Opps I did it again, I missed a few months of sharing my favorite things from Pinterest with you (I been so busy lately). Well don’t fear friends, all my favorite vintage images, vintage outfits and other vintage goodies are here today for your viewing pleasure.

Lets spy on my online finds….

1950s women

I recently stumbled up this fantastic set of vintage booklets every college student at Oregon State College (now University) in Corvallis would have needed to know, on where to go, what to do and how to behave in the 1930’s and 1940’s. I especially adore the “Save your Blushes. A guide to Campus Etiquette”. Which features info about table manners, dating, gossip, living with others, bad language, smoking, parties, and everything that comes up in college (in 1939).

Vintage college student memorabilia handbooks campus etiquette dance card Oregon State University OSU 1930s 1940s
Source: Etsy-velvetonthepage

Meet the “Electronic Wonder-Bertie the Brain”, arguably the world’s first arcade game, at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) in 1950.

Bertie the Brain, arguably the world's first arcade game, at the CNE in 1950.
Source: BlogTO

Also at the CNE Grounds in 1954, the Famous ‘Striporama’!

CNE Toronto 1954 vintage image
Source: CNE Heritage

The ‘Apron Club’. And on a personal level, I need to join this club. I have so many vintage aprons that I have collected over the years I need to show them off to someone. Where is my time machine?

Vintage Photo..The Apron Club..1950's Original Photo, Old Photo Snapshot, Vernacular Found, Americana Everyday Life
Source: Pinterest

Last week I attended an event at City Hall all about a top-secret munitions plant during WW2 outside the city limits of Toronto in the rural community of Scarborough called GECO. 17,000 women worked there during the war and the fantastic Barbara Dickson has spent years writing a book all about these “Bomb Girls” of Toronto (avail for purchase). It was an extremely interesting event and I look forward to reading more about these woman.

Below is an image of ‘Miss GECO Finalist Phyllis Topping’ (I’m going to guess that is the first woman).

GECO-Toronto Bomb Girls Miss GECO
Source: Barbara Dickson

Milk does a body good 🙂 Toronto Mayor Hiram E. McCallum and Ice Follies performers drink milk at civic reception, Old City Hall.

1950s vintage image Toronto
Source: Historicist

Mandatory reading for some of the women in college in the 1940s: A Vintage 1940s Secretary School Books Set Of Two 1942 Typewriting Technique And 1943 Secretarial Practice For Colleges.

Vintage 1940s Secretary School Books Set Of Two 1942 Typewriting Technique And 1943 Secretarial Practice For Colleges Mad Men Office
Source: Etsy (sold)

Looking for the next vintage outfit? Here is a collection of goodies I have pinned recently.

1940s peplum dress with Horses, Elephants and Soldiers. I would LOVE to know the history on this piece.

1940s peplum vintage dress novelty

Spring is around the corner and this 1930s vintage gown would be perfect to ring in that special day. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Vintage 1930s Bias Cut Floral Silk Gown Backless Maxi Dress
Source: The Best vintage Clothing

With VIVA around the corner I would have loved to of walked into the ballroom in this dress but since it’s been sold, it is now possible that someone else will be doing that. Stay tuned!

vintage 1950's dress ...stunning FRANK STARR ORIGINAL
Source: Pinterest

I LOVE this 1950s sweater top and skirt combo and I wish it was in my size. Perfect for a night out.

1950's Wool and Angora Striped Sweater Set Top and Pencil Skirt Belt JD College School Girl 40s Medium Rockabilly VlV
Source: Etsy-Atomicblondevintage

I just finished watching Season 2 of ‘Agent Carter‘ and this 1940s dress reminds me of something she would wear.

Vintage 1940's Dress // 30s 40s Hot Pink Bombshell Rayon Dress with Rhinestone Studded Appliqués
Source: Etsy-TrueValueVintage

And there we have it friends, some of favorite vintage Pinterest pins from the last 2 ‘ish’ months.

Did you have a favorite from the batch posted here?

Liz 🙂







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  1. Oh good lord, look at that 1930s dress!! That is one hell of a dream dress. It would fit me too but I seriously could never justify justify $495. Oh why do I not have a millionaire husband?!!

    • The 30’s dress would look stunning on you…I mean horrible 😉 hehehehe. I hear ya on the “not having a rich husband OR being a millionaire”. That is why I post these items to Pinterest..dream outfits. DREAM….:)

    • I’m in Jessica..seriously I Have so many it’s kind of out of control. First order of business..don’t buy anymore liz lol!

      Happy Start of Spring to you as well Jessica 🙂


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