I love Twitter, yes I do! It’s my go-to place for a roundup of all the vintage things I love, like vintage history, fashion, lifestyle, images, and videos.

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite Twitter Profiles that I follow and I think you would enjoy as well. Here you go!

1. M&S Archive (Marks & Spencers). Canada used to have M&S stores when I was a child and I remember they were quite popular for some time. I have a strong memory of visiting a store in London, Ontario and always wanting these chips they sold that were in the shape of French Fries with a salt and vinegar taste. Mmmmm they were good! Sadly the stores closed up shop in 1999 here in Canada but are still going strong in the UK. Yippee! I love stopping in when I visit and I still look for those chips 🙂 Anyways…M&S has a really super Twitter profile, that is filled with some of the best vintage ads, images and stories from their long history and I find myself always smiling when I see them appear in my feed. Here is one of the recent goodies they have posted:

M&S Archive. Marks and Spencers Vintage history

2. Toronto Archives. If you follow my blog you might have noticed that I “cite” the Toronto Archives on a regular basis for many images I share here. It’s a wonderful resource, online and offline for lovers of Toronto History. Their Twitter Profile is filled with many different kinds of vintage images on many different topics. It’s a must follow for anyone interested in the yesterdays of my home.

Toronto Archives Twitter Account

3. Comet over Hollywood. This profile is perfect for classic movie fans and I think almost daily I “heart” Jessica’s content. From reviews on classic films, to images of the actors and actresses who starred in them, there is always something of interest to check out.

Comet over Hollywood Jessica Pickens Twitter

4. TCM (Turner Classic Movies). I love my classic movies, so following (and watching TCM) is a regular activity in my home. Just like Jessica’s account above, TCM shares lots of great content about the movies and the stars who were in them.

Turner Classic Movies Twitter

5. Dancer on Film. Now this is not always vintage clips but a majority of the time they are. I love dance, so having little movie dancing clips (from many I have seen) appear in my news feed everyday fills me with joy.

dancer on film twitter

Here is the clip posted above (LOVE THIS MOVIE!!).

Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967) Elevator Dance by zocomoro


6. Vintage Everyday. As you know I love vintage images and Vintage Everyday feeds that passion with images from so many different eras, topics etc. It’s always fun to see what they post.

vintage everyday twitter

vintage everyday blog twitter account banff 1960s

7. WowHaus. Finders of cool architecture, hip houses and the odd bit of design currently up for sale . They focus quite a bit on Mid-Century Homes (one of my favorites) and post images and links to all the homes so you can dream or buy!

wowhaus twitter feed

8. Tammy Francis-Author. Some of you might remember Tam from my ‘Behind the Scenes Interview with The Girl in the Jitterbug Dress‘. Well Tam also has a fantastic twitter profile, where she scours the internet and Twitter for awesome content to share with her followers. My favorite recent Tweet is the one below, on 53 of the best movies from the 1940’s. How many have you seen?

Tam Francis Girl in the Jitterbug Dress Twitter

9. Retro Roadmap. Every time I’m on their website or on their twitter feed I have wanderlust and just want to jump in my car and start checking out all the cool Retro spots Mod Betty has documented.

retro roadmap twitter

retro roadmap vintage diner
Source: Retro Roadmap

10. Spadina Museum (Toronto). The Spadina Museum is a 55 room mansion faithfully restored to the 1920s and 30s with historic gardens & events. It’s stunning and I have been lucky to have attended several events there over the years (Gatsby Garden Party for one). Their Twitter profile is wonderful and filled with vintage recipes, images, history tidbits, 1920’s manner tips and so much more. For anyone who enjoys the 1920’s and 30’s this profile is for you.

spadina museum twitter

And that is a list of some of my fav Twitter profiles. Hopefully friends you found some great new ones to follow, and if you’re not on Twitter what are you waiting for? 🙂


10 comments on “10 Vintage/Vintage Style Twitter Profiles You Need to Follow Today”

  1. I’ve been very absent on Twitter lately. As I get less time for social media, it’s only Instagram that is still keeping my interest. But now I’ve reinvigorated my feed with a few of these suggestions so maybe it will keep my interest a bit more now!

  2. Whoa! I made the list. I am just catching up on my emails and clicked on the link in my inbox to check out this post. Woo hoo! Thanks! I’m honored! Thanks for hepping me to a ton of great profiles to follow. I don’t know how I missed some of them, but I got ’em now. You’re the best!

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