Did you know (you might of know this already) that there is an actual day called “Plaidurday” on October 3rd that is a worldwide celebration of all things….PLAID!!! Yes friends, the world is a wonderful place.

Now clearly it”s not October 3rd anymore but that does not mean you can’t celebrate Plaidurday on a non official day 🙂 And that is what I’m going to do with some friends from the Toronto Vintage Society tonight to celebrate the originator of TVS, Birthday-Jacquie!

1940s vintage party images
1940s Party Time with Friends-Source: Flapper Girl


Now to get my mind ready for all things plaid I have been looking for lots of vintage plaid inspiration online and boy there are tons. Shall we see what I found?

Vintage “Plaid” Advertising & Images

Pendleton is the ultimate “Plaid” clothing line as seen in these 3 ads below.

1950s Pendleton vintage advertising
Source: Pinterest
1950s skirts vintage ad
Source: Vintage Dancer

While not an outfit this blanket is still a Pendleton and looks super cozy. I’m a bit confused on the “Robe-in-a-Bag” tagline though, does this not look like a blanket and not a robe in the traditional sense?

Vintage Pendleton blanket ad
Source: Pendleton Tumblr

1944 Teen girl wearing blue jeans and of course PLAID! Does she not look fantastic? Everything about this relaxed outfit is pretty cool (minus the smoking part, but that is the time). I really like the radio as well, that is on my wish list when I have a bigger home.

1940s teen vintage image
Source: Life

Every Teen Girls Dream in 1947-The “Scot-Trot”

1940s teen advertising ad
Source: Classic Film

1940s Teen Girls in wool, plaid skirts and saddle shoes. This might be the look I end up channeling for the party. Can I just say how much I LOVE this photo!

1940s teen girls in wool skirts and saddle shoes
Source Flickr: Rollei

The plaid dress in this 1940s vintage image is beautiful and the ladies are equally stunning. Fantastic photo!

1940s vintage image of 2 women
Source: Etsy-girlcatdesign

What stylish 1950s ladies, I must say.

1957 plaid and tweeds vintage advertising
Sears & Roebuck, 1957. Source: tuppencehapenny

Don’t worry men, there is lots of plaid to go around, even when you go swimming.

1950s Jantzen vintage swimsuit ad for men
Source: Vintage Ads

Or when your just hanging out, like these McGregor ads show.

Collage fathers day McGregor 1950s vintage ad
Source: Pinterest

I cannot have a post on plaid without mentioning-Scotch Tape, the king of plaid packaging!

vintage scotch tape 1950s
1950’s Scotch Tape. Source: Flickr-Allen

How about a Plaid Fridge?? Yes a Plaid Fridge! Wow that is a lot of plaid in one area, if I do say so myself.

plaid vintage fridge
Source: Pinterest


Plaid For Sale

I adore this red plaid shirtdress from the late 40’s possibly early 1950s. So liz!

1940s 1950s plaid vintage shirt dress
Source: Etsy-villavillavintage

I love yellow plaids, I think they are very classy.

1940s vintage dress
Source-Etsy: BrightEyedClothingCo

If this skirt was in my size I would 100% be buying this lovely 1940s plaid ruffled skirt.

1940s vintage skirt
Source: Etsy-adelinesattic

The below 1940s wool jacket looks very much like the one the pretty teen was wearing in the picture I posted earlier.

1940s wool plaid vintage jacket
Source: Etsy-cashmerevintage

For the gentlemen in your life (or maybe yourself)- A plaid tie from the 1930s. Isn’t it marvelous?

Vintage 1930s men's tie
Source: Etsy-StyleStash

Accessory Time!

1950s vintage plaid purse
Source: Etsy-looseendsvintage

Just in time for the Holiday season, these adorable Christmas Bow Earrings. Ohhh I want them 🙂

Christmas Bow Earrings
Source: Etsy-PearlzNFeatherz

A pretty plaid scarf will cheer up any outfit.

1950s 1960s vintage plaid scarf
Source-Etsy: Dollysrevival

It made be cold in Toronto but that does not mean you can’t start thinking “warm vacation” in this adorable 1950s plaid swimsuit! Maybe you could convince your significant other to wear the plaid men’s swimsuit shown earlier?

1950s vintage plaid swimsuit
Source: Etsy-WhenDecadesCollide

Lastly to end this post I wanted to share a wonderful photo of my husband and our new Tailor friend Mister Xe we met while in Hoi An in Vietnam in 2013. Aren’t they a cute pair?! hehehe

plaid jacket vietnam
Source: Vintage Inn

Do you love plaid as much as the Vintage Inn? Or is it a pattern you stay away from?

And if you want to follow the plaid fun tonight (or any of my fun) make sure you follow me on Instagram.

Liz 🙂


3 comments on “Vintage Plaid Party Time!”

  1. Ooooohh, sensationally fun and well put together post, dear Liz! I’m a huge plaid fan, happily sporting it all year round (seriously). In the colder months I gravitate towards darker plaids, such as those with navy, pine, red, burgundy or black at their core and in the summer my lighter shades – pinks, purples, aquas, etc – come out to play. I couldn’t imagine my wardrobe without plaid in it at this point. It’s a truly timeless pattern that works wonders in vintage and more contemporary outfits alike, while also being a cinch to find just about anywhere clothing is sold. What’s not to adore about it? 🙂

    Big hugs & happy Friday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I can’t believe I wasn’t already following you on instagram! Fixed that! I love the outfit you ended up with.

    Lovely post. I have always been partial to Black Watch tartan, since my grandfather was in the Black Watch in WWI, and my ancestry is half Scottish. But I actually don’t have much plaid in my wardrobe, apart from scarves and some tartan flats I recently bought. This post is definitely making me want some more! I love that swimsuit especially. Shame it’s so small!

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