Spring has officially arrived and I am so ready for a change in temp. I used to love winter but as I have gotten older, it’s been pushed to the back. I’m just tired of being cold, bundling up in 60 million items of clothes (okay a total exaggeration but sometimes it feels that way), and I miss all the beauty of trees and flowers in bloom. I’m just tired of it. AND I would not be a true Canadian if I did not complain about it, ha!

For today’s post I wanted to cheer myself up and maybe some of my readers who are in the same boat and share some lovely Vintage Spring magazine covers and advertisements.

Ready Friends? Lets Polka into Spring!

April Harper's Bazaar 1959
April Harper’s Bazaar 1959. Source: Flickr
"Coronet" magazine ad June 1950
Source: Pinterest

April Showers-1944 Saturday Post. Illustration by Alex Ross.

Original 1940s Saturday Evening Post cover art by Alex Ross
Via Etsy

Scary clown alert! Thanks 1950’s Texaco, now I won’t be sleeping for a month but I will remember to take my car in for a spring check-up.

1950s vintage ad with clown
Source: Found in Mom’s Basement

Spice Berry Layer Cake recipe from “Woman’s Day” magazine-April 1956. This is so spring! The ad is right!

Spice Berry Layer Cake recipe from Woman's Day magazine APRIL 1956
Source: Pinterest

Easter was traditionally a time, when women and men donned their best “Easter Bonnet”.

1950s Easter Hat vintage advertising
Source: Pinterest
1930's. Vintage millinery, fashion advertisement
Source: Pinterest

Stetson Hats 1940’s Men’s style ad.

Vintage Stetson Hat 1940s vintage mens clothing ad
Source: Mister Crew

April 1944 cover of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. “Spring Beauty”.

April 1944 cover of Harper's Bazaar Magazine
Source: Pinterest

April, 1947 Life Magazine Cover – Vintage Ladies Holding Dogwood Blossoms.

April, 1947- Life Magazine Cover – Vintage Ladies Holding Dogwood Blossoms
Source: Etsy

Life Magazine Ford Advertisement from 1947. It features the latest Ford Sedan (I will take 2 please).

April, 1947- Life Magazine Ford Advertisement – Vintage Ford Automobile Ad
Source: Etsy

1950’s Rain gear for the whole family! For more images like this, check out my blog post “What to wear when it’s Raining“.

1950s raincoats for the whole family vintage ad

Women’s “Spotlight on Prints” Dresses-Sears & Roebuck Spring and Summer 1938.

Sears & Roebuck spring and summer 1938 womens dresses vintage
Source: Flickr


Ahhh I feel so much better, after putting together this blog post and I’m ready to put this winter behind me. How about you? What is your favourite season? Share in the comments below, I love when my readers reach out.

Have a great day!



4 comments on “Vintage “Spring” Advertising-1940’s & 1950’s”

  1. Great pix. Look at the shoes on the last one! WOW! Love the red, white & blue sandal heels. So cute. Okay, I’m going to admit, the clown is a little scary. Did you throw that in to see if we were paying attention? LOL!

  2. I love the outfit in the April showers picture. Those gloves are super. I like Autumn the best, all the colours and the light. Spring is my next favourite though.

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