This is the final post on my recent trip to Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend #17. You can see WednesdayThursdayFriday and Saturday by clicking on the day.


Sunday is normally the big “Pool Party” day but as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts I was not going to be able to attend Sunday’s party due to wanting to support and dance to a favorite Toronto band “The Millwinders” who were playing at 1:00pm.

But before we could dance till we dropped we needed fuel and that meant Easter Brunch with my friends and my family. I made sure to wear something very Easter like for the day.

Viva Las Vegas 17
Vintage 1940s dress purchased on Etsy. New Saddle Shoes from Etsy. Purse from Dungaree Dolly’s Bags and Purses

At Brunch my mom spoiled my friends and I with TONS of chocolate & candy to keep us fueled I think for the next year. Thanks MOM! Thank goodness I was going to be dancing later lol!

Easter Brunch at Viva Las Vegas 17
mmmm Easter goodies

Now it’s Millwinders time!

The Millwinders Viva Las Vegas 17

The put on such a good show (as usual), and I was so impressed with the amazing turnout too! Sometimes this time slot can be tricky because so many people want to hit up the pool party but I really felt that people really came out and showed their support this time. Thanks!!

The Millwinders Viva Las Vegas 17

Once the performance was done, we tried to gather as many of the “Canadians” that were at the show for a group picture (Thanks Jerry for the photo).

I think we clean up nicely, if I do say so myself.

Viva las vegas 17 Sunday

Millwinders done…now it’s shopping time! I tend to wait till Sunday to go shopping because I’m not a huge fan of fighting people for space to see items on racks so I wait. Hey if I did not see it, I cannot miss it is my personal theory when shopping at Viva.  I have gotten lucky every year with finding something and this year was no different.

I purchased the following items (with images NOT taken at Viva):

This mint condition late 1940s dress. I was in love with the yellow accents.

late 1940s vintage dress
Photo Credit: Tai Heng

A Mode Merr skirt. The fabric is vintage, made into a new skirt and the back the button is a heart.

This is my third skirt from Mode Merr, and it will not be my last. I 100% recommend their clothes and the owner is just a doll as well.

Mode Merr fashion

Vintage Scarf for my hair. Sorry for the blurry iPhone pic but this is the only image I have of my vintage scarf in action. I love the checkered pattern…a lot.

vintage head scarf

Now that I spent all my money, we then chilled till it was time for the Jive Contest in the Main Ballroom. I love the Jive Contest because I love dancing and I love seeing all the fantastic skirts whirl around on the dance floor.

Everyone did an amazing job and I had a couple of favorites which I will keep to myself (because they did not get in to the finals) but overall I was uber impressed.

Once we finished it was time to change and get ready for the final evening at Viva..NOOO!!!! I was really excited for this evening though because I was going to get to see not 1 and not 2 but 4 Rockabilly Sun Records legends on the stage at one time. Sonny Burgess, Carl Mann, Hayden Thompson, Narvel Felts.

But before that big number I was treated to a band earlier in the evening that I had never heard of before but boy was I glad I did because they were fantastic! 

Rumble King 


After I calmed down from dancing to such a great band it was time to settle in for the big Sun Records show which ended up being the highlight of my whole weekend. Especially when all of them got up on stage to sing together, which I’m pretty sure I will never see again.

And that my friends is a wrap for Viva Las Vegas 17. I hope you enjoyed my posts on the weekend and hopefully I will see you at next years Viva 18.

Viva Las Vegas 17
Dancing on the last night

Liz 🙂

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  1. That looks like such a blast!!! It warmed my red blooded Canuck heart to know that so many Canadians turned out and that a group photo was captured.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Fab purchases!!!

    • I was thrilled too with the picture! And there was more too but they missed the photo. Next year..more!

      Thanks so much about the purchases, I was happy with my scores 🙂


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