Do you join me in being equally addicted to Pinterest or do I stand alone? I don’t think I do since I find myself liking many of the images and boards that my lovely readers post (I see you! hehehe).

Today I’m going to share with you some of the fun vintage things I’m liking/loving on Pinterest. Maybe you like the same ones? Or have others you want me to see. If so lets follow each other!

Also stay tuned for a super exciting interview I’m working on for next week with the creator of Red Rocket Designs. It’s going to be a fun and interesting read..I guarantee it.


Now lets check out my board “Awesome Vintage Pics“. By now you know I love vintage photos, I’m such a sucker for a good one or two or three. Here are some of the goodies I have fallen in love with recently.

1940s Vintage style woman

What caught my eye on this wonderful photo was how this young woman has managed to make her work smock super stylish with all these fantastic details. Her well styled 40s hair, her dainty pearl necklace, brooch that looks like it has berries and a pine cone on it, that beautiful small watch and her cute bow in hair as the cherry on top. Wonderful and sure does spice up what could be a super boring work attire.

1942 vintage woman on the street
Source: Old Photos Blogspot

On the website where this photo came from the blogger mentioned that all he knew was that the picture was 1942 and that was it. His theory was maybe the girl was in Hollywood looking for stardom and I think I have to agree. All her hopes and dreams in one little suitcase, looking out to the world wondering if she will be the next big star, will someone notice her? Gosh I hope something happened for this pretty young woman.

A women’s bowling team poses on the front of Chevrolet in a showroom. San Francisco, California 1945
Source: Tumblr-Hoodoo That Voodoo

A women’s bowling team poses on the front of Chevrolet in a showroom. San Francisco, California 1945.

Not 100% sure what a Chevrolet and Bowling have in common but I love this photo for all the fun details. Aren’t the ladies outfits just adorable? And I’m kind of crushing on the wedges on the lovely blonde on the left front.

1940s couple in love vintage photo
Source: Etsy-TheTwinkleOfAnEye (not for sale anymore)

For my final photo in this section, I HAD to share this darling couple from the 1940s. They have such style (can we talk about her shoes for a moment? ohhhhh pretty!) and I kind of think her very handsome man looks a bit like Denzel Washington (or Denzel looks like him I should say).


Next Board “For the Vintage Styled Home“. I live in a teeny tiny small apartment in Toronto so I’m constantly dreaming about my future home..vintage home I should say. Ideally it would be a craftsman or even a mid-century bungalow but I won’t be too picky if it meant I could have a big closet. Here are some of the vintage details that inspire me…

mid-century retro living room
Source: Flickr

Question..How to move in to this living-room asap and add Don Draper sitting on a bar stool (my husband won’t mind, I swear!).

Atomic print wallpaper retro 50s 60s
Source-Etsy: littlesuzyhomemaker

Atomic Print Wallpaper…love it!

Vintage TV being used as a Vintage Bar
Source: Fat shack Vintage Blog

Vintage TV as a cool Retro Bar, yup my husband would approve of this piece.


Friends, I cannot possibly do a blog post on Pinterest and not show off some of the vintage clothing pieces I’m drooling over on the on the Internet..right? So here you go.

1940s Vintage Dress and Bolero Jacket James Rothenberg
Source: Etsy-swingkatsvintage

1940’s Vintage Dress & Bolero Jacket by James Rothenberg. I cried a little when I saw this stunning and very different dress and I can just see it looking absolutely amazing on some lucky gal who can fit in it. If I owned it, I would just look at my sleeves all day as they are my favorite part (I’m a nerd I know).

1940s vintage Dress
Source-Etsy: Mill Street Vintage

1940s Vintage Rayon Dress. This is so Liz and also several other ladies as well from the amount of shares on Pinterest this dress has had. But seriously I don’t blame anyone, how could you not love this simple design?

1930s Solene Original Capelet Gown
Source: Relevant

I have been wanting to get into 1930s dresses for a while now but I not sure about the silhoutte with my figure, however I do believe this particular dress would do the job. A “Solène” Original 1930’s Capelet Gown.


The last image I’m going to show you falls into a couple of categories so I’m showing it on its own. The last remaining sombrero restaurant on old Route 66.

I can just imagine that you can see the top of the Sombrero from miles away. I know I would want to stop, I love Mexican food. Yum!

Route 66 mexican restaurant


There it is friends, some of my favorite Pins from Pinterest this week. Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things that inspire me and I look forward to maybe see your Pinterest loves as well.

Liz 🙂


8 comments on “My Vintage Week On Pinterest”

  1. Those are certainly not the bowling shoes they make us wear these days. Super cute, but I’d be worried the ball would drop and ruin the paint job. And one girl doesn’t know how to smile like the others. The dresses are cute as ever. The roomset reminds me of a store in Austin, TX that has several rooms chock full of stuff like that, all 40s-60s in oranges and yellows but I’d prefer the turquoise ones, and you think, “I need that kidney shaped table and those chests of drawers and that lamp and I would absolutely never forgive myself if I didn’t buy that nightstand…” Neat images.

    • Your so right about the bowling ball and the car..stress! lol!

      When in seattle I found a store just like that room I posted and I wanted every piece and only distance stopped me from buying..everything 🙂

  2. Fabulous selection of pins! My love for/of Pinterest knows no bounds. I was a fairly early adopter and was hooked instantly. I’d love to spend an hour (or five!) there everyday, but that isn’t always possible, especially since opening my Etsy shop last year, but I still try to get in a few sessions each month, especially on the days when I’m feeling extra stressed/sick or like I need a reward for a hard day’s work. Pinterest always perks up my mood, leaves me massively inspired, and usually catapults ideas for plenty of new blog posts to boot. What’s not to adore? 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

    • Pinterest is perfect for days when your under the weather, just perfect. And I agree about it helping get blog post ideas, so many wonderful things in one place sure does excite the brain 🙂

  3. I love Pinterest but do have to limit myself as it is so easy to spend hours on it! I think I am addicted! I want that atomic print wallpaper and I really like the bowling team photo, they all look so shiny and happy!

    • hehehe I hear that same comment about Pinterest all the time (must limit myself!). It so true, it’s an addicting addicting. The atomic print wallpaper is for sale and can go to your home today, go forth and purchase (it is pretty awesome).

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