Vintage Photo Tuesday: Celebrating Thanksgiving with vintage images

If you have been following my blog for some time you know that I have a love of vintage photos and will share them on here as much as I can. Because of this, I have a new series for my blog that will appear every Tuesday: “Vintage Photo Tuesday”.

Today’s photos will showcase Thanksgiving gatherings as this coming weekend is the Canadian Holiday (Yay Turkey!).

Source: Pinterest

A real 1950s Canadian Thanksgiving family gathering. The gentlemen on the right can’t WAIT to eat it as he is clearly not caring about the photo being taken.

Source: Flickr

It takes 3 to make the Turkey just right.

Source: Etsy

Time to eat!

1958 Thanksgiving family gathering vintage image
Source: Flickr

Who needs forks when you have Turkey Legs?

Source: Etsy

Proud as punch that the turkey cooked!

Source: Etsy

The higher the better when carving the turkey.

Source: Etsy

Kenny and the ‘Neck’ (sorry my veggie eating friends).

Source: Etsy

Tiny tables for big turkeys.

Source: Ebay

Thanksgiving is all about being with the family in the fish room.

Source: Flickr

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Friends! And in another month to all my American friends!



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