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1940s & 1950s Vintage Hairstyles-Blog Post Of Ideas

It’s now 2016 and that means I start to prepare for Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend in April. Now I by no means prepare like some ladies (and gents) I have met, who have been preparing since the day they walked off the Orleans property. I just start to think of what I might like to bring, what I’m missing to complete an outfit and what hairstyles I might try to practice before I hit hot and humid Vegas for a week. Then I get to Vegas and all of that goes out the window when I’m too tired, lazy or more interested in dancing and socializing then doing my hair and then you get “standard liz hair” in all my pictures (seen below).

No curl pic and then I went crazy and now I have curl lol

THAT said, I did want to share a bunch of images I have been saving to my ‘Vintage Hairstyles‘ Pinterest board to help not only myself but anyone else who might be looking for vintage styles as well. Lets check out what I have found.

Big Pincurls and a Side Bun. You know what I love about this look, is that the instead of trying to hide the bobby pins inside the curl (which is so difficult for me sometimes), by simply using pretty decorative hair pins you can secure it like the image below and it looks stunning.

Note: While buns were not a 40s, 50s look it is fun that one era is meshed with another era to create a new vintage hairstyle.

vintage pincurls hairstyle
Source: Flickr-miriamethel

Victory roll updo. I can do the bottom part no problem. The Victory Rolls…not so much but it sure is pretty and totally doable (from what I have been told lol).

1940s hairstyle
Source: Flickr-Elegant Musings

Cute Alert! And maybe possibly not that hard to do, it looks like a Faux Bob.

rockabilly vintage hairstyle 1950s

Ponytail..check! Those rolls again….not so much. I really need to practice because I really really adore this look and it would be perfect for VIVA.

1950s victory rolls and ponytails vintage hairstyle
Source: We Heart It

This is a great image because it shows you exactly where you need to place the clips in order to have that great 1950s hair that glamour icons like Dita Von Teese rocks.

1950s Hairstyle tutorial

I love 40s hair and this one is just fantastic.

1940s vintage hairstyle
Source: Flickr-miriamethel

This style seems pretty quick and easy after you have done all the hard work with a set.

1950s vintage hair

I will be honest, I have no idea how to do this style but this image is so striking and the hair so beautiful that it just had to make this roundup.

Vintage Retro Hairstyle
Source: miriamskafferep

I wanted to tryout this complete look before VIVA last year but it never happened, maybe this is the year.

rockabilly vintage hairstyle

And if it all fails and you just can’t keep going on with whatever your hair has done then a turban is always a good way to go.

Working women in World War II
Source: Flikr-Minnesota Historical Society


Want more inspiration? Check out my blog post that I did on 2 American Hairdressing magazines I had picked up from the late 1940s. Lots of great stuff in there.

1940s hairstyle from American Hairdresser Magazine

AND if you are total beginner at vintage hairstyles then check out this post on ‘My 4 favorite Online Vintage Hair Tutorial ladies‘. These online tutorials have been lifesavers.

Question time! Did you like to experiment with hairstyles or do you find yourself falling into the “same old same old” look because it’s tried and true?

Liz 🙂

My Favorite Vintage Pins on Pinterest-September/October Edition

Where did September go? Apparently gone in a flash and October is going just as fast…slow down please! Or maybe I need to slow down?? Either way it’s the middle of October and I realized that I did not do my roundup of my favorite “Pins” on Pinterest for September and since I’m here I might as well do October as well.

Lets take a peak at all the goodies I have been saving to my boards lately…

1920s vintage image
Source: Flickr-State Library of New South Wales


When I saw this picture I just KNEW I had to preserve it for forever on my ‘Awesome Vintage Pictures‘ board. I mean seriously…how do you not smile when you see this couple?

About the Picture: My grandmother Eileen and her husband Nick (Edwin J. Nickel) at the Mather home in Santa Ana, November 22, 1956

Thanksgiving 1956
Source: Flickr-Kent Kanouse

Hello Vintage McDreamy! What a handsome sailor during WW2.

1940s WW2 Soldier Image
Source: Flickr-Christian Montone

Sequined stockings with bowknots-1949! I will take 10 pairs please!

Sequined stockings with bowknots 1949

I don’t think this photo shoot went as planned for these 3 lovely ladies. Such a fun photo and I’m sure after it happened they must have laughed and laughed about it.

1940s vintage image

I am by no means an expert on vintage hairstyles. I have like 2 or 3 styles I do well and then the rest is wishful thinking BUT that does not stop me from posting lots of wonderful styles and images to Pinterest to help me dream of WHAT I might be able to do one day. Here is a couple of droll worthy styles.

vintage 1930s hairstyle
1930s Vintage Hairstyle

I would love to do even part of this for next years VIVA. How fun is this 50s Rockabilly style?

1950s Rockabilly Hair

I also pinned a few fun vintage advertising pieces this last month and half.

Can I just wake up with her hairstyle? Please?!

vintage ovaltine ad

Imagine that, 3 phones in one house! Times have changed, haven’t they?

1950s telephone ad
Source: Flickr-Shandeh

The tagline is funny: “Balbriggan Pajamas-To warm up your night life”. Today’s “Night Life” is a bit different then the night life in this ad, very different.

1950s vintage advertising ad
Source: Flickr-sallyedelstein

And of course if you at all follow my blog on a regular basis you know that I love my vintage clothing so of course I added many many outfits to my board “My Vintage Style“. Here are a few of my favorites:

1940s Vintage Rayon Dress: I would have taken a rib or two out to have been able to wear this dress. Stunning.

1940s vintage dress
Source: Ebay

Even though I’m not sure if I can pull off yellow, that did not stop me from admiring how absolutely fantastic this 1940s evening gown is.

1940s vintage evening gown
Source: Fab Gabs

The pop of green on this 1940s gown is the best!

1940s vintage evening dress

I am currently debating on doing a total apartment overhaul as I’m just tired of the same old same old in my place (ssshh don’t tell my husband), so I have been saving ideas for how to turn my tiny apartment into a mid-century dream. Here are some of the items I would love to have in my apartment.

Kidney Table - Tripod - Formica - Mint - Mid Century
Kidney Table-perfect size for my tiny apartment

How fun are these 1950s Guitar Shadowboxes?

1950s guitar shadowboxes

These mid-century teak switch plates would 100% turn my boring standard apartment plates into works of art!

1950s mid century switch plate covers

Lastly, this “Potting shed” is about the size of my apartment so I will just copy this design and be done with it 🙂

1950s style retro potting shed

And there are some of the highlights! I hope you enjoyed taking a peak into things that catch my fancy and if have some fun images you want to share with me, please do! Have a super day and happy pinning 🙂


Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18-Friday

(Note: See my Viva Trip on Wednesday & Thursday & Saturday & Sunday)

It’s Friday! Vintage Hairstyle day and the Men’s Vintage Swimsuit contest at the pool (my fav).

My friend Liisa was such a doll and offered as a gift to myself and a mutual friend to have our hair done by the magical and amazing Teresa of “Beauty by Teresa Song“.  So I zipped done to their room with Champagne and Orange Juice in hand and prepared for some pampering and girl talk.

Champagne and Orange Juice VIVA 18
Breakfast of Champions

I have never had my hair done all fancy by anyone at Viva, I usually tackle this process by myself and hope for the best. I by no means am a Vintage Hair Style wizard, but Teresa..was. She took my mess of hair and turned it into this…

Vintage Rockabilly Hairstyle Viva 18
Ready for my close up! Man I look different with no glasses.

Kidding! This is what she did…

Vintage Rockabilly Hairstyle Viva 18
Not sure if this is possible to do by regular folk like me
Vintage Rockabilly Hairstyle Viva 18
Victory Rolls

Voila! The Finished Product. Teresa you are amazing and I 100% recommend her to anyone looking to get their hair done next year. She works fast, was professional and really nice.

Vintage Rockabilly Hairstyle Viva 18
1940s Meets Rockabilly

Okay I’m done, it’s my friends turn now.

Vintage Hairstyles Viva 18

Above turns into the below..like Magic.

Vintage Hairstyles Viva 18

Drea’s turn.

Vintage Hairstyles Viva 18
Drea was trying to go for the same look as me. hehehe

So pretty, mini victory roll and curls.

Vintage Hairstyles Viva 18

We are 3 happy ladies, full of champagne and orange juice and lots of girly time. Thanks again Liisa!

Vintage Hairstyles Viva 18

Now we are all done up…time for the Pool and the Men’s Vintage Swimsuit contest especially now that sun was out and it was finally hot.

VIVA 18 Tiki Pool Party Friday 2015

There was even a live band-The Sabres to set the tone for the afternoon.

The Sabres VIVA Pool Party 18 2015
The Sabres

Pool Time is Friend Time!

VIVA 18 Pool Party Style
Hanging out with Friends at the Pool in my 1960s Vintage “Ceeb of Miami” swimsuit from Cabaret vintage
VIVA 18 Pool Party Style
Cool Glasses Ladies


Time for the Men’s Swimsuit Contest! Here were some of my favorites:

Men's Vintage Swimsuit Contest VIVA 18 2015

Men's Vintage Swimsuit Contest VIVA 18 2015
I really liked this swimsuit and matching shirt.

Our host (man with the microphone) plays Carl Perkins in the Million Dollar Quartet in Vegas.

Men's Vintage Swimsuit Contest VIVA 18 2015

Men's Vintage Swimsuit Contest VIVA 18 2015

Men's Vintage Swimsuit Contest VIVA 18 2015
It’s a Jungle Out There!

What a great contest, the men really had wonderful vintage swimsuits and it was a fun afternoon. But all good warm and sunny day’s have to come to an end and so we packed it up and got ready for the evening ahead.

My Friday Night Outfit. 1940s Vintage Seersucker dress from “The Best Vintage Clothing” online store.

1940s Seersucker vintage dress

First band of the night and now one of my favorite singers, “Kay Marie“. Her sound channeled the spirit of Americana trailblazers with powerful and passionate vocals, and had this old school vintage feel that I just loved. I danced almost to every one of her songs and it was fantastic to see the room so packed for her show.

Kay Marie VIVA 18 2015
Kay Marie in the Bienville Room

After Kay Marie it was time for one of the big shows in the Ballroom that I was really really looking forward to… Bobby Brooks Wilson, the son of Jackie Wilson. If you have time click on his name and read about his story about how he found out he was Jackie Wilsons son, it is pretty incredible.

Bobby Brooks Wilson Viva 18 2015
Bobby Brooks Wilson

Speaking of incredible…his show was incredible! I thought I was listening and watching Jackie himself. Such an amazing talent and a ridiculously good show. A highlight was when one of the past singers of the Platters came on stage to sing “Only You”. Check out my video to experience what I experienced that night.

After my mind was blown for an hour and half, I still had tons of energy to zip off and support a favorite band of mine (and the Toronto Rockabilly Scene), Jittery Jack. Jittery Jack’s band always puts 120% into their shows and once again this was another good one.

Jittery Jack at Viva Las Vegas 18 2015
Jittery Jack

Only one person is having fun here..can you guess who (and it’s NOT Bill from the Hellbent Rockers lol)? Cheer up Drea..the night is not over yet, it’s time to hit up the Ballroom!

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015

I ended my Friday night checking out the final performance EVER of the band “The Chop Tops“. The band coined the phrase “Revved-Up Rockabilly” to describe their wild, upbeat blend of rockabilly, psychobilly, old punk, teddy boy, and surf music genres (source) and have been playing together since 1995. This final show was going to be nothing but amazing and filled with surprises at every turn. And it was!

The Chop Tops VIVA 18 2015
The Chop Tops

One of those surprises was bringing up Mario Valens the brother of La Bamba singer Ritchie Valens. That was a real highlight of the evening for me.

Mario Valens at VIVA 18 2015
Mario Valens

Here is Mario singing with the Chop Tops a tune you might all know….


And that friends was Friday of VIVA 18. Stay tuned for Car Show and Dion (The Wanderer) day aka Saturday.

Attnedees of VIVA. How was your Friday Night?

Liz 🙂

My Favorite Vintage Images on Pinterest (April Edition)

I’m back! And while I’m off editing all the photos I took at VIVA and working on my posts I thought I would fill your eyes with lovely images from my last few weeks on Pinterest.

Enjoy and stay tuned for Viva Post # 1.


First up while I was gone, Easter happened.

Doris Day 1950s Easter Image
Doris Day 1950s

Nothing to see here but cute Easter bonnets and really fantastic coats. I also adore the older girls purse that she is carrying. Such style at such a young age.

Vintage Easter Image
Source: Living Vintage

Easter Sunday in Harlem, NY 1942 (Henri Cartier-Bresson). Now that is a hat!

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Easter Sunday in Harlem, NY 1942
Source: MoMA

Summer is quickly approaching (or at least in my mind it is) and I’m looking forward to all the cool events I’m attending. One of those is the “Hats & Horseshoes” event at Woodbine Racetrack. To prepare for this years event I’m have been enamoured with the 1930s images of well dressed folks spending their “Day at the Races” and hope to maybe channel their looks for my day.

Below Photo: At the races in Autieul 1938-39. That Hat and Dress…Stunning is the only word I can find right now to describe this image.

At the races in Autieul 1938-39
Photo Credit: Regina Relang

Ascot Racecourse, June 1932, Margaret Whigham, later Duchess of Argyll, and friend.

Ascot Racecourse, June 1932, Margaret Whigham, later Duchess of Argyll, and friend

Well we all know that at Ascot the day is less about the horses and more about the hats on everyone’s heads. Here is an excerpt  from the British Newspaper The Sphere,1939 entitled “Madcap Millinery at the 1939 Ascot”. Do you have a favorite hat from the picture here?

1939 Vintage Hats at Ascot
Source: vintagefashionfairs

At Viva this year a dear friend offered to pay for my hair to get done by a professional hairdresser for one day of the event (you will see the hair in my viva post). So for the last few weeks I have been researching vintage hairstyles on Pinterest for inspiration. Here is some of what I found.

Yes the below is similar to what I normally wear but I still like it (clearly for a reason).

1940s hairstyle vintage image

Stunning photo of June Haver, Vivian Blaine, and Vera-Ellen. The perfect 1940s hair.

1940s movie stars vintage image

Evelyn Ankers, 1940s hair is really adorable and probably fairly easy to pull off.

What I like seeing in these photos is the frizz on her tips. Makes me feel better knowing that even movie stars did not always have 100% perfect hair.

1940s Hairstyle Evelyn Ankers

Lastly I figured that if I was really in a pinch I could pick a style from this chart of 1950s stars and their styles.

1950s retro hair chart

I would like to end this post on a cute note and this image from January 1927 of a young visitor and her toy elephant who discovers that the elephant house at London Zoo is closed for their winter holidays, fits the bill perfectly.

1927 vintage image of a child and her toy
Source: Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday! Or sad Wednesday if your that little girl.

Liz 🙂

American Hairdresser Magazine-1947 and 1948

This weekend a dear friend of mine was out doing some vintage/antique shopping and stumbled upon a bunch of Hairdressing magazines from the 1940’s that he knew I would just adore and want to scoop up. The magazine was “American Hairdresser” and the 3 copies he got for me were from 1947 & 1948 (see below).

1940's hairdressing magazine

1940's hairdressing magazine

1940s Hairdressing magazine

Now I’m no expert in the vintage hairstyle world, I have mastered like 2 styles and that is pretty much where I’m at right now. I can honestly only ever dream of being able to have hairstyles like my fav vintage ladies “Lisa Freemont Street” and “Cherry Dollface“. I do adore though, looking at beautiful vintage hairstyles and giving props to the ladies (and their stylists) who took the time to make those styles look so fantastic. So this magazine is really great for doing just that…looking at cool and super technical vintage hairstyles. The magazines even show you how to do some of the sets to achieve the looks shown but it’s seriously way to complicated for my “2 styles only” skills lol!

For my hairdressing friends the magazines also have great ads on tools you could have purchased for your business, tips on working in salons etc. So if you ever see them, I would totally advise to grab some for your collection.

For today’s blog I really wanted to share some of the fantastic images that were in the magazines, the hairstyles and some of the fun ads.

(note: due to the magazines being somewhat fragile I had to take pictures of the images instead of scanning to protect it from bending and such. I apologize if some of the images are not super super clear).

So here we go….

The Vintage Ads

s 1940's Hairdressing Magazine Ad

I know the below seats are for your Hair Salon but I would not mind a couple just for my apartment, they are so cool.

s 1940s Hairdressing Magazine Ad

Grip-Tuth is still around today and in fact I use my combs on a regular basis.

1940s Grip-Tuth ad

This ad made me giggle on how “HAPPY” she is to own this item..almost stunned I would say.

1940s vintage hairdressing ad

Ahhh what we do for beauty.

1940's vintage hairdressing



First lets just take in the beauty that is “Jacqueline White” who was on the cover of the first 1948 magazine shown above and is modelling here. Stunning is probably the only word I can use right now, her hair is unbelievable gorgeous. I also am madly in love with her dresses in these images and I will take 2 or 3 of each in multiple colours.

1940's vintage style1940's vintage dress

This hairstyle is incredible and way out of my league but there is the set if someone is willing to give it a go.

1940's vintage hairstyle

The side swiped hair with the headband reminds me more of a Grecian look then Paris but either way another outstanding hairstyle.

1940s vintage hairstyle

For the Career Girl you can go with this style.

1940's Hairstyle

Looking for a style to wear with that Easter Parade hat? Here you go.

1940's Hairstyle

This is actually an information piece on how to set the curl clips professionally and correctly. I adore how her hair looks at the end.

1940's Hairstyle

Beautiful! There was no description on how to achieve this look but I’m sure you needed at least 10 hands.

1940's Hairstyle


There is a little peak into my hairdressing magazines, I hope you enjoyed browsing and maybe you will run off to try one of the sets. If you do, please please share you pictures!

On a funny side note, I opened up one of the magazines and in the middle, flat as a pancake were two dead flies..from the 1940s! Not what I was expecting to see that is for sure.

Liz 🙂