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Vintage Photo Tuesday: The Social Dance

Spring has sprung here in Toronto and I know in many other places all over the world (thank goodness!). Hearing the word spring made me think of the themed dance ‘The Spring Fling’ and then I wanted to find all the photos related to this dance to share with all of you.

Well friends..I was out of luck, there really are no photos entitled “Spring Fling”. This really surprised me because I thought that this type of dance was popular in day’s gone by? Yes? No? If any of my readers have the answer please let me know in the comment section. So that said, for today’s Vintage Photo Tuesday we are going to just focus on images from the 1930’s-1950’s showcasing ‘The Social Dance’.

 Mouse over image to zoom Vintage-June-17-1939-Duluth-Mn-Council-of-Jewish-Juniors-Spring-Dance-Card Vintage-June-17-1939-Duluth-Mn-Council-of-Jewish-Juniors-Spring-Dance-Card Vintage-June-17-1939-Duluth-Mn-Council-of-Jewish-Juniors-Spring-Dance-Card Have one to sell? Sell it yourself Details about Vintage June 17 1939 Duluth Mn. Council of Jewish Juniors Spring Dance Card
Source: Ebay

Let’s begin!

You cannot have a proper dance without the “King & Queen”, so I introduce to our lovely 50’s couple who will oversee all the dances being shown today. They are joined by the “Duke”, the “Prince” and the “Princesses”.

1950's Vintage Valentines Dance black and white image of guys and girls
Source: Flickr-St. Mary’s Digital Archives

Oct 27th,1945 the Woody Herman Orchestra performs for eager dancers at Maple Leaf Gardens (Toronto). Dancers on the side of the stage and all the rest of the dancing seems to be happening further back (behind all the people watching).

woody herman 1945 maple leaf gardens toronto playing for a big dance
Source: Toronto Archives

It’s the Simpson’s Teen-Town Time dance at Maple Leaf Gardens (1940’s) featuring Bobby Gimby (Toronto Orchestra Leader), Art Hallman (popular Canadian Tenor) and Ken Watts.

1940's Simpsons Sears Teen Town Time Dance at Maple Leaf Gardens
Source: Toronto Archives

“Dance with me”

Canadian Archives 1940's social dance vintage image
Source: Library and Archives Canada

Dancing close in a crowded Toronto dance hall in the 40’s.

1940's toronto dance hall vintage image
Source: Library and Archives Canada

It’s Boogie Time (circa 1950’s)!

1950's vintage image of women dancing at a social dance canadian archives
Source: Library and Archives Canada

Sometimes social dancing also involves social standing and social sitting.

1940's social dance vintage image library and archives canada
Source: Library and Archives Canada

1930’s social dance at the Transportation Building, Toronto, Canadian National Exhibition.

1930's social dance at the Transportation Building, Toronto Canadian National Exhibition
Source: Library and Archives Canada

The Calm before the Dance. This is earlier then the images from the 30’s to the 50’s that I’m focusing on today but it’s such a marvelous photo that I just had to share.

1910’s Dancing Pavilion at Bo-Lo, Bois Blanc Island, Detroit River.

Dancing pavilion at Bo-Lo, Bois Blanc Island, Detroit River vintage image
Source: Library and Archives Canada

1940’s Canadian Highland Regiment soldier and beautiful woman share a dance together.

1940's canadian solider and woman dancing vintage image
Source: Library and Archives Canada

Emma Willard 1950’s School Dance.

1950's dance vintage image Emma Willard School
Source: Emma Willard School

1940’s social dance, view of the busy dance floor.

1940's social dancing vintage image
Source: Library and Archives Canada

The Closeup.

1940's swing dancing vintage image library and archives canada
Source: Library and Archives Canada
Couldn't We Keep on Dancing? From On with the Dance: Vocal Fox-trot
Source: Abebooks

Unfortunately we cannot keep on dancing, BUT I hope you enjoyed this week’s Vintage Photo Tuesday! VPT will be back in 2 weeks with another exciting group of images.



Vintage Photo Tuesday: Family Vacations Part 2

The mass exodus for March Break has begun (or about to begin shortly). Families are packing up their kids and all their luggage and heading off to places like Florida, Mexico and California for a week (sometimes two). When I was a kid, my family was really big into downhill skiing so our March Break trips always involved a skiing destination like Alberta, Vermont or New York State. One year though my brother and I got lucky and my parents took us to a warm vacation spot…San Diego! I remember being so excited to not have to pack 60 layers of clothes for that trip. Ahhh the memories.

Speaking of memories, today’s Vintage Photo Tuesday is a continuation of a post I did last year on the same topic, exploring other people’s memories of their vacations, near and far (I found so many images that I just had to do a part 2). Lets Begin!

Vintage Red Border Kodachrome Slide, Sightseeing in DeSoto Wavecrest, Hawaii, 1950's Original Found Photo
Source: Etsy

Summer 1948. Leaving White River, Colorado.

White River National Forest 1948 Colorado Vacation B & W Photo Snapshot
Source: Etsy

“Entering”. The same family pictured above (now with their son), clearly on a “Forests of Colorado trip”.

Uncompahgre National Forest 1948 Colorado Vacation B & W Photo Snapshot
Source: Etsy

Mountain Lake Cabin Getaway (in an adorable deer sweater).

Vintage Photograph Print of Summer Holiday Woman at Mountain Lake Cabin late 1940s early 1950s
Source: Etsy

It’s not a Holiday if you don’t stay at The Holiday Inn (1960’s).

1960s vintage holiday inn family photo by the pool
Source: Etsy

The Phoenix Rises?

1950s vintage image of woman in front of a hotel
Source: Etsy

1950’s vacationing in Europe. Lots to see and lots of pictures to be taken.

1950s vacation photo of people in Europe vintage image Kodachrome
Source: Ebay

60’s Family Vacation Road Trip. Crossing the Mackinac Bridge.

60s Family Vacation Crossing Mackinac Bridge Original Photo
Source: Ebay

“I’ve arrived, it’s Fishing time!”.

Vintage 1940's photo of vintage trailer and car and man with fishing poles
Source: Ebay

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on a trip I try to always pick up a small souvenir to have a physical reminder of the place I was at. I even do this when I’m transferring thru airports in countries I have never been to (I was technically there, so why not remember it?).

Our couple below, looks like they are about to pickup a few tokens themselves, after they get a picture with the locked up pilgrim.

1950s vacation photos of a couple at a shop vintage
Source: Ebay

1930’s: Inspiration Point-Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is a must see for any traveler. I have only seen it from a plane, so one day I hope to get there and see it “up close”.

Inspiration Point, Grand Canyon 1930s vintage photo
Source: Ebay

Hawaii, a dream destination.

Vintage Red Border Kodachrome Slide..Hula Dancer, 1950's Original Found Photo
Source: Etsy


Gathering all these photos together for this week’s post has given me serious Wanderlust. I now want to hop on a plane or jump in my car and go somewhere fun.

Question time: If you could go ANYWHERE right now and cost was not an issue, where would you go? Share in the comments below.

P.S. If you live in Toronto and your looking for something to do this Saturday, I’m emceeing a ‘Nancy Drew Anthology book launch and reading‘. 3pm-5:30pm, FREE, lots of amazing guest readers (and other goodies) and it’s being held in Kensington Market. See you there!

Nancy Drew Anthology Book Launch





Vintage Photo Tuesday: Family Time

This past Monday, here in Ontario Canada we celebrated Family Day. It’s an official day off designated for spending time with your family, in whatever form that may be. The hubby and I spent it enjoying a quiet day together just hanging out, nothing too exciting this year (but it was still very nice).

In honour of that special day, I wanted Vintage Photo Tuesday to be all about “Family Time” in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

1950's vintage illustration of family time
Source: Pinterest

1940’s family photo with grandma (and can we take a moment to admire the hat on the one!).

1940s family photo with grandma vintage image
Source: Ebay

Paying a visit to Cleveland Park, 1940’s.

1940's family black and white vintage photo
Source: Ebay

Coming together over food is a tradition in every family, big or small.

1950's african american family at thanksgiving dinner vintage image
Source: Ebay

“Little boy blue, come blow your horn”.

1940s family with little boy and horn vintage image
Source: Ebay

The family boat ride. I hope the photographer did not eventually fall off the boat.

1950s vintage boat ride family photo
Source: Etsy

Going to the beach, is always a fun idea.

1950s vintage image of family on the beach black and white photo
Source: Ebay

Me and My Gal, spending some quality time together.

1950's vintage image of couple at the beach vintage swimsuits
Source: Etsy

Beautiful days are meant for picnics in the woods.

1950's vintage colour image of family enjoying a picnic
Source: Ebay

Adorable little girl and her dad time.

1950's little girl with dad in front of vintage car, vintage image
Source: Ebay

Many families also consider pets, part of the family (I know my family does).

1940's black and white photo of women and their dog vintage photo
Source: Ebay

A couple and their beloved boxer.

 Mouse over image to zoom Have one to sell? Sell it yourself Details about 1940's-1950's image of young couple on steps with their beloved boxer dog vintage image
Source: Ebay

When TV started to enter the home, family time moved in front of it (and hasn’t left).

1950s vintage image of a family watching tv
Source: The Times UK

If you have siblings, you may have been forced into the “lets put you in matching outfits and pretend like you all love each other” photo. Ahhh family time, sometimes it can be awkward.

1950's kids in matching cowboy outfits at christmas vintage image
Source: Ebay

This family has great Atlantic City Boardwalk style, but I do feel like they kind of wish they were not taking this photo (another awkward family moment).

1950s vintage swimsuits family photo vintage image
Source: Etsy

And that concludes Vintage Photo Tuesday for this week, hope you enjoyed it. Next VPT will be all about “Trips” as march break quickly approaches.

Have a great day friends!


Vintage Photo Tuesday: Best Friends Forever

BFF’s, Best Friends Forever, we all had/have them and documenting them in photos has been an important way to remember those good times. Today’s Vintage Photo Tuesday will showcase some of those friendships in time.

1940s vintage image of 2 women laughing
Source: Etsy- EphemeraObscura

Wild times at the cabin!

1950s vintage image of friends in the summer
Source: Etsy- iloveyoumorephotos

Sunbathing, and girl talk.

1940s vintage image of women sunbathing in swimsuits
Source: Etsy- iloveyoumorephotos

Building a sailor snowman goes quicker when you have an extra sets of hands.

1950s vintage photo of women with sailor snowman
Source: Etsy- iloveyoumorephotos

It’s your birthday!

1940s vintage image of 2 women celebrating a birthday in the winter
Source: Etsy- iloveyoumorephotos

Downhill skiing is always more fun when done with you best buddy. Circa 1930’s.

1930s vintage image of 2 men skiing
Source: Etsy-ChicEtChoc

Mmmmm Ice Cream with Friends for the win (1940’s).

1940s vintage image of children
Source: Etsy-girlcatdesign

1940’s friends enjoying a catch-up and a laugh on a park bench.

1940s vintage image of women sitting on a bench
Source: Etsy-ChicEtChoc

Boys and their car (1930’s).

1930s vintage image of men with their car
Source: Etsy-RenascenceVintage

Laughter keeps you young. Aren’t you just itching to know what the joke is? I know I am.

1940's vintage image of women laughing
Source: Etsy-RenascenceVintage

Good friends stick together thru thick and…..tons of kids (1960’s). All I can hear in my head when I look at this photo is the men going…. “Are we done yet?” lol!

Original Vintage Polaroid Photograph Snapshot Men Sitting on Couch Holding Baby Boys & Girl Toddlers 1960s
Source: Etsy-RenascenceVintage


1950s vintage photo people playing shuffleboard
Source: Etsy- iloveyoumorephotos

One’s BFF does not always have to be the human kind. This pretty woman from the 1930’s is enjoying a moment with her cat friend.

1930s vintage image of a women with a cat
Source: Etsy-RenascenceVintage

Beach day with doggy pal (Great beach style as well!).

1940s vintage image of woman on the beach with dog
Source: Etsy-maclancy

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Vintage Photo Tuesday, it was a blast looking thru all these images online. I might need to do a part 2 sometime soon as there was just way to many images to choose from.

Have a great day!


Vintage Photo Tuesday: 1930’s Art Deco Toronto

During the 1920’s and 30’s, Toronto experienced an Art Deco building boom. Today’s Vintage Photo Tuesday will showcase a collection of some of those Buildings.

Vintage Photo Tuesday_ 1930's Art Deco Toronto

Eglinton Cinema-1936 Is considered one of the city’s greatest examples of Art Deco Style. It cost $200,000 to build, which was a lot of money when the city was in the middle of the Great Depression. It had 775 seats and was in the cinema business till 2002. Today the building has been renovated, keeping many of its Art Deco design and is used for Weddings and other functions. You can see the remodel HERE.

Eglinton Theatre 1936 Toronto Archives
Source: Historic Toronto

Interior-Lots of Art Deco details to behold.

Interior of the Eglinton Theatre Toronto Archives
Source: Historic Toronto

View of one part of the Lobby. Even the lettering on the sign is in the Art Deco style.

Eglinton Cinema vintage image of lobby Toronto 1936
Source: Toronto Archives

Eaton’s 7th Floor Auditorium (image 1) and the Eatons Round Room (image 2) are recognized as a tour de force of Art Deco design. These spaces are located in the former Eaton’s College Street store (famous Canadian Retailer) in downtown Toronto (Source).

Eatons auditorium 1930s
Source: Historic Places

The series of Art Deco-style rooms, designed by French architect Jacques Carlu, muralist Natacha Carlu, and architect René Cera within the Eaton’s College Street department store, was built in 1930, opened in 1931 and sealed off by 1970 until they were restored in 2000 – 2003.

Eatons Round Room Vintage Photo 1930s
Source: Historic Places

Here is John David Eaton and Lady Eaton, his mother, arrive at the opening ceremony for the company’s College St. store. Same store where the 2 rooms shown above are found.

1930s-Eaton-Arrival vintage image
Source: BlogTO

Toronto Stock Exchange (1937), now the Design Exchange is one of my FAVORITE Art Deco Buildings in Toronto. It’s truly stunning.

Toronto Stock Exchange vintage 1930s image
Source: BlogTO

Here is an image I took during a recent visit to the building. These are the images you see above the clock from the photo above.

Design Exchange Art Deco Toronto

The TSX is a fantastic example of streamline moderne, art deco and stripped classicism architecture. The architects produced an elegant yet sturdy looking edifice with classic art deco touches throughout (source).

Design Exchange Toronto Stock Exchange Vintage Art Deco Building
Source: Blog TO

Maple Leaf Gardens (1931) – Canada’s “Cathedral of Hockey”. It took the builders only 5 1/2 months to construct the building and it has been home to twelve Canadian sports teams since first opening its doors. Today it’s renovated and is now the Athletic centre for the University I attended, Ryerson. You can see the renovation HERE.

Art Deco Highlights: Decorative stonework around the massive vertical rows of windows and fancy brickwork.

Maple Leaf Gardens 1930s vintage image
Source: Mattamy Athletic Centre

Here is a renovated image of the front of the building in present day (better view of the design).

For a ‘Non Hockey’ history post on the Gardens, check out one I wrote HERE (P.S. It includes Elvis!).

Maple Leaf Gardens rennovated image

Tip Top Tailors Building.(slips in as 1929 Building). A Canadian menswear clothing retailer founded in Toronto in 1909. It is now a renovated Condo Building (and my husbands dream, win the lottery home).

Art Deco Highlights: Colourful decorative tile above the upper windows, giant concrete piers with pyramidical roofs, and elaborate carvings of people and mythological animals around the main entrance (source).

Tip Top Tailers Building 1930s Vintage Image
Source: Toronto Public Library

Here are some modern images of the building, so that you can see the design better. Starting with the Lobby.

Tip Top Tailors art deco lobby toronto
Source: Toronto Livings

The front doors.

tip top tailers front of building
Source: Lomax Management

Ad for Tip Top Tailors as seen in the Vancouver Sun, Oct 18th, 1935.

art deco tip top tailers 1930s vintage ad
Source: Vancouver Sun

And there is a brief overview of just SOME of the Art Deco beauties we have in Toronto for Vintage Photo Tuesday. If you ever visit, make sure you check them out.

Question time: Do you like Art Deco Style? Architecture? If not, what is your favorite?


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Vintage Photo Tuesday: Visiting Niagara Falls, Canada

Vintage Photo Tuesday is back for 2017! And as mentioned in my previous post ‘Come Visit Canada! Vintage Travel Posters‘, I will be doing a much bigger focus on Canada for a lot of the vintage content that you will see on the blog this year. And in case you missed the “Why?” it’s because Canada is celebrating 150 years as a country and so I think that is a good enough reason to celebrate all year-long. Don’t you agree?

Greetings from Niagara Falls

Today’s VPT is on Niagara Falls, Canada. Known for its magnificent Falls and awesome wine country, Niagara is a must visit for all travelers to Ontario (I’m pretty sure my family has taken ALL my German relatives there throughout the years). But like any town, anywhere it has its vintage roots and for today’s VPT, I will be exploring some of those images from my favorite era’s, the 1920s to the 1960’s.

Vintage Greyhound Niagara Falls Poster
Source: Allposters

1920’s Frozen Falls in the dead of winter. Apparently the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) use to commission vehicles to take you directly to the Falls.

1920s Niagara Falls in the Winter vintage image
Source: Library and Archives Canada

1921 Aerial View of the Horseshoe Falls and the City of Niagara (It does NOT look like this anymore. The Falls yes, but the Town no).

1920s Niagara Falls Aerial View vintage image
Source: Historic Niagara digital Collections

The Royal Tour 1939: King George VI & Elizabeth at the Niagara Parks Commission Administration Building.

1939 Royal Tour king george and elizabeth Niagara Falls Canada vintage image
Source: Historic Niagara digital Collections

Hotel General Brock where the King and Queen had dinner during their Royal visit. First opened in 1929, it was the first high rise built in Niagara and has hosted many other famous individuals. Like: Walt Disney, Shirley Temple and Jimmy Stewart. It is now known as the Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls and has maintained much of it’s vintage glamour.

Hotel General Brock Postcard

Visiting in the Summer and needed to cool off? Then you would have checked out the Niagara Falls Cyanamid Swimming (seen below, 1940’s). The pool was owned and operated by the adjacent Cyanamid Company’s giant Niagara plant and was once a popular swimming area.

1940's cyanamid pool niagara falls
Source: nflibrary

Volleyball by the Cyanamid Swimming Pool (now closed).

 cyanamid pool niagara falls vintage image
Source: Niagara Falls Review

Visiting the Falls is a year round activity, sometimes involving having to dress up in your winter best to capture the perfect picture. Circa 1940’s.

1940's Niagara Falls Vintage Image 2 ladies and a man
Source: The Journal of the Dead Beats Society

1953 – Picnic by the Niagara River below the Falls.

1950s Niagara Falls vintage picnic image
Source: Library and Archives Canada

1960 – Or you can picnic in front of the Falls (I’m not sure if you can even get this close anymore?).

1960s vintage picnic image at Niagara Falls
Source: Library and Archives Canada

Need a closer look? Put some money in this binoculars and in a second you will be transported to the roaring power of the Falls.

1960s vintage image at Niagara Falls Canada
Source: Library and Archives Canada

There is so much to see and do that you must stay the night.

1950s vintage image motel in niagara falls canada
Source: Library and Archives Canada

Across the street from the famous falls is the lovely ‘Oakes Garden Theatre’. Constructed in 1936, designers capitalized on the contours of the landscape to create a curved pergola overlooking a central amphitheatre. Rock gardens, lily ponds and shrub borders have been created around formalized gardens, with attractive ornamental iron gates (Source). Here are 2 friends visiting in 1949.

oakes garden theatre niagara falls 1940s vintage image
Source: Library and Archives Canada

Still standing today is the Skylon Tower. It’s door’s opened to the public on Sept 31st, 1965 and  was inspired by the Space Needle Tower in Seattle, Washington. It is Niagara’s tallest structure, measuring 520 feet above ground level and 775 feet above the base of the Falls.

Skylon Tower 1960s vintage image
Source: Clifton Hill

Even the stars liked to visit the Falls, like everyone’s favorite blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe.

1950s marilyn monroe visiting niagara falls vintage image
Source: Library and Archives Canada

Lastly, over the years many people who visited Niagara Falls wanted to go down the falls in a barrel or some other contraption. Some tried, very few succeeded. In 1956 Woody Woodpecker was in a film called ‘Niagara Fools‘ about the pitfalls of going down those falls (click on the image to watch the cartoon).



Like what you saw? Then check out a more detailed breakdown of Niagara Falls History, HERE.

Question time: Have you ever been to Niagara Falls? Did you enjoy it? If you have not been there, does this post make you want to visit?


Vintage Photo Tuesday: Christmas!

Vintage Photo Tuesday_ Christmas the vintage inn blog

Today’s Vintage Photo Tuesday is dedicated to Christmas images from 1930’s-1950’s.

So friends, pour yourself a glass of eggnog (or drink of choice) and lets jump into the Christmases of a time gone by.

egg nog vintage ad

The Cutest Caroler – 1930’s

1930s Vintage photo of boy in winter snowsuit
Source: Etsy

Cozy up by the fireplace with the ones you love (and your favorite slippers).

1940s vintage image of family by fireplace
Source: Etsy

1940’s Christmas with the Haynes Sisters! Well…not really but any White Christmas fans out there will get the reference.

1940s vintage christmas image
Source: Etsy

Christmas with my sweetheart.

1940s couple at christmas vintage image
Source: Etsy

White tinsel tree, noisemakers and cowboy shirts. Merry Christmas from the 1950’s!

1950s family vintage photo with white christmas tree
Source: Etsy

The holidays are a time for parties and fun with friends and family. Our lovely 1950’s couple are clearly off to a winter formal.

(P.S. Check out those great curtains in the background).

1950s couple dressed for winter formal vintage image
Source: Etsy

Hanging the stockings for Santa is very important task at Christmas time.

vintage image of kids hanging stockings
Source: Etsy

Tiny apartment, a tiny tree and one happy family.

1950s vintage christmas image small apartment
Source: Etsy

Plaids, polka dots, solids and tons of tinsel!

1950s family with tinsel tree vintage image
Source: Etsy

How adorable are these kiddies in their matching pajamas?

1950s christmas kids in matching pajamas
Source: Etsy


Hope your having a wonderful Holiday season friends!!


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Vintage Photo Tuesday: ‘Hanging Out With The Car’ Edition

Vintage Photo Tuesday Vintage Car edition

It’s Vintage Photo Tuesday again (everyone claps with excitement) and this week’s edition is vintage photos from the 1920’s-1950’s of folks with their cars. Why their cars? Well purchasing a vehicle 50, 60+ years ago was a much bigger deal then it is today, so owners (or their family & friends) wanted to document their hard work or good fortune for all to see!


We begin with a 1930’s romance and a car.

Cars from the moment they were created, became focal points in many a romance and this image is an excellent example of that connection.

Source: Etsy

This family from the 1920’s looks like they might be heading out for a day of fun. Such great 20’s style!

Source: Etsy

Okay everyone let’s get a quick photo with the car before we enter the speakeasy.

Source: Etsy

Cloche Hats, good friends and a random child on the car makes for a lovely moment in time.

Source: Etsy

This is how you let people know you were divorced in 1930’s. This image makes me laugh, this man was clearly very happy to be free of his wife. It’s just him and his car now.

Source: Etsy

Our First Car-1930’s.

Source: Etsy

Fenders sure came in handy for sitting on for photos, didn’t they? This is a cute photo, I love the woman’s 1940’s style and the photo bombing kid is funny.

Source: Etsy

This 1940’s couple and their car are working on their “aren’t we cool?” poses. I think they are succeeding, don’t you?

Source: Etsy

Smile and be happy kids, your dad just bought a car!

Source: Etsy

1940’s Love? Not so sure, the pretty lady in the image does not look very impressed with her guy being so affectionate.

Source: Etsy

These two lovely couples are dressed to the nines and ready to hit the town for night of fun, 1950’s style.

Source: Etsy


And this last image brings VPT to a close for another week. Now it’s question time! Do you have vintage photos of family members or friends with their cars? Or maybe you have a fond memory of your own photo with your first (or favorite car)? Please Share.






Vintage Photo Tuesday: Canadian Women on the Home Front during WWII

vintage-photo-tuesday canadian women during ww2

This Friday is Remembrance Day, so for this week’s blog posts I am going to focus on Canada during WWII. That means today’s Vintage Photo Tuesday are images of Canadian Women on the Home Front, doing their part for their Country.

War production and savings poster regarding a variety of goods for reuse or repurposing as war supplies, 1940 – 1941 Source: Collections Canada

1943-Time to punch in and begin your service for Canada.

Source: Library and Archives Canada

January 1943-Mrs. Mackay using a Riveting gun at a shipyard in Pictou, Nova Scotia.

Source: Library and Archives Canada

Defense workers on the line.

Source: Library and Archives Canada

Not all women during WWII were working on items for overseas, there was regular upkeep needed of items already made in Canada. Like the train pictured below.

Source: Library and Archives Canada
Female worker Margot Bourassa shellacs the body of a fuse in the breakdown room of the Cherrier plant (Montreal) of the Defense Industries Limited.
Source: Collections Canada

At the same plant mentioned above a woman sews cordite bags. On a vintage hair note, check out that style. Wow!

Source: Library and Archives Canada

It was important in some factories that the workers minds did not go idle, so music was played to help combat this. The below picture is of 2 women workers selecting the music to be played from their central control room at a Montreal factory.

Source: Collections Canada

Female munitions worker Françoise Corbeil turns out parts while listening to the piped music in her factory.

Source: Collections Canada

Break Time! Group of female workers enjoying a break from their work at a munitions plant.

Source: Collections Canada

Testing lenses, at the Instruments Division of the Canadian Arsenals Ltd. optical plant. On another vintage hair note, nice to see hair that looks like mine when I style it (not perfect!).

Source: Collections Canada

The Perry Sisters, employed at the Dominion Arsenals Ltd. plant, armed with rake, watering can and pitchfork, help look after the vegetable garden where they are working (looking mighty cute I might add).

Source: Collections Canada

1943-Women of the Aluminum Co. wait in line to get an autograph from famous Canadian fighter pilot ‘George “Buzz” Beurling‘. Helen Fowler is the lucky lady first in line.

Source: Library and Archives Canada

After a hard day in the factory there is nothing better than catching a few rays with friends. French-Canadian women at Dominion Arsenals (Personal Note: I adore this image).

Source: Collections Canada

Hope you enjoyed the images of our hard-working Canadian ladies of the 1940’s. Thank you for your service!


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Vintage Photo Tuesday: The Halloween Edition

Vintage Photo Tuesday The Halloween Edlition

With Halloween so close around the corner it only makes sense that this weeks Vintage Photo Tuesday is the Halloween Edition.

Let the Spooky Spectacular begin!


Anaheim Halloween Parade, circa 1950s. The Witches on Parade.

Anaheim Halloween Parade, circa 1950s
Photo courtesy Orange County Archives

Robin Hood and his Pumpkin-1957.

1950s Halloween Image Boy dressed as Robin Hood
Source: Flickr

Normally the lamp shade ending up on ones heads usually happens at the end of the evening. Hmmm maybe this IS the end of the evening? A 1950’s Costume Party.

1950s Costume Party
Source: Flickr

Halloween Party for US Servicemen in 1943. That pumpkin to the right is bizarre. That is a pumpkin right?

Halloween party for U.S. servicemen 1943
Source: Flickr

Time to pick the winner at our 1955’s school Halloween Party!

1950s School Halloween Party
Source: Flickr

Now it’s the older kids turn. I pick the Carl Perkins look-alike to the right.

1950s School Halloween Party
Source: Flickr

Halloween party, Mars Hill College, 1951

Halloween party, Mars Hill College, 1951
Copyright Mars Hill College

Flash Gordon to the Rescue!

1950's Space Cowboy
Source: Flickr

The prettiest little princess.

1950's Halloween image of a little girl as a princess
Source: Flickr

Everyone wins a prize for best costume in this 1950’s Halloween party image. They all did a great job!

1950's Halloween Party Vintage Image
Source: Flickr

I will leave you with an image of my brother and I at Halloween in the 80’s. What is hilarious about these costumes, is that I just had a conversation with my mom on Thanksgiving about how she felt that she did a really great job on our costumes each year. That was until I found this image and I asked my mom if this was the year she gave up 😉 lol!

Vintage Inn Blog 1980's Halloween

Question Time: What are you being for Halloween this year? Going with a vintage look or something far removed from the vintage world?

Happy Halloween Week!