Vintage Photo Tuesday-Women who wear eyeglasses

As you know (or maybe are just finding out), I wear glasses and I have since I was in Grade 4. I like wearing glasses because I think they suit me and it’s exciting that glasses today come in cool vintage styles which go perfect with my look.

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It is because of being a glasses wearing gal that I wanted to do today’s ‘Vintage Photo Tuesday‘ post on “Young Women with Eyeglasses”. To simply showoff the beauty of wearing glasses (and not holding them like our lady friend in the image below).

Lets begin the eyeglasses parade!

1940s vintage image of 2 women in front of house
Source: Etsy

The beautiful woman below reminds me so much of Jessica from Chronically Vintage! Those who know Jessica, don’t you agree?

1940s vintage photo booth images of woman with glasses
Source: Etsy

The 1920’s. The era of round frames.

1920s vintage photo of stylish young women
Source: Etsy
YOUNG WOMAN PHOTO Portrait in Original Folder, Fur, Pearls, Elegant Dress, 1920's, Vintage Black and White Mounted Photography
Source: Etsy
1927 vintage image of two young women wearing glasses
Source: Etsy

March 22nd, 1930. 3 young women photographed for the Continental Optical Company in Indianapolis.

pretty 1930s woman in eyeglasses vintage image
Source: Indiana History

1930’s mother and daughter photo booth image.

Mother and Daughter Woman wearing Hat Girl wearing Glasses 1930s Photograph snapshot Vintage Souvenir Photo
Source: Etsy

Oct 1942 – Operating a hand drill at the North American Aviation, Inc., a woman is in the control surface department assembling a section of the leading edge for the horizontal stabilizer of a plane (Source).

1940s vintage image of a woman working in a plant during the war
Source: Flickr

1945-Life Magazine Image.

1945 life magazine image of young woman wearing glasses
Source: Pinterest

Natalie Olmsted, District Recreation Supervisor, 1945. Those are some fantastic frames! They look checkered.

1940s vintage image of woman wearing glasses
Source: Flickr
Smiling Young Lady Sitting On Car - Vintage c1940s Snapshot Photo
Source: Etsy
1950s vintage image of woman in a car wearing glasses
Source: Etsy

1950’s. Cat Eye frames become a popular style.

1950s Snapshot Photo of Dreamy Eyed Woman in glasses
Source: Etsy
vintage photo 1950s Photo Booth Cat Eye Glasses Young Girls
Source: Etsy
Vintage Snapshot photo 1950 Cute Young Woman Cat Eye Glasses Rolled Blue Jeans Mid Centruy
Source: Etsy

Early 1960’s Cool.

Original 1960's Young Black African American Couple Photo
Source: Etsy

vintage comic strip about a girl wearing glasses 1940 1950s


QUESTION TIME: Do you wear glasses for necessity or for fun? Do you try to match them to your personality, your personal style or just whatever looks okay? Share in the comments below!


7 comments on “Vintage Photo Tuesday: Women Who Wear Eyeglasses”

  1. I wear contact lenses the majority of the time and have done since I was about 14. I have a really small face and most glasses don’t fit as they’re so wide on me. The two pairs I own, and only ever wear in the house, are actually children’s glasses! Hehehe!

    I do have some original 1920s round ones that I bought but haven’t got around to having the lenses changed yet. The problem is I can’t actually see through them at the moment to see if they actually suit me! xx

    • Wow childrens glasses! At least they are somewhat stylish as well lol! That is crummy that you have a challenge on finding ones that fit 🙁

      As for wondering if your 1920’s ones work. Simple fix. Have someone take a picture of you wearing them. That is what my husband does for me in eyeglass stores.

  2. First af all, the photo of that lovely gal does look a lot like Jessica. The resemblance is striking!

    I wear glasses and my favorite pair are my 1950s black cat eye’s with tiny aurora borealis stones in them. Gives them a nice bit of sparkle. Found them at an antique show several years ago and had my prescription put in them. Get compliments every time I wear them, too 🙂


  3. I can see the Jessica resemblance too!

    I have a pair of glasses for long spells of sewing but I don’t get those long spells of time enough now to need them! But I do wear sunglasses a lot and I’m enjoying experimenting with different shapes of frame for them.

    I love that 20s promotional image!

  4. So many lovely photos. I really like the 1920’s women in their glasses and pearls and the Life Magazine photo. I always like to see other glasses wearers. I have a Pinterest board of vintage brides in glasses that you might like. I have worn glasses since I was 7, can’t see a thing without them!

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