I would share some real life 1950’s inspiration for future brides and for those who just love looking at vintage photos (like many of my lovely readers).


Palladium wedding rings advert from the 1950s
Source: Pinterest

The bride and her bridesmaids in the most beautiful gowns.

Photo of 1950s Bride with Two Bridesmaids
Source: Etsy

In my vintage photo travels, I have never seen a 1950’s wedding dress with such an incredible scalloped neckline before. So very different, and I love it!

Vintage photo of a 1950s bride in her wedding dress with scalloped neckline
Source: Etsy

A very stylish bride and groom (check out the grooms tie). Oh and that bouquet must of weighed a ton!

1950s bride and groom vintage photo
Source: Etsy

The most fashionable family/friends award goes to this brides entourage! High Fives all around to keeping up with our bride. Plus we have another very different wedding gown. Almost looks like a pinafore style from what I can see (do you agree?).

1950s bride on her wedding day, glowing surrounded by her ladies vintage photo
Source: Etsy

The Mother/Daughter Dance.

vintage photo of 1950s bride dancing with her mother
Source: Etsy

I absolutely adore when men wear a white tuexedo jacket, black pants and bowtie. It’s such a handsome look and especially on ones wedding day.

1950s vintage wedding photo of the bride and the groom
Source: Etsy

The Wedding Cake. Sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes non existent (we skipped it at my wedding). Our newly married couple in this next photo, don’t really seem to know how to feel about what they eating. Maybe they are thinking they spent way to much money on something edible?

1950s vintage photo of a bride and groom wearing glasses and eating wedding cake
Source: Etsy

The wedding party arrives in a very nice car.

Source: Etsy

Not all brides need to wear a white dress on their wedding, a classy 2 piece suit will do the job as well.

vintage 1950s wedding photo of a young couple coming out of the church
Source: Etsy

Last but not least, I’m going to leave you with a photo that technically does not fit this weeks theme but it is just so awesome, I had to share it.

The 1950’s bridal shower. Oh my goodness! Those dresses! The doll cakes! The little umbrellas! Could this photo get any more fantastic? Love love love.

1950s Wedding Bridal Shower with Doll Cakes vintage photo
Source: Etsy


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Thanks for taking a walk down the vintage photo wedding aisles with me friends!

Question time! What was your favourite photo that I shared? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  1. Gorgeous photos, as always! I’ve just been asked to bridesmaid for the fourth time and I’m so excited about it. I cannot wait to go wedding dress shopping with the bride-to-be. I think she’ll go for something quite straight line and demure, but it’ll be interesting to see what she picks. xx

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