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The Vintage Inn Travels to Paris, France – Part 1

The vintage inn blog travels to Paris France

With Valentines day around the corner, I think it’s finally time to share my birthday trip this past May (2017) to Paris, France for my 40th. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a little girl (after watching ‘An American in Paris’) to visit the city of Lights & Love and my wonderful husband made that dream a reality.

I of course documented every second of our “Paris on a Budget” trip, so that I would never forget a single moment. Don’t worry friends, I won’t bore you with ALL the photos, but here is Part 1 of the most fantastic trip ever!

Vintage Inn Blog visits Paris France
We arrived!

Our hotel location (Novotel Paris Centre Eiffel Tower):

My husband knows me well, very well so it was a wonderful surprise that I found out we were staying a short 20 minute walk to my favourite monument ever…The Eiffel Tower AND we had a view from our hotel room. (Note: Before you look at photo below please note that I said a “view” of the Eiffel Tower)

The Vintage Inn Blog Visits Paris France

Our room was an L Shape which meant that we also had a fantastic view of the River Seine (we would sit here at the end of our nights with a bottle of Champagne and cheese and enjoy the beauty of Paris). It was so great that I literally ran around my room trying to figure out what to stare at first (no joke lol).

paris france river seine

River Seine & Champagne

While I was staring out my window in awe that I was actually IN Paris I noticed there was a mini Statue of Liberty on the bridge you see in the image above. Turns out it was a gift from America to Paris in 1889 (as you know France gave the US the original Lady Liberty). COOL!

Extra Read: Extended history of why this mini statue exists can be found HERE.

Statue of Liberty Paris, France
Up close with Mini Liberty

We arrived on May Day (May 1st), so many things were closed but that did not stop us from heading out and exploring. We were starving so we did dinner first at a pub called, O’Neil (sorry no french food this night) that was hopping with Parisians and tourists and had good reviews. It was wonderful! The burgers were outstanding super inexpensive and they also brewed their own beer (which my husband and I loved as we are craft beer fans). Plus the staff and the manager treated us like we were old friends, we loved it and ended up going back on my birthday later on in the week.

O'Neils Microbrewery in Paris France

After dinner we hit the pavement and just started to wander the streets taking in the beauty & history that was around us.

Paris France Vintage Inn Trip

We eventually ended up at the Louvre and took in all that was there (we had tickets to see the inside of the Louvre later in the week).

Louvre, Paris France at Night

Louvre, Paris France at Night

Our evening ended with a visit to the Eiffel Tower. OMG the tower is even more beautiful up close and personal, I shed a tear it was so wonderful to see.

Eiffel Tower Paris France at Night


The Vintage Inn Blog at Eiffel Tower Paris

Day 2: Notre-Dame and wherever else we could visit on a budget before our feet fell off.

As stated above, my husband and I were on a budget and from our research Paris is known to be pricey. To save money, we went to the large grocery store that was next to our hotel each day and stocked up on food to eat as we walked around. This really helped us on costs. Also in our neighbourhood was a great bakery that sold delicious baquettes (and sandwiches) that we purchased to add to our food stash. Great cost saving tip!

Eating French Bread in front of the Notre Dame Paris France-Vitnage Inn Blog
Enjoying a Baquette in from Notre Dame

Notre-Dame was a must see on our list and it was totally free to visit as long as you did not head up to the Bell Towers and the crypt (which had a fee). I have been itching to see this church in person ever since my Art History classes in University, especially the Rose Windows AND the Flying Buttresses (an incredible archtiectural detail). I was not disappointed.

Notre Dame Paris France 2017

My Flying Butresses-So PRETTY!

Notre Dame Flying Buttresses

After Notre-Dame the sun was out and the weather was beautiful and we had nothing planned EXPECT to find me a French Macaron. ‘Un Dimanche A Paris‘ was where we stopped and boy was it good.

Paris France Vintage Inn Blog

The last half of our first full day in Paris, included picking up a bottle of wine and some cheese and heading to the most beautiful park I have ever seen (we don’t have parks like this in Toronto), called ‘Jardin du Luxembourg‘. The park is located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, was created beginning in 1612 by Marie de’ Medici, the widow of King Henry IV of France, for a new residence she constructed, the Luxembourg Palace (seen below). The garden today is owned by the French Senate, which meets in the Palace. It covers 23 hectares and is known for its lawns, tree-lined promenades, flowerbeds, model sailboats on its circular basin, and picturesque Medici Fountain, built-in1620 (Source).

Jardin du Luxembourg Paris France

Medici Fountain

Medici Fountain Paris France

Palm Trees, kids playing with boats in a pond and even an Orangerie (bottom left image), this park has it all.

Jardin du Luxembourg Paris France

BUT I think my favourite part of this whole visit was having a bottle of wine with my husband and watching the world go by. In fact my husband was so relaxed that he ended up falling asleep and I was left alone with a half finished bottle of wine………Hiccup!

The vintage inn blog in Paris France drinking wine

After a long day and some dinner at a delish Vietnamese restaurant, we headed back to our hotel to have a bottle of Champagne and watch the boats go down the Seine, but not before checking out the Eiffel Tower light show from our local bridge. A great way to end our 2nd day in Paris.

(Video Link)


Stay tuned for part 2 friends!

Question time: Have you ever been to Paris? If yes, what did you love? If no, what would you be most excited about seeing if you did visit? Share in the comments below!



Vintage Travel Advertising for Ontario-Canada’s Vacation Province!

Source: I Desire vintage Posters

Today’s post is going to showcase Vintage Travel Posters of Ontario in the 1920’s-1960’s. Ontario is where my home of Toronto is located (and TO is the capital of Ontario) and it also is home to my childhood home of Sarnia. So Ontario is very special to me and since it’s Canada’s 150th birthday I want to show-off the vintage side of my beloved province.

Lets Begin!

In 1924 a Tourist and Publicity Bureau was set up to promote Ontario’s attractions, especially those associated with nature and the outdoors.

To encourage tourism, the Bureau published an annual guide to “point out some of the advantages of the Province of Ontario as a tourist centre in summer and winter”(Source).

1926 Ontario Travel Guide- “The Lake-Land Playground“.

1926 Ontario Travel Guide Booklet
Source: Archives of Ontario Library Collection

Ontario Canada Resorts 1920s vintage poster

Archives of Ontario State:

By the 1930s, three out of every four Americans visiting Canada chose Ontario for their vacation. The government’s tourism marketing strategy through the forties and fifties was to target Americans who wanted an outdoor vacation. This advertising was directed at families who desired to holiday on one of the many lakes, as well as at individuals who wanted to hunt and fish in Ontario’s forests and streams.

Publications and photographs promoting Ontario as “the Lakeland Playground of America” were forwarded to travel editors and inserted in newspapers and magazines throughout the United States (Source).

1930's Ontario travel pamphlet vintage
1930’s. Source: Archives of Ontario Library Collection
ontario vintage travel poster two women on a dock
Source: Made Man
Ontario vintage travel poster Ontario's Lakelands
Source: Pinterest
Ontario 1950s travel poster vintage
Source: Pinterest
vintage skiing in Ontario Canada Travel Brochure
Source; Pinterest
1950's ontario vintage advertising
Source: Etsy
1953 Ontario Canada collectible vintage magazine ad
Source: Etsy

1950's vintage Ontario vacation poster

1950s Vintage Ontario Travel Brochure
Source: PicClick

Inside of above brochure

1950s Vintage Ontario Travel Brochure
Source: PicClick
vintage Ontario Travel Brochure
Source: Flickr


And that friends was your virtual visit to Ontario. Hope you enjoyed your trip!

On an end note, there will be no blog post next week as I will be in London, UK and Paris, France celebrating my husband and I’s 5th wedding anniversary and my Big 4-0 birthday. If you want to see my adventures while I’m there please follow me on Instagram.


Happy Canada Day! Roundup of Interesting Posts about Vintage Canada

Happy Canada Day!! We are celebrating 149 years today and I’m so very excited for my country and to be Canadian on this fantastic day 🙂

vintage Canada image poster

Today’s post is a roundup of some of the interesting vintage posts (1920s-1970s) about Canada that I have found over the last while, that give a bit more insight into the country I call home. Enjoy!

Once Upon a City Women who were unsung heroes of war effort via Toronto Star

ajax-munitions Canadian Bomb girls vintage image
Archives Canada

Jessica at Chronically Vintage (a fellow Canadian) started a Flickr Group called “Vintage Canada” with some super vintage images of the land we both love. Check it out!

vintage canada images
via Flickr

We all know that small towns have some amazing history tied to them. So the next time you visit Canada (or head out onto a road trip) why not check out this blog post on ‘Canada’s Best Small Towns‘ via the ‘Great Canadian Bucket List‘ website.

city of nelson small vintage town

If you follow my blog then you know that I like to post about Toronto & Canadian History, here is one I did awhile back: Vintage Canadian Actors & Actresses in Hollywood.

Fay Wray

Elinor Florence is a writer and blogger (and another Canadian friend) who focuses on Canada’s Wartime Past on her Wednesday blog. Her recent book entitled ‘Bird’s Eye View‘ is excellent and recommend read (I could not put it down) about an idealistic young Canadian woman who joins the air force during the Second World War and becomes an aerial photographic interpreter.

Elinor most recent blog post about a young woman named ‘Ruth Owens’ reminded me very much of the main character in her book. Ruth was trained as a photographer for the Royal Canadian Air Force and served at RCAF Centralia, Ontario, during World War Two. Her photo album gives us a fascinating glimpse into wartime history, crammed with snapshots of life on a Canadian air training. Read Post HERE.

1940s Canadian Woman in Airforce
Source: Elinor Florence

Canada built the first UFO Landing Pad in St. Paul, Alberta in 1967

Canada's first UFO landing page st paul alberta

The Archives of Canada has a bevy of amazing albums on their Flickr Page and one of them that caught my eye was all about ‘Toys and Games in Canada‘. Now this is not exclusive to Canada (as we know) but I just thought it was a fun collection of images of Canadian’s of all ages having fun.

Baseball game between women from the "Eager Beavers" and officers of the Regina Rifle Regiment 1940s

May 28th, 1934-The Dionne Quintuplets are born and are noted as being the only quintuplets to survive for more than a few days. This miracle, plus their baby cuteness, the poverty of their French Canadian parents, and the controversy over their guardianship, made them the sensation of the 1930s (source).

Read all about them HERE.

The Dionne quintuplets

Well friends, I hope you enjoyed some of the Vintage Canadian images and posts I shared with you today. Happy Canada Day!

Liz 🙂


Vintage Inn Travels Back to Havana, Cuba-New Sites

I’m off to a German function in Las Vegas on Thursday and since that is technically a trip I thought I would finally share with you the new sites I saw on my last visit back to Havana, Cuba, to keep with a “travel” theme for today’s post.

Havana Cuba Postcard

The Barcadi Building-Art Deco Gem

I have missed this building every-time I visit Havana, but this time I made sure I saw it. Unfortunately we could only get into the lobby but what a lobby it was.

Bacardi Building (Havana)


The building was designed by architects Rafael Fernández Ruenes, Esteban Rodríguez Castell and José Menéndez, for the Bacardi rum company. The art deco landmark was completed in 1930 and was at the time the largest building in the city.

After the Cuban revolution and the departure of Bacardi from Cuba, the building continued to be used for offices. At the end of the 1990s it was renovated by the city historian’s office (source).

Bacardi Building (Havana)

Bacardi Building (Havana)

Bacardi Building (Havana)

Bacardi Building (Havana)

Look at those Elevators! Oh Wow!

Bacardi Building (Havana)

Bacardi Building (Havana)

I have shown this image before but I still love this sign.

Havana, Cuba 1950s Floridita Sign

La Moderna Poesia: Owned by the López Serrano family–who evidently had a preference for Art Deco–this bookstore has been the “insignia” bookstore of the city (Source).

Havana, Cuba Art Deco building

We took time to check out the Havana Club Museum. It was a fun little tour and perfect for when the weather is crummy (which it was that day).

Havana Club Museum-Havana, Cuba

I managed to capture this beautiful sunset over Havana after the rain went away.


On one of the days we decided to take a walk along the Malecon towards Vedado an area of Havana we have never seen and holds such famous structures like the Hotel Nacional De Cuba.

The walk ended up taking us 40 minutes in 30 degree heat and was really dumb to do because we were dying of thirst and realized later on our way home that a cab was 8 minutes for like $4Cdn (oops!), BUT worth it once we arrived!

The Malecón Havana, Cuba
The Malecón, Havana’s evocative 8km-long sea drive

Then the Hotel appeared before us….on a hill (Just fantastic).

Hotel Nacional de Cuba

But we made it up the hill and boy were we in for a real treat.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Brief History of the Hotel:

  • Opened December 30th, 1930.
  • Famous Guests:  Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Mickey Mantle, Buster Keaton, Tyrone Power, Errol Flynn, John Wayne, Marlene Dietrich, Gary Cooper, Marlon Brando and Ernest Hemingway. Plus: Winston Churchill and the Duke & Duchess of Windsor.
  • December 1946 the hotel hosted the Havana Conference, an infamous mob summit run by Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky. Francis Ford Coppola memorably dramatized the conference in his film The Godfather Part II.
  • In 1956, singer Nat King Cole was contracted to perform in Cuba and wanted to stay at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba but was not allowed to because he was black. Cole honored his contract, and the concert at the Tropicana was a huge success. The following year, he returned to Cuba for another concert, singing many songs in Spanish. There is now a tribute to him in the form of a bust and a jukebox in the Hotel Nacional.
  • In the 1950s a casino and club were added onto the Hotel and were a huge success.
  • After the Revolution, the hotel manly housed visiting diplomats and foreign government officials. In the 90s when Cuba opened it’s doors to tourism the hotel was restored and even though has not returned to its former glory is still is a fantastic piece of history (Source).
Lobby of the Hotel Nacional de Cuba
Lobby of the Hotel

More cool elevators. I love that in many old hotels the elevators have some of the best details.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba

We then ventured outside for a drink, cigar and some people watching.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Back of the hotel facing the sea.


Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Did you know that the hotel style of the Famous Breakers in Palm Beach was influenced by the Hotel Nacional?

The Nacional and then below is the Breakers. See the resemblance?

Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Breakers Hotel Palm Beach

Look a Canada Car!

Havana, Cuba

After we had our drink and our break we started to wander the area called Vedado.

Vedado is very different from Old Havana, as it’s a central business district and an urban neighborhood and a great way to see Havana outside of the traditional tourist area. There are tons of things to do including great restaurants, bars and sites. We really liked this area and will go back to finish exploring in the near future.

Vedado, Havana, Cuba

One of the buildings I wanted to see was FOCSA Building– The Tallest Building in Cuba.

It is considered one of the seven wonders of Cuban civil engineering. Its construction took about 2 years and 4 months. At completion in 1956 it was considered a national sensation due to its modern technology and it signalled the start of a wave of construction of tall buildings in Havana.

In an era when concrete construction of buildings more than 18 storeys tall was considered unaffordable, the FOCSA was only the second project of its kind in the world (Source).

FOCSA Building Cuba

Next up the famous Coppelia in Havana. The Coppelia is an ice cream chain with the one in Havana being the largest Ice Cream Parlor in the world, holding 1000 guests.

Coppelia Ice Cream Parlor Cuba

The Lineups are long for the ice cream here and when we got there, they were lined up for miles. Then I remembered a tip for from a travel book I read that there was a “tourist section” where you pay more than the Cubans but the lineups are short. We chose to go that route.

Coppelia Ice Cream Parlor Cuba

And here is the ice cream…yummy.

Coppelia Ice Cream Parlor Cuba

After we got our chill on we decided to walk the neighbourhood because I read there was some large mansions and wonderful architecture in the area, and we were not disappointed.

Vedado, Havana, Cuba Mansion

Vedado, Havana, Cuba Mansion

This movie theatre sign is fantastic!

Vedado, Havana, Cuba Mansion

Vedado, Havana, Cuba Mansion

 Hotel Roc Presidente Havana
Hotel Presidente

Jose Marti Parque Stadium

Jose Marti Parque Stadium-Havana

Havana, Cuba Building

After that long day, we just headed back to the hotel in Old Havana and had a chill night checking out a new restaurant and listening to some music.

On the last day we wandered the streets and took our time taking in what a beautiful city Havana truly is and discussed when we would come back (hopefully sooner then later)

Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba vintage cars

I hope you enjoyed my new round of never seen photos of Havana and maybe this go around I convinced you to now visit or check out never seen before sites in the city.

Happy Travels! And if you want to see some of my other Cuba posts check them out HERE.

Liz 🙂












Vintage Travel Posters of Glasgow and London

In one week my hubby and I will be on plane heading to our next vacation to Glasgow and London. I am super excited to hit the skies again and see things I have never seen before and visit with friends and family we have not seen in a while.

vintage travelling

Once again since I am the “VINTAGE” Inn today’s post is all about the vintage travel ads I rounded up for the destinations we are visiting. I hope you enjoy 🙂

First Up Glasgow, Scotland. My husbands parents are from Glasgow and he still has family in the city so that is why we are visiting it first.

I just LOVE this ad!

You can get to Glasgow by Train.

Glasgow vintage advertising

Or see Glasgow by Bus.

Vintage Glasgow travel ad 1930s
Source: Ebay

A Vintage Canadian Pacific ad for travel to Glasgow says you can get to the city by boat.

Canadian Pacific vintage poster to Glasgow

If you read my blog regularly, you know why I shared this ad. SCOTTIE DOGS!!!

London to Glasgow vintage travel ad with scottie dogs
Aren’t they cute???!

Now this photo does not mention Glasgow specifically but it is so darn lovely that I needed to share it with all of you.

Vintage Travel Scotland Poster
The colours are so vibrant in this image. Fantastic.


After Glasgow, we are jetting off to Jolly Old London. England. This has been on my bucket list for a very long time and I seriously cannot wait to get there and see all the wonderful things the city has to offer.

london travel poster for Pan Am
Source: vintage poster blog

So many things to do while in London. Where should I start first?

British Rail Travel Poster London 1950s
Source: DP Vintage Posters
Source: Londontopia

Ohhh this ad from Delta Air Lines is so very pretty. 100% something you would frame and put on your wall.

vintage_london travel poster

As the ad says “Visit Britain”….I’m working on it!

visit britian vintage travel poster
Southern British Railways, 1950s – original vintage poster by Roderick Laing listed on


And that ends our travel poster trip, hope you enjoyed the ride 🙂

Okay friends, please tell me what should I see and do while in Glasgow and London. All suggestions welcome!



Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18-Sunday

(Note: To view my other days at VIVA click on the days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Last day of VIVA, wow it went so fast how was that possible? I guess it’s possible when you are having the time of your life. All good things must eventually come to an end, right?

Happy Easter! Sunday for me is ALWAYS shopping at the vintage vendors day, since many of the vendors put their items on sale as they don’t want to take tons of stuff home. Every year I have gotten lucky and have found some wonderful items and this year was no different. However I did find that I purchased less this year due to the Canadian dollar being so poor so that the exchange rate made everything so much more expensive. Oh well more money left over for future trips.

First up I picked up a couple of great scarfs to add to my collection.

vintage scarf

This souvenir San Francisco scarf is my favorite of the two.

vintage novelty scarf

I also purchased the cutest brooch, it’s a Heinz 57 Ketchup bottle!

vintage novelty brooch

Then just as I was about to walk out a happy camper with what I had, I saw out of the corner of my eye a vintage 1950s Shirtwaist dress from the vendor “Love Street Vintage” who I had the pleasure of purchasing past dresses from before. It fit like a glove and it was a good price so it CLEARLY came home with me.

1950s Vintage Shirtwaist Dress

After shopping we thought we would see if we could get into the Sunday Pool Party which normally in the past we have not been able to do, due to it being the popular day and there are normally long line ups. But this year ended up being really easy and I think it might have had to do with the high winds making people think it was cold at the pool (which it was not). Yay for us!

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015

My friend had secured several lounge chairs for the gang which ended up being in good prime viewing of the women’s swimsuit contest and the bands on the stage. Thank you!

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015
The Canadians at the Pool

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015

There was so many GORGEOUS swimsuits to be seen, as you can see from these 3 lovely women. The red head is actually a fellow Canadian who has a super blog called “Pinup Persuasion“, who I did not realize I had taken a photo of until I just looked at now and clearly missed saying hello. Opps. She did later on enter the vintage swimsuit contest, which I’m glad she did because her suit was stunning (as did the girl in the green suit).

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015

The band that played earlier in the afternoon “The Cavaleros” were really good (and Canadian) and kept the party going with their cool surf sounds. My favorite part though was when they took “Sing Sing Sing” and made it into a Rockabilly/Surf Version. The video I took even had Lindy Hoppers (from San Francisco I found out later) dancing to it. LOVE IT!

Speaking of San Fran here is my new friend from San Fran who was also a Lindy Hopper and really cool to chat with.

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015
Lindy Hoppers at the Pool

Then my friend Bill stole my camera to take a picture with beautiful women.

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015

Bill JUST missed his chance with these ladies, by seconds. His loss.

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015

I guess the pool party is not amusing for everyone….

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015

Unfortunately I have no great photos of the swimsuit contest as the sun was pretty bright and was making it hard to see what I was taking pictures of. So you just have to take my word on the fact that the suits were stunning (as you saw above). Here is one photo though that turned out okay.

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015
One of the Contestants of the Pool Party

After the contest, we packed up our stuff and headed in to get ready for the Sunday evening favorite of mine and many others..the Jive Contest! BUT first what is starting to become a tradition, getting as many Canadians together for a group photo.

Here is this years, we clean up nicely don’t we?

Canadians at VIVA 18

Okay back to the Jive Contest…Once again the dance floor was filled with lots of wonderful dancers and once again my favorite did not get picked (I always chose wrong) but it was still fun to watch. Here is a clip of the 2nd round of the contest. The couple in the front of the video in the matching pink outfits ended up winning the whole thing.

And here is another tradition! Taking a photo with the Orleans Sign.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015
Me and the Sign

Now the evening is really winding down and now my body is telling me that it’s soon time to call it quits. We did however want to see the Doo Wop All Stars Show. This years show included: Herb Cox-The Cleftones; Eugene Pitt-The Jive Five and Bobby Lewis (“Tossin & Turning”) It was really great and super stylish as Doo Wop bands tend to be.

Do Woop All Stars Show VLV 18

Do Wop All Stars Show VLV 18

One again the floor was packed with dancers. Here is a little video I took during one of the sets featuring Bobby Lewis.

After the show my husband and I had to say our goodbyes as we had an early flight 🙁

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015

And then it was done…

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015
And that’s a wrap!

That was VIVA 18 2015. I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures as much as I enjoyed being in those adventures. Will I maybe see you next year?

Liz 🙂






Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18-Friday

(Note: See my Viva Trip on Wednesday & Thursday & Saturday & Sunday)

It’s Friday! Vintage Hairstyle day and the Men’s Vintage Swimsuit contest at the pool (my fav).

My friend Liisa was such a doll and offered as a gift to myself and a mutual friend to have our hair done by the magical and amazing Teresa of “Beauty by Teresa Song“.  So I zipped done to their room with Champagne and Orange Juice in hand and prepared for some pampering and girl talk.

Champagne and Orange Juice VIVA 18
Breakfast of Champions

I have never had my hair done all fancy by anyone at Viva, I usually tackle this process by myself and hope for the best. I by no means am a Vintage Hair Style wizard, but Teresa..was. She took my mess of hair and turned it into this…

Vintage Rockabilly Hairstyle Viva 18
Ready for my close up! Man I look different with no glasses.

Kidding! This is what she did…

Vintage Rockabilly Hairstyle Viva 18
Not sure if this is possible to do by regular folk like me
Vintage Rockabilly Hairstyle Viva 18
Victory Rolls

Voila! The Finished Product. Teresa you are amazing and I 100% recommend her to anyone looking to get their hair done next year. She works fast, was professional and really nice.

Vintage Rockabilly Hairstyle Viva 18
1940s Meets Rockabilly

Okay I’m done, it’s my friends turn now.

Vintage Hairstyles Viva 18

Above turns into the Magic.

Vintage Hairstyles Viva 18

Drea’s turn.

Vintage Hairstyles Viva 18
Drea was trying to go for the same look as me. hehehe

So pretty, mini victory roll and curls.

Vintage Hairstyles Viva 18

We are 3 happy ladies, full of champagne and orange juice and lots of girly time. Thanks again Liisa!

Vintage Hairstyles Viva 18

Now we are all done up…time for the Pool and the Men’s Vintage Swimsuit contest especially now that sun was out and it was finally hot.

VIVA 18 Tiki Pool Party Friday 2015

There was even a live band-The Sabres to set the tone for the afternoon.

The Sabres VIVA Pool Party 18 2015
The Sabres

Pool Time is Friend Time!

VIVA 18 Pool Party Style
Hanging out with Friends at the Pool in my 1960s Vintage “Ceeb of Miami” swimsuit from Cabaret vintage
VIVA 18 Pool Party Style
Cool Glasses Ladies


Time for the Men’s Swimsuit Contest! Here were some of my favorites:

Men's Vintage Swimsuit Contest VIVA 18 2015

Men's Vintage Swimsuit Contest VIVA 18 2015
I really liked this swimsuit and matching shirt.

Our host (man with the microphone) plays Carl Perkins in the Million Dollar Quartet in Vegas.

Men's Vintage Swimsuit Contest VIVA 18 2015

Men's Vintage Swimsuit Contest VIVA 18 2015

Men's Vintage Swimsuit Contest VIVA 18 2015
It’s a Jungle Out There!

What a great contest, the men really had wonderful vintage swimsuits and it was a fun afternoon. But all good warm and sunny day’s have to come to an end and so we packed it up and got ready for the evening ahead.

My Friday Night Outfit. 1940s Vintage Seersucker dress from “The Best Vintage Clothing” online store.

1940s Seersucker vintage dress

First band of the night and now one of my favorite singers, “Kay Marie“. Her sound channeled the spirit of Americana trailblazers with powerful and passionate vocals, and had this old school vintage feel that I just loved. I danced almost to every one of her songs and it was fantastic to see the room so packed for her show.

Kay Marie VIVA 18 2015
Kay Marie in the Bienville Room

After Kay Marie it was time for one of the big shows in the Ballroom that I was really really looking forward to… Bobby Brooks Wilson, the son of Jackie Wilson. If you have time click on his name and read about his story about how he found out he was Jackie Wilsons son, it is pretty incredible.

Bobby Brooks Wilson Viva 18 2015
Bobby Brooks Wilson

Speaking of incredible…his show was incredible! I thought I was listening and watching Jackie himself. Such an amazing talent and a ridiculously good show. A highlight was when one of the past singers of the Platters came on stage to sing “Only You”. Check out my video to experience what I experienced that night.

After my mind was blown for an hour and half, I still had tons of energy to zip off and support a favorite band of mine (and the Toronto Rockabilly Scene), Jittery Jack. Jittery Jack’s band always puts 120% into their shows and once again this was another good one.

Jittery Jack at Viva Las Vegas 18 2015
Jittery Jack

Only one person is having fun here..can you guess who (and it’s NOT Bill from the Hellbent Rockers lol)? Cheer up Drea..the night is not over yet, it’s time to hit up the Ballroom!

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015

I ended my Friday night checking out the final performance EVER of the band “The Chop Tops“. The band coined the phrase “Revved-Up Rockabilly” to describe their wild, upbeat blend of rockabilly, psychobilly, old punk, teddy boy, and surf music genres (source) and have been playing together since 1995. This final show was going to be nothing but amazing and filled with surprises at every turn. And it was!

The Chop Tops VIVA 18 2015
The Chop Tops

One of those surprises was bringing up Mario Valens the brother of La Bamba singer Ritchie Valens. That was a real highlight of the evening for me.

Mario Valens at VIVA 18 2015
Mario Valens

Here is Mario singing with the Chop Tops a tune you might all know….


And that friends was Friday of VIVA 18. Stay tuned for Car Show and Dion (The Wanderer) day aka Saturday.

Attnedees of VIVA. How was your Friday Night?

Liz 🙂

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18-Thursday

(Note: Check out my Wednesday & Friday & Saturday & Sunday adventures)

It’s like Christmas Morning! VIVA is officially here, bring on the bands, shopping, clothes, the bowling, the burlesque etc. etc. etc. But first bring on my wristband for the weekend!

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015
Viva Wristband

Since it was so cold in Toronto, I decided that we needed to hit up the pool. I mean seriously..look how nice and warm it looks outside…

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015

WRONG…oh so very very wrong. It was windy and cold and we lasted a half an hour. Booo Vegas! What’s up with that? So we decided to grab a drink in our room and get ready for a favorite event of mine that afternoon…”Sweetpea’s Hooch and Smooch“.

Sweet Pea's Hooch N' Smooch Viva 18
Poster from the afternoon event-So fun!

What I love about Sweet Pea’s event is that she always seems to find the best bands, has fun games for VIVA attendees to meet each other and there is always a good turn out. It honestly for me is the perfect way to start my Viva weekend.

Of course I had to dress up for the afternoon (this is Viva after all). Vintage 1940s Blouse is from Cabaret Vintage, Belle Blossoms Hair Flower, Luxulite drink tab necklace, Vintage Bakelite bracelets and black pencil skirt acquired on my recent trip to Seattle from Diva Dollz.


Okay back to my Sweet Pea Afternoon. The First band that we heard when we finally got there (and LOVED) was Shuggie B. Goode. Their sound was really fun and fantastic for dancing and when we walked in the band was singing a song about the Lindy Hop (win!).

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015
Shuggie B. Goode

“Coast Guard Baby” featuring the Lindy Hop mention I stated above 🙂

Since I’m a dancer I love watching dancing and this year the dance floor was really really packed almost every night with lots of dancers of all ages and many of them were Lindy Hoppers or Balboa Dancers.

Here is the most adorable couple dancing together (they danced all weekend long). I just adore her dress with matching running shoes…too cute!

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015 Dancers
Dancing is not reserved for the young.

Even Elvis likes to dance!

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015 Dancers
Viva Las Vegas!

Now I’m going to probably mess up the order of who I listened to next but does not really matter. We also heard the killer sounds of  TJ Mayes from Oklahoma, who kept the dance floor packed the whole set.

In the video below my hubby and I make an appearance around the 1:21ish mark.

Then I finally got to hear the Roy Kay Trio. They have been on my bucket list for some time of bands I needed to hear live and boy did they deliver a great show. With their country/Hillbilly Bop Rockabilly sound I could have danced all night long to them.

Roy Kay Trio Viva Las Vegas 18

Hunger has by this time consumed my thoughts so time for food..really healthy food (wink wink) before we change and attend the first official evening of VIVA.

Dinner of Champions-VIVA 18
See mom there is green on my plate!


THURSDAY NIGHT-Tonight we travel around Europe to hear the best sounds of Rockabilly.

Up first, meeting up with my lovely friend Sabine who lives in Las Vegas and is a swing dancer like myself. Sabine always has the prettiest dresses and hair and is an amazing dancer as well.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015
Evening Outfit Vintage 1940s Dress from Jack Lux in Toronto

Thursday Night Band # 1-The Hi-Tones from Russia. These guys were really really good and I now know why they played the main Ballroom because they sound is too huge to contain to one little room.

The Hi-Tones VLV 18
The Hi-Tones

After the Hi-Tones we all zipped out of the Ballroom to the room down the hall that had the band “Li’l Mo and the Unholy 4″ on stage. We were greeted by a PACKED room (which got really really hot, really really fast). But Li’l Mo was so good and worth sweating to death over.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015
Packed Bienville Room

BUT I think maybe the heat was getting to at least ONE of my friends.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015
Now Now Dean..

Li’l Mo done, time to head BACK to the Ballroom to continue our European Rockabilly tour with “The Go-Getters” from Sweden.They were incredible and the room was super packed for them as well.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015

During this band my husband decided to ask the lovely lady from earlier pictures in the striped dress to dance with him.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015

After the dance we found out that my hubby was the FIRST man OTHER than her husband that had asked her to dance in over 60 years. 60 years! Wow!

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015

After the Go-Getters we were BACK to the other room for Mike Bell & the Belltones from Finland (I’m getting dizzy from all the running back and forth lol!).

During their set Rockabilly legend “Huelyn Duvall” joined them on stage. Huelyn hit the Billboard charts with “3 Months to Kill”/”Little Boy Blue”. That was a pretty cool experience for fans of Rockabilly.

Huelyn Duvall VLV 18
Huelyn Duvall

We ended our evening BACK at in the Ballroom for London, England’s Rockabilly Band “The Savage Hornets” and they turned out to be my absolute favorite band of the evening..hands down. So much fun!

I also scored some “It’s really late but don’t we still look awesome” photos with Toronto friends. Then.. I went to bed.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015

And that is my LONG post on the first day of VIVA. Can you believe that was only day 1? Man I’m tired just reliving it thru this post 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and if you attended VIVA tell me who you favorite Thursday band was?

Stay tuned for day 3-Friday.

Liz 🙂




The Vintage Inn Travels to Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18

Hi everyone, I have been so busy getting ready for my upcoming trip to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend in Vegas that I have not had time for a full Vintage Inn post this week. Sorry friends! However if you want to follow my trip starting Wednesday (April 1st), I will be posting regularly on my Instagram page (the pictures can be seen on the right hand bar if you don’t have Instagram). Then when I get back I will be doing a full review of the weekend.

viva las vegas rockabilly weekend 18

Also for the first time ever on The Vintage Inn Blog, I will be bringing you GOOD PHOTOS! I bought a nice camera a couple of weeks ago and I’m excited to use it during the weekend and even more excited to not torture my readers with my iPhone photos (they will appear once in a while but not as much as they have in the past).

Grace Kelly 1950s holding a camera

So friends, enjoy your Easter weekend, eat lots of chocolate and enjoy time with friends and family. And to my readers that will be in Vegas, please come and say Hi!

Gloria DeHaven 1944 Easter Photo
Happy Easter from Gloria DeHaven-1944

Happy Viva and Happy Easter!

Liz 🙂


Vintage Inn Travels to Seattle, Washington

This past weekend was a long weekend in Ontario (yay Family Day!) and so my husband, a good friend and myself hopped on a plane to Seattle, Washington to spend the weekend sight-seeing, swing dancing and turns out getting to do some vintage shopping.

I did not take tons of photos that are nice enough to share on this blog (I need an actual camera, instead of continuing to torture you with my iphone photos lol), so I thought I would focus mostly on the cool vintage finds I stumbled upon.

First up, SOME photos from my trip that did turn out…

We visited Pike Place Market, walked past the famous Showbox theatre (see further down for more info on this landmark), saw a parking garage that looked like it was dipping right into the ground, had a view of the water on a warm day and stumbled upon a gorgeous walking area that reminded me of Paris.

Seattle Washington PicturesI also saw the waterfront of beautiful Tacoma Washington, my very first Airstream dealership (gosh I wanted some) and stunning Art Deco Buildings.

Seattle and tacoma washington

Lastly before we move onto part 2 of my trip, I wanted to share the brief history of the Famous ShowBox theatre that I mentioned above.

Founded in 1939, The Showbox is one of the town’s few extant entertainment venues. It has provided local music fans a diverse offering of music over the decades. From the Jazz Age to the Grunge Era, the storied ballroom has featured shows by touring icons such as Duke Ellington, Muddy Waters and the Ramones — as well as those by homegrown talents ranging from burlesque queen Gypsy Rose Lee to grunge gods Pearl Jam. Although The Showbox has had its ups and downs in times past, today it remains active as a significant contributor to Seattle’s music scene, presenting more than 200 concerts per year to a diverse group of Seattle music lovers (Source).

Showbox Theatre Seattle Washington

Now during our sight-seeing I did come upon some vintage stores and ws able to do a wee bit of shopping (of course I did you say lol!).

Here is what I bought…

1950s Pillbox Vintage Hat with a small button on one end and larger one on the mint condition from the most wonderful store (with the nicest staff) called “Bon Voyage Vintage“.

1950s Pillbox Vintage Hat-Marshall Field & Co Lemington I only paid $12 for the hat and it has all its labels as you can see below (I just love when you know where it came from). I can’t wait to figure out some cute outfit to wear this with.

1950s Pillbox Vintage Hat-Marshall Field & Co Lemington

We then ended up in Tacoma, Washington which was this cute little town that had the best Antique/Vintage Stores all in one area.

Tacoma Washington
The Antique/Vintage Store Street

This is also where I cried (a lot) because I wish I had lived much closer so that I could have taken home so much of what I found that were priced so good!

But all was not lost as I did find some goodies that I could put in my luggage.  Like this adorable 1950s sheer vintage blouse that I got for $14 in a high-end vintage clothing store (like serving Champagne high-end, high-end). Score!

1950s Vintage Sheer Blouse

I then entered into a store that had the most amazing antique and vintage goodies (this is the store I cried in) with the best Mid-Century corner..ever! They had Tiki Bars, enough fiberglass lampshades to sink a battleship, art, teak tables etc. etc. etc. Every time I turned around there was another item that I was squealing over.

Like this stunning Shadow box (pictured below), that was too expensive for me and too large to take home but I loved it all the same.

1950s vintage shadow box

After I finished crying over all the mid-century items, we entered into the most packed store I have ever been in (like Hoarding packed). There was stuff literally everywhere and it was really hard to make sense of what these people possibly had, but thankfully my eagle eye friend and her mother managed to find a pile of vintage photos for me to browse thru and here is what I ended up taking home…….

Image # 1. This picture caught my eye because not only are all the outfits/hair fantastic but of the information on the back. It had all the students signatures and names and the year it was taken,1942 in California. Great time capsule!

Now do you see anything that catches your eye in the photo that seems a bit off for a photo taken in California in 1942?

How about the 2 girls wearing what looks like Lederhosen. I find this very interesting and was wondering if maybe it was a swiss school or something along those lines (because it would not have been German, I don’t think). Thoughts?

1940s vintage image of school children

Image # 2. My friend saw this image first and said “Liz she reminds me of you!” and I kind of think she does in a strange way and knew she had to come home with me. PLUS aren’t her glasses just the best?!

early 1950s black and white photo of a young girl

Image # 3. Well friends you know me and 1940s style and so of course I had to have this image of this gorgeous young woman from the 1940s to moon over like a crazy person. And what is that not to love? Her hair, dress, accessories are all perfect.

1940s Vintage Photo of a young woman

Image # 4. The below image from the 1950s caught my eye because I love that it looks like everyone is just having the best time at their fancy dress party. Don’t the young men look so handsome with their beautiful dates?

Hmmmm I wonder what kind of party it was?

1950s black and white party image of men and women

Image # 5. Party # 2 with the best dressed group of men and women around.

1950s photo of young men and women at a party

Image # 6: No caption needed but here I go anyways…AMAZING! GORGEOUS! STUNNING! Want every single dress in this picture! Eeek!! I can’t believe I own this photo now, and to be able to study every single dress and memorize every detail for ever and ever. Sigh……

1950s vintage image of women in fancy gowns

Image # 7. Lastly I believe this is a model shoot but I still loved it and needed to add it to my collection for I love a good vintage Pajama Party.

1940s/1950s Pajama Party vintage image

I will now leave you with a final photo from Seattle of my husband and I at the first Starbucks. This was like Christmas Day for my hubby as he is Starbucks # 1 fan and this was all he wanted to do when he got to Seattle. Bucket List item now checked off 🙂

Seattle Washington first Starbucks

Have you ever been to Seattle? If so what did you do on your trip? Do tell because I plan to go back as 3 days was not enough.

Liz 🙂